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The Conquerors Updated

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Userpatch 1.5

This mod updates the AoC balance and adds some new stuff. Please read the Instructions.txt file for a successful installation and the Changelog.txt for more detailed descriptions.

Requires AoC 1.0c and UserPatch.

Also on Voobly

Version 5.9.4

* DE Southeast Asian set thanks to hujianshi.
* Burmese, Khmer, Malay and Vietnamese.
* Added many Scenario Editor stuff: Buildings, eye candy, heroes, animals, etc.
* Armored/Siege Elephant affected by Siege Engineers (+20% damage bonus).
* Battle Elephant: Regional cavalry unit.
* Battle Elephant cost reduced from 120f/70g to 110f/70g.
* Britons: Receive access to Treadmill Crane.
* Byzantines: Receive access to Treadmill Crane.
* Elephant Archer stats updated.
* Heavy Cavalry Archer anti-spearman attack increased from 2 to 4.
* Hindustanis: Camel Attack speed bonus reduced from 25% to 20%.
* Hindustanis: Ghulam HP reduced to 55 & 65 (from 65 & 75).
* Hindustanis: Lose access to Halberdier.
* Koreans: War Wagon cavalry archer armor reduced from 0 to -1.
* Parthian Tactics gives +2 anti-spearman attack to Cavalry Archers (was +4).
* Portuguese: Team Bonus changed to Technologies research 25% faster.
* Stone Wall & Gate HP increased to 1080 (from 900) and 1650 (from 1375) before the Castle Age.
* Teutons: Lose access to Treadmill Crane.
* Vikings: Warship discount bonus no longer affects Transport Ships.
Version 5.8.8

* DE Middle Eastern & DE African architecture sets thanks to hujianshi.
* Berbers, Ethiopians, Malians and Portuguese.
* Camel: Controllable animal.
* Camel Rider LoS increased from 4 to 5.
* Feudal Age Watch Tower HP increased from 700 to 850.
* Heavy Scorpion pierce armor increased from 7 to 8.
* Horse has 4 LoS (was 2) and 0/2 armor (was 0/0).
* Incas: Team Bonus replaced with Spearmen and Skirmishers +2 LOS.
* Indians reworked, name changed to Hindustanis.
* Koreans: War Wagon base wood cost increased from 115 to 125.
* Saracens: Counterweights introduced.
* Saracens: Madrasah removed. Zealotry available in the Castle Age.
* Saracens: Mameluke no longer has the archer armor class.
* Skirmisher now deal 0 bonus damage versus the Cavalry Archer Armor class.
* Slavs: Orthodoxy replaced with Detinets.
* Vulture: Decorative bird.
* Wild Camel: Decorative animal.
Version 5.7

* DE East Asian architecture set thanks to hujianshi.
* DE Farms thanks to GorLeon.
* Cannon Galleons projectile speed increased from 1.95 to 3.
* Long Swordsman melee armor increased from 0 to 1.
* Long Swordsman technology food cost decreased from 200 to 150.
* Steppe Lancers reload time lowered from 2.3 to 2.0.
* Hand Cannoneer HP increased from 35 to 40.
* Herbal Medicine cost reduced from 350g to 200g.
* House melee armor reduced from 0/1/2 to -2/-1/1 in Dark/Feudal/Castle.
* Palisade Wall takes 7 seconds to build (was 5).
* Speed of bullet projectiles increased from 5.5 to 7.5.
* Supplies cost decreased from 150f/100g to 75f/75g.
* Two-Handed Swordsman melee armor increased from 0 to 1.
* Aztecs: Jaguar Warrior HP increased from 50 to 65.
* Byzantines: Monk heal speed increased from +50% to +100%.
* Byzantines: Town Patrol is now free and instantly researched.
* Celts: Woad Raider attack increased from 8 to 10.
* Incas: Kamayuk HP increased from 60 to 70; melee armor from 0 to 1.
* Japanese: Samurai HP increased from 60 to 70; attack from 8 to 10.
* Japanese: Elite Samurai Tech cost decreased from 950f/875g to 750f/650g.
* Teutons: Teutonic Knight attack increased from 12 to 14; melee armor from 5 to 7.
* Teutons: Elite Teutonic Knight Tech cost decreased from 1200f/600g to 950f/500g.
* Vikings: Berserk attack increased from 9 to 12; melee armor from 0 to 1.
* Vikings: Berserk (elite) training time decreased from 14 seconds to 12.
* Vikings: Elite Berserk Tech cost decreased from 1300f/550g to 1075f/475g.
* Vikings: Infantry HP bonus changed to +20% starting from the Feudal Age.
* Vikings: Lose access to Thumb Ring technology.
* [Extra] Chinese Team Bonus changed to Farms +25 food (instead of +10% food).
Version 5.6.3

* DE Central European architecture set thanks to hujianshi.
* Cavalry Archers attack animation duration increased from 1.15 to 1.17.
* Hand Cannoneer accuracy increased from 65% to 75%.
* Persians: War Elephant training time decreased to 25 seconds (from 31).
* Persians: War Elephant cost changed from 200f/75g to 170f/85g.
* Slavs: Elite Boyar +2 melee armor (from 6 to 8).
* Turks: Artillery has their stone cost replaced with wood.
Version 5.5

* DE Central Asian architecture set thanks to Narjana.
* Cannon Galleon tech is no longer required to unlock Cannon Galleons.
* Steppe Lancers gold cost reduced from 45 to 40.
* Franks: Bearded Axe moved to Castle Age; cost 300f/300g.
* Franks: Chivalry moved to Imperial Age; cost 600w/500g.
* Incas: Villagers affected by blacksmith upgrades starting in the Castle Age.
* Mongols: Mangudai movement speed reduced from 1.45 to 1.4.
* [Extra] Persians with Central Asian architecture.
Version 5.4

* DE Western European architecture set thanks to hujianshi.
* Palisade Walls & Palisade Gates have -40% HP in Dark Age.
* Cavalry Archers have 1.15 attack animation duration (reduced from 1.3).
* Franks: No longer have access to Treadmill Crane.
* Franks: Foragers bonus reduced from +25% to +15%.
* Italians: Dock technologies cost -33% (reduced from -50%).
* Italians: Genoese Crossbowmen gold cost reduced from 45 to 40.
* Italians: University technologies also cost -33%.
* Koreans: Now have access to Elite Cannon Galleon.
* Mayans: Obsidian Arrows replaced by Hul’che Javelineers.
* Saracens: Archers no longer gain bonus attack against buildings.
* Saracens: Camel units are now granted +10 HP.
* Saracens: Team Bonus vs. buildings increased to +3.
* Saracens: Zealotry gives +20 HP to camels instead of +30, cost 500f/450g.
* Slavs: No longer have access to Treadmill Crane.
Version 5.3.3

* DE South Asian architecture set thanks to hujianshi.
* Indians: Camel and Gunpowder civilization.
* Riderless Horses can now be loaded into Transport Ships.
* Aztecs: Jaguar Warriors train in 12 seconds (base time reduced from 20).
* Aztecs: Villagers carry +3 (reduced from +5).
* Celts: Infantry speed bonus starts from the Feudal Age.
* Goths: Loom can be researched instantly rather than at no cost.
* Italians: Genoese Crossbowmen training time reduced to 18s/14s (from 22s/19s).
* Koreans: Elite Turtle Ship speed increased to 1.035 (from 0.9)
* Koreans: Now receive archer armor upgrades for free.
* Koreans: Lose the Tower range bonus.
* Koreans: Panokseon replaced by Eupseong.
* Turks: Elite Janissary increased accuracy from 50% to 65%.
* Turks: Scout Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Hussar +1 pierce armor.
* Vikings: Chieftains cost increased from 400f/300g to 700f/500g.
* [Extra] Huns are able to train Steppe Lancers.
* [Extra] Xolotl Warrior +20 HP, +2 pierce armor.
Version 5.2.3

* Incas: Infantry civilization.
* Italians: Archer and Naval civilization.
* Goat: Herdable animal.
* Lion: Aggressive animal.
* Rhinoceros: Aggressive huntable animal.
* Tiger: Aggressive animal.
* Zebra: Huntable animal.
* Iron Boar can be hunted by villagers.
* Watch Tower can no longer be built in the Dark Age (e.g. on the Fortress map).
* [Extra] Rhinoceros has the same attack/food stats as the Boar.
Version 5.1.2

* Bleda the Hun is no longer classified as a common unit.
* Llama: Herdable animal.
* Byzantines: Elite Cataphract (tech) food cost reduced from 1600 to 1200.
* Byzantines: Logistica food cost reduced from 1000 to 800.
* Koreans: Non-siege military units cost -20% wood (was -15%).
* Koreans: War Wagon base price +5 wood. Total cost is now 92 wood (was 94).
* Koreans: Turtle Ship base price +10 wood. Total cost is now 152 wood (was 153).
Version 5.0.2

* DE Eastern European architecture set thanks to Narjana.
* Magyars: Cavalry civilization.
* Slavs: Infantry and Siege civilization.
Version 4.7.5

* Construction DE graphics & Mediterranean DE set thanks to Narjana.
* Arson and Arrowslits with DE icons.
* Hussar attack animation length reduced from 1.89 to 1.35.
* Chinese, Huns, Mayans and Mongols no longer have access to Supplies.
* Aztecs: Military creation bonus decreased from 17,7% to 11,1%.
* Mayans: El Dorado research time increased from 50 to 70 seconds.
* Saracens: Zealotry gold cost reduced from 800 to 700.
Version 4.6

* Fire Galley: Increased the training time from 60 to 65 seconds.
* Goths: Receive free Loom as a civilization bonus.
* Persians: Town Centers and Docks no longer work faster in the Dark Age.
* Teutons: Teutonic Knights increased speed from 0.7 to 0.8.
* Teutons: Barracks and Stable units +1 melee armor in Castle and Imperial Age.
Version 4.5.1

* Steppe Lancer (standard and elite) get +1 base attack.
* Chinese: Redemption removed from the technology tree.
* Goths: Infantry discount staggered: -20%/-25%/-30%/-35%.
* Goths: Infantry +1 attack vs. buildings per age starting in Feudal.
* Goths: No longer have access to the Arson technology.
Version 4.4.2

* DE graphics for Xolotl Warrior and Steppe Lancers thanks to fknabyss.
* Steppe Lancer: Cavalry unit with increased attack range.
* Goths: Infantry are now 35% cheaper in all Ages.
* Mongols: Hunting bonus reduced from 50% to 40%.
* Mongols: Now have access to the Steppe Lancers.
* Mongols: Steppe Lancers benefit from the +30% HP bonus.
* Persians: Kamandaran price increased to 400f, 300g.
* Teutons: Farms are now 40% cheaper instead of 33%.
* Teutons: Barracks units gain +1 melee armor in the Castle Age.
Version 4.3

* Chinese: Can now research Block Printing.
* Persians: Kamandaran archers price increased from 50 to 60 wood.
Version 4.2.1

* Xolotl Warrior: Mesoamerican cavalry unit.
* Mayans: Plumed Archers base price increased by +5 wood, +5 gold.
* Saracens: The +3 bonus vs. buildings is now staggered by age.
Version 4.1.10

* Chemistry affects all Castle arrows.
* Chemistry also affects Town Centers.
* Dry Dock no longer reduces gold per trip for Trade Cogs.
* Eagle Scout -1 LoS and search radius in Dark Age.
* Elite Skirmisher upgrade cost 230w/130g.
* Halberdiers -5 attack vs Mamelukes.
* Herbal Medicine effect increased by 50%.
* Palisade Gate cost increased to 30w, have 0/0 armor while building.
* Supplies introduced: Militia-line cost -15 food.
* Tracking researched for free upon reaching the Feudal Age.
* Watch Tower HP reduced from 1020 to 700 before Castle Age.
* Villagers can now be garrisoned in rams.
* Britons: Warwolf cost increased to 800w, 400g.
* Franks: +20% HP bonus only available from Feudal Age.
* Koreans: Non-siege military units cost -15% wood, fortifications built faster removed.
* Mayans: Farmers work at closer speed to the farmers of other civilizations.
* Persians: Boiling Oil replaced by Kamandaran: archer line gold cost removed.
* Persians: Town Centers and Docks work +5% faster in Dark Age.
* Saracens: Market cost -100w instead of -75w.
* Saracens: All Archers (except Skirmishers) deal +3 bonus damage vs buildings.
* Saracens: Elite Mameluke firing delay reduced.
* Spanish: Conquistadors receive damage from anti-cavalry archer attacks.
* Spanish: Missionaries affected by Bloodlines.
* Spanish: Missionaries affected by Husbandry and heal as quickly as normal Monks.
* Teutons: Receive Herbal Medicine for free.
* Vikings: Warships are 15%/15%/20% cheaper in Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
* Language: Arbalest renamed "Arbalester".
* Language: Camel renamed "Camel Rider".
Version 4.0.6

* Byzantines and Spanish now use mediterranean architectural style.
Version 3.7.1

* Fishing Ships receive their own armor class.
* Herdable animals can get on board Transport Ships.
* Mamelukes receive their own armor class.
* Palisade Gate and Siege Tower receive their own hotkeys.
* Trebuchets have 19 Line of Sight.
Version 3.6

* Fire Ship projectiles are affected by Ballistics.
* Spanish: Cannon Galleons fire with Ballistics without need for the tech itself, projectile speed set to 7.
Version 3.5.3

* Byzantines: building HP bonus affects gates.
* Demolition Raft introduced as a predecessor of the Demolition Ship.
* Fire Galley introduced as a predecessor of the Fire Ship.
Version 3.4

* Chemistry now affects Castles (first arrow only).
Version 3.3

* Now most new technologies use the same ID as in WK.
Version 3.2

* Siege Tower available at the Siege Workshop.
* Kings also get different sprites.
Version 3.1

* [Extra] Regional sprites for middle eastern and asian monks.
Version 3.0

* Arson introduced.
* Arrowslits introduced.
* Gillnets introduced.
* Graphics for the new units and technologies.
Version 2.5.1

Buildings HP staggered per Age:

- House: 550 (I) --> 750 (II) --> 900 (III)
- Mill, Lumber/Mining camp: 600 (I) --> 800 (II) --> 1000 (III)
- Blacksmith, Market: 1800 (II) --> 2100 (III)
- Stone walls: 900 (II) --> 1800 (III)
- Stone gate: 1375 (II) --> 2750 (III)

Version 2.4

* Palisade Gate available.
Version 2.3

* Eagle Scout introduced as a predecessor of the Eagle Warrior.
* Cartography: instant research once the market is built.
* Language changes are now in a single .dll file.
Version 2.0

* Aztecs: Atlatl introduced.
* Britons: Warwolf introduced.
* Byzantines: Greek Fire introduced.
* Celts: Stronghold introduced.
* Chinese: Great Wall introduced.
* Franks: Chivalry introduced.
* Huns: Marauders introduced.
* Japanese: Yasama introduced.
* Koreans: Panokseon introduced.
* Mayans: Obsidian Arrows introduced.
* Mongols: Nomads introduced.
* Persians: Boiling Oil introduced.
* Saracens: Madrasah introduced.
* Spanish: Inquisition introduced.
* Teutons: Ironclad introduced.
* Turks: Sipahi introduced.
* Vikings: Chieftains introduced.
Version 1.5

* Onagers can cut down trees.
* Trade carts now have a smaller collision radius.
Version 1.4

* Transport Ships are available in the Dark Age.
Version 1.3

* Chemistry no longer slows down Mangonel/Onager projectiles.
Version 1.2

* Furor Celtica updated (HP boost reduced from +50% to +40%)
* Language: Goth bonus percentage corrected (from -25% to -35%)
Version 1.1

* Language: Fixed several incorrect percentages from the original tech tree.
Version 1.0

* Civilization bonuses updated
* Team bonuses updated
* Technology trees updated
* Technologies updated
* Building stats updated
* Unit stats updated
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Bigbossbro09 Post on Voobly. It'll be great for competitive play.

I feel like some stuffs should be added. For example, having secondary Castle Tech and Meso Eagle Scout line...

[Edited on 05/02/19 @ 02:04 AM]

File Author

It's a good idea.

[Edited on 05/10/19 @ 08:05 PM]

Bigbossbro09 Several things still needed to match with HD balance.
1. Palisade Gate. (Sea Gate to Palisade Gate)
2. Gillnets, Arrow slits and Arson tech.
3. Eagle Scout from Feudal
4. If possible add Feudal Water balance from HD.

[Edited on 06/18/19 @ 01:15 PM]

File Author

Personally, I do not like the new water balance with feudal fire galleys, so I'll leave it as it was in Conquerors. I do not plan to include new units or buildings soon (although I love the palisade gates) so that they do not conflict with other graphic mods when used outside of voobly.

Bigbossbro09 Thank you for the reply....
I think Eagle Scout from Feudal, Palisade Gate(Sea Gate) and those techs should be introduced atleast. I'm fine with keeping Water Balance same as The Conquerors. But those are needed to keep up with HD DLCs.
Bigbossbro09 Found a new issue... Allied Vision maps doesn't work with this mod. There is an attribute in RMS via Userpatch 1.5 which allows to see Allied players. Is there something to tweak to fix this? Instead of clicking to free research Cartography consider making auto-researched after making market like in WK?
Edit: NVM. I got it. AV map itself had problems and was designed mainly for WK. Since WK auto updates constants from exe.

[Edited on 06/22/19 @ 07:59 PM]


Added Eagle Scout line...

[Edited on 06/23/19 @ 12:04 AM]

File Author

Hi, I appreciate your intention. I have finally decided to make a new version that includes most of those features. So only that it will be in a while. I am also waiting in knowing all the balance changes in AoE2:DE.

[Edited on 06/26/19 @ 10:09 PM]

Bigbossbro09 Thanks again for the reply.

AoE2:DE will take more months to come out and heard that it'll go some huge balance changes in future(like M@A-line costing 45f and 20g from E3 gameplay). I think for the mean time I would say go with the latest HD balance possible and keep updating with the latest version as close as possible when it's released. I might help you if I can(as you can see I have already added Eagle Scout from Feudal and plan to add Palisade Gate and some of the techs from HD Edition). Would you mind update the file I gave you on Voobly and this site?

[Edited on 06/24/19 @ 02:38 AM]

File Author

That's what I meant, I have to observe how the meta game changes through the months. Thanks for adding the Eagle line but I need to make all those changes by myself. I always take care that everything fits correctly and has been tested (E.g. El Dorado should affect all three Eagle units, among other details). Be patient, I will gradually add those features.
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