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Cinematic Scenarios » Fabula Fatalis - Prelude (Unfinished)

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Fabula Fatalis - Prelude (Unfinished)

Author File Description
Andanu Trisatya
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): Userpatch
This cinematic requires UserPatch version 1.5 to be installed to make sure it runs smoothly. Download it here

This is a cinematic scenario which acts as an introductory prologue to my project, Fabula Fatalis. This scenario only shows the first half of the full cinematic, which is still unfinished. It tells the story of Aira and her Paladins during their Pilgrimage.

Click here for more details of the project and the story.

Thank you for downloading.

Member of Stormwind Studios
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Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Fabula Fatali - Prelude is a cinematic scenario by Andanu Trisatya which acts as a teaser to a larger project currently in the works.

Playability: 5
The cinematic acts as a prologue to the upcoming scenario, a story set years before the main storyline which setups the fictional world and backstory that we will hopefully be entering when the final campaign get released. The cinematic is masterfully crafted with excellent music and a gripping and emotional storyline. The scenario is perfectly paced, creative, beautiful to look at, and atmospherically immersive with its gripping plot. It’s just a shame that the prologue was so short as I think so much more could have been added.

Pacing: 5
The pacing of the cinematic was near perfect. This is one of the those cinematic that heavily relies on music to create an immersive atmosphere and it was on point with every moment I think this cinematic. Every change of scene, every change of tone within the plot had a new piece of music which started exactly on point. The movements of units was also brilliant and they moved as intended, nothing got stuck or blocked by path finding, as can so easily happen in a cut scene. The scene changes were really smooth and there wasn’t a single moment where you had to wait between one scene ending and the next beginning.

Creativity: 4
The creativity in this cinematic can be seen in the beautiful way it portrays the story that the author has wonderfully crafted. While there’s not much that particularly stands out in comparison to other cinematic scenarios, there is a great deal of craft and skill put into every scene. The use of camera movements and carefully moving units toward desired objects is skill fully done, as is the precise timing used to make everything flow perfectly. The map design is a highlight and there are some creative aspect in it, the tower that is central to the plot is a particularly creative aspect and works an absolute charge. Above all else the is the wonderful selection of music and sound effects which truly bring this cinematic to life. The music a carefully selected to fit the tone and needs of the scene and creates an incredibly immersive atmosphere.

Map Design: 5
The map design is exquisite. Each scene is designed very well and really builds the fantasy world that the author has created. Within this short cinematic the characters travel across the steppe, over the hills to the entrance of a ruined city, through the abandoned city and inside the tall tower located within. Each location here is incredibly well designed and beautiful to see. The simplicity of the steppe is wonderful with elegant terrain mixing used effectively to create a simple, realistic yet aesthetically pleasing grassy plain. The city is my favourite part with a wonderful design to make a haunting abandoned ruin. The use of different building sets, ruins, rubble and other eye candy is incredibly effective as is the wonderful terrain mixing to create the ruined streets. The tower that is central to the plot is very creatively designed, using pieces of wall and an imaginative perspective to create a tall tower.

Story/Instructions: 5
Now this is where the cinematic really shines. Andan is a fantastic story teller, and he has crafted a highly detail universe in which to set his campaign. The story, while only a short prelude is diverse and detailed. The cinematic does an exceptional job at introducing the audience to the history of the world and the back story of the characters. They are well developed and likeable characters. The cinematic has a varied plot with elements of action, mystery, fantasy and lots of emotion. The emotional elements are particularly well executed with well written dialogue, perfect pacing and carefully chosen music, something which can be really difficult to portray in this game. Instructions on the setup of the cinematic are given clearly and time before the cinematic begins is given in order for the viewer to set this up.

Additional Comments:
Overall this is an excellent cinematic scenario and a perfect teaser for an ambitious and exiting project. I cannot wait for the final release and I definitely recommend this cinematic for viewing.

Andanu Trisatya
File Author
Thank you very much for the review Poss, as always. I enjoyed reading that. I'm glad you mentioned the movement of units as one of the plus points -- it's one thing that made me keep retesting the cinematic to make sure they look smooth and natural, e.g. when someone turns to face another person.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
It ran smoothly on Userpatch 1.5

Pacing: 5
The pacing went well because there were no minutes where I was waiting for action.

Creativity: 5
The map and story were both very creative. I explored this more under Additional Comments. One nice example of creativity was all the eye candy buildings.

Map Design: 5
One neat feature that I liked was how there was a black space beneath the gates that made it look like the characters were going underground. Not many maps use that feature.

Story/Instructions: 4
My main criticism there is that the instructions don't say where to put each file. I know from playing these scenarios that the AI and Per files go in the AI folder, and with Userpatch, the Cpx file goes in the Scenario folder, and that the sound files go in sound/scenario.

Additional Comments:
The last scenario that I played was Heaven Spire by Matty:

What was surprising for me was the set of coincidences between that cinematic and this one.
- In this one, the enchantress goes to a spire, whereas in that one, the Spire was one of the main buildings in the kingdom.
- In this one, the female hero is dying and will die, whereas in that one, the hero's female love was dying or had died and he was going to the gods' sunwell to ask for her to be revived or given immortality.
- In this Fabula scenario, the kingdom being visited is a destroyed, rather cursed or ruined area that the heroine is going to in order to give life to a magical tree. And she is successful. In the Heavenspire scenario, the hero fails in his mission to get the gods to revive his dying love. The kingdom appears heavenly and beautiful, and in the ending, the story hints that the kingdom's enemies will try to use the hero to ruin the city.
- Both two scenarios I expected to be Christian in theme (ie. about a Christian pilgrimage and a visit to Heaven), but both turned out to be mythical in theme, with characters like Valmir in this scenario and Talos in the other scenario.
Andanu Trisatya
File Author
Thanks for the review, Rakovsky. :)

Interesting parallels you've drawn there between this and SoH. I never actually play the scenario, all I did was marco-polo and enjoy the magnificent spectacle shown there, so I never know the story and would never realize those similarities!

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Map Design5.0
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