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Divine Intervention v2.0 - Teaser

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Version: Age of Empires II (2013): Rise of the Rajas


"Two boys, born exactly two years apart. Each born under a red moon."

Chaumont, France. 1410 AD.

What can you say about a man with no past? Reynald de Selsey had no family to speak of, and no real place to call home. The arrival of this Englishman in France had barely been noticed; the civil war between the Armagnacs and the Burgundians didn't allow such luxuries. But events at Chaumont would soon bring his name to the lips of the whole country.

It was this very ruthless focus on winning that would propel Reynald to a position of power within the Armagnac kingdom. However, his past would be harder to escape than he thought...

Prophecy, destiny, fate. All words used by men to describe what they cannot possibly hope to comprehend...

...Divine Intervention.


This is the first cutscene for "Divine Intervention v2.0," which is currently under production. See the project thread here.


This will be an "old school" type campaign, which means multiple smaller maps instead of the "one giant map" style. The gameplay will have fixed force, B&D, puzzle, and stealth elements, depending on the scenario.

- Three cutscenes, six playable scenarios
- Custom music and sounds throughout
- Mystery and twists to the story
- Variable difficulty levels
- Multiple choices that influence the story and events throughout the campaign! Remember to save often and in different slots-- you'll want to replay many of these scenarios several times to get the "full" experience!


Training camp
French village
Knights riding
Choose your path...
Écorcheur hideout
Armagnac city


All comments, ideas, suggestions are welcome!
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Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Divine Intervention is a cinematic scenario which serves as a teaser to a large campaign of the same name. The campaign follows the story of Reynald de Selsey, a young English commander in the French army, raised by priests to become a prophesied saviour.

Playability: 4
I have to admit that I was pleasant surprised by the amount of work that went into this scenario, and while its in no way perfect, its entertaining and enjoyable. The cinematic is well made and tells the story really well. Theres some really nice scene and themes that are explored throughout the scenario. There are some nice elements to the scenario and most of the triggers work well. I found a couple of bugs where units don't move correctly or sounds aren't balanced well. There are one or two areas where the cutscene is quite boring because there is no music for that scene, or the camera doesn't move whilst lines of dialogue pass by.

Pacing: 3
The scenario is paced relatively well. Theres alot going on in the scenario as the story covers almost 25 years of Reynald's life from birth to his appointment to General. The story whizzes through the year quite quickly and sometimes I felt that it was moving as bit too quickly without leaving time for the audience to process the previous scene. The pacing could have improvements with the dialogue. Playing on the recommended speed made the dialogue very very slow and it made the cinematic drag and become boring. Speeding the game up is not an option as the music will become out of sync.

Creativity: 3
The scenario is quite extensive and therefore explores a number of different themes. These themes are explored well, but the scenario doesn't really bring anything new to the table. The story includes religious themes, such as an ancient prophecy and the burning of a church, as well as other story elements like a shipwreck and a kings meeting with his advisors. While non of these elements are new, they are executed well. The use of music and sound effects is good, but could be used better in certain scenes.

Map Design: 4
The map design is nicely done and there is much to see as this cinematic journeys through over two decades of the main characters life. Within this show you will see the bustling town of Selsey where Reynald is raised and trained in the studies of religion and combat, the stormy seas of the English Channel, the war torn lands of France - including the kings military camp, and the royal court inside the Kings palace. Each scene has decent terrain mixing and uses much eye candy such as rocks, vegetation and objects like campfires, pots and trade goods. Overall the map is nicely designed but many areas need much more work to look good, with more terrain mixing and elevation to make it look less bland. Overall it was a solid effort.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story is probably the highlight of cinematic. There's so much going on and theres so many different themes and elements that the story explores. Focusing on the theme of religion, the story follows a group of priest of are trying to fulfil an ancient prophecy and the young man who's life they have intervened in to make the prophecy come true. The young man is the main character, raised by the priests to fulfil this unknown prophecy, he turns away from his destiny to become a solider in France and eventually becomes a general to the king. The story is great and told really well. There are times when the story jumps through time a little quickly without leaving time for the viewer to process the previous scene, but overall its well told and exciting.

Additional Comments:
Overall this cutscene acts as a great teaser to the upcoming campaign and I can't wait for the finished production.


[Edited on 07/14/20 @ 05:29 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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