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Robin Hood's DOOM

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: Cutscene Scenario + Main Scenario
NOTE: If you have only the base game "The Conquerors v1.0" or more you don't need to download any other files from external or internal links to install this scenario. Because all required files are available in this file. You don't need to download any other files from external or internal links.

You need to have "at least" "The Conquerors v1.0" base game to install this file.

This file is not compatible with "HD Edition" due to "UserPatch v1.5" elements and "Vampire Revenge" file's new resources.


1-) This is my "Fantasy Scenario Contest 2019" entry.
2-) This campaign uses "Vampire Revenge" mod's new resources. In addition this campaign has new extra data editings from "Advanced Genie Editor" program.
3-) This is a RPG campaign with its 2 scenarios. This is a micromanagement based RPG game against original Doom monsters by controlling a single Robin Hood unit.
4-) The first scenario is hundred percent cinematic prequel scenario. It is about Robin Hood's tragic past. Players will learn that why did Robin Hood become the Robin Hood in the cinematic scenario. The second scenario is the main action scenario against Doom monsters.
5-) The main scenario has new spawning, ambush and teleportation mechanics with original DOOM monsters. Players will find themselves fighting against original DOOM monsters.
6-) These scenarios use original DOOM's sound effects. In addition this file has some sound effects from DOOM 3 (2004) game and my older files to improve the atmosphere. Also I benefited from one of online "Text to Speech" programs for the cutscene scenario.
7-) The main scenario has 3 difficulty settings. First difficulty setting is suitable for new and unexperienced players. Other difficulty settings require intense micromanagement experience against Doom monsters. Also they will unlock one by one after player finishes the game with one degree lower difficulty setting. Only the first difficulty setting is available in the first playthrough.

STORY: "The Sheriff's witch opens a new dimension portal gate to Hell planet accidentally while he is trying to call dangerous gins from an another dimension to kill Robin Hood. Robin Hood has to close this dimension portal by using his archery skills against Demon troops..."

SCENARIO 1 (Cinematic History): The cinematic cutscene scenario that is about Robin Hood's tragic past until he reaches the second floor of Nottingham Castle. This scenario uses sudden and intense sound effects to improve the tragic atmosphere. Also this scenario has "Text to Speech" online program support for nearly all dialogue texts.

SCENARIO 2 (Robin Please Save the Day): The main action scenario... It has 3 difficulty settings. The first difficulty is for new and unexperienced players. Other difficulties require intense micromanagement experience against Doom monsters. By the way if players don't choose the easiest difficulty it is possible to lower the difficulty during the whole game by writing a taunt number. Robin Hood will try to reach "Nottingham Castle's Dimension Portal Room" for closing the dimension portal. This scenario has new data editing units like Demonic Scorpion, Demonic Tower etc... Also Robin Hood is able to upgrade his weapon due to this scenario's new data editing Robin Hood units.


*** NOTE: If you already have both "The Conquerors v1.0c Patch" and "UserPatch v1.5" you must start from the "Step 3" directly. You must ignore "Step 1" and "Step 2" by starting from "Step 3" directly. Also you must delete "The Conquerors v1.0c Patch" and "UserPatch v1.5" folders.

+++ STEP 1: Install the "The Conquerors v1.0c Patch". +++

HOW TO INSTALL --> You need to open "The Conquerors v1.0c Patch" folder. After opening "The Conquerors v1.0c Patch" folder copy "Age of Empires II" folder's all files into your main Age of Empires II folder that is in your computer.

*** WARNING: If you already have "The Conquerors v1.0c Patch" please don't apply this step and delete the "The Conquerors v1.0c Patch" folder.

+++ STEP 2: Install the "UserPatch v1.5". +++

HOW TO INSTALL --> Copy "UserPatch v1.5" folder into your main Age of Empires II folder that is in your computer. After that extract "SetupAoC.exe" file into your main Age of Empires II folder that is in your computer.

*** "SetupAoC.exe" file must exist next to files such as "empires2.exe" file and "eula.rtf" file. After opening the setup don't forget to allow updating "age2_x1.exe" file.

CAUTION --> If the computer doesn't reach you after you click "age2_x1.exe" file please try to open this file again from the "Support" folder that will be available in your main Age of Empires II folder.

*** WARNING: If you already have "UserPatch v1.5" please don't apply this step and delete the "UserPatch v1.5" folder.

MORE DETAILED INFORMATION --> Visit the below link.

Click HERE to see more detailed information about the user patch.

+++ STEP 3: Install the "Robin Hood's DOOM". +++

IMPORTANT --> First of all you HAVE TO BACKUP your some files into a new folder. Because when you want to uninstall this mod you will need to bring back some of your files again to install the original "UserPatch v1.5". You need to backup these required files into a new folder:

1-) After opening "Data" folder that is in your main Age of Empires II folder you need to backup "empires2_x1_p1.dat" and "gamedata_x1_p1.drs" files that are in "Data" folder.

2-) Backup "language_x1_p1.dll" file that is in your main Age of Empires II folder.

3-) Backup all files of both "stream" and "terrain" folders. These files are available in the "Sound" folder. The "Sound" folder is available in your main Age of Empires II folder that is in your computer.

HOW TO INSTALL --> After you backup required files into a new folder open the "Robin Hood's DOOM" folder that is in the same folder with other folders such as "User Patch v1.5" folder. After opening "Robin Hood's DOOM" folder copy "Age of Empires II" folder's all files into your main Age of Empires II folder that is in your computer.

CAUTION: You have to install all files of "Robin Hood's DOOM" folder even if you have the original "Vampire Revenge" file mod or my other DOOM scenarios. Because this file is more different than the original "Vampire Revenge" file and my all other DOOM scenarios. Its data file is more different than "Vampire Revenge" file and my other DOOM scenarios.

+++ FINAL STEP: +++ Open the "age2_x1.exe" that is in "age2_x1" folder and after that choose "Single Player" section. After that choose "Custom Campaign" section. After that choose "Robin Hood's DOOM" campaign from there with "Moderate" difficulty.

CAUTION --> If the computer doesn't reach you after you click "age2_x1.exe" file please try to open this file again from the "Support" folder that will be available in your main Age of Empires II folder.

=== EXTRAS ===

* If you very stuck in somewhere or have another problems like installing problems, difficulty problems, bug problems, not understanding what to do etc... you can leave a comment to this page.

* SPECIAL THANKS to "Guyza" due to creating original Doom monsters .slp files for the AoE2 engine and SPECIAL THANKS to "Gallas" due to creating "Vampire Revenge" mod for the AoE2 game.

Click HERE to check on Author's other released "aokheavengames" projects.

Click HERE to check on Author's other released "steam community" projects.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
Full disclosure, I unfortunately did not play this campaign through to the end. I gave the main scenario nearly 3 hours in total, and then I simply quit out of frustration as the bad gameplay mechanics only seemed to be getting worse. If anything, playing for longer may actually have lowered my score even more.

Let’s get to the good parts first. This is by far the best scenario that the author has produced. It is grand in scope, it has quite varied challenges at the start, the gameplay is a lot more intuitive than in the author’s previous work thanks to the inclusion of clear hints and instructions.

There are parts that I quite enjoyed. Some of the fights early on are very hard – but just in the right way. They require skill and speed to beat, and they are intuitive without becoming predictable or boring. If these were the only parts of the map, and the map was a lot shorter (say, if this was a short maze before a boss fight), I would have rated this quite high, maybe 11-12 points.

The map has two major drawbacks, however. First off, it is just insanely long. The gameplay started becoming repetitive before I was even through the first floor, and there were still hours and hours left.

Secondly, and this is what really brought the scenario down: half of the obstacles are random, which means that any skill or timing just goes out the window. There are endless random explosions that kill you instantly. There are walls that just plonk down on your head, killing you instantly. There are moving walls that, again, kill you instantly. There are explosions that kill you even when you are 3-4 tiles away from them. And so on, and so on. So much of the gameplay consists of memorizing the patterns in this randomness, which just sucks out any fun the scenario might have possessed. Considered as an entry to the FSC: if I were to judge these parts on their own, I would be hard pressed to find a reason to give it 1/15 rather than 0/15, because they actively destroy the gaming experience.

No exaggeration: the corridor of random explosions on the first floor took me 20+ tries of pure trial and error; there was no sense in where you could stand without being damaged, and I was literally seconds away from just giving up on the whole scenario. I pushed on until I reach a little onto the second floor, but after like three consecutive rooms where the entire challenge was random deaths, I just gave up.

All in all, there are elements in here that really work, but they are swamped and, honestly, ruined by the random deaths.

As I mentioned above, there are parts of this scenario that are well-balanced. They are hard but always beatable with some skill and good timing. Then there are parts which just destroy this balance by killing you completely randomly. Now, I enjoy random explosions and walls dropping down and killing you instantly as much as the next guy, but the warnings in the hints about "heavy mental exhaustion" and "this is a struggle game" are certainly not to be taken lightly.

Possibly a bit too generous, but I will give the author full marks here because I can’t think of anything quite like this being made in AoK. The concept of a hellish maze is generally well-executed, if we ignore the aforementioned deaths by randomness. I even laughed at the cyber demon jumpscare... that one was pure evil. :p

The map design is functional, you always have plenty of space to run around and fight the demons without GAIA objects cluttering the way or ruining the pathfinding. For what it tries to be, it is serviceable. Most of it consists of thick layers of Byzantine walls, with a floor made of road and road broken, with some extra terrains like black sand and lava. The later areas, which I never got to but spied through Marco Polo, were also decent but not exactly inspired.

I do kind of wish that the author had made more use of the modding here, though, and included some sort of indoor walls, seeing as almost the entire scenario takes place in a castle. This would hve added a lot to the immersion and atmosphere, even if nothing was changed about the structure of the design.

The design of the cut-scene scenario is similarly serviceable, although there were a couple of odd terrain placements, like black sand terrain right by a farm which was... odd.

The introductory cut-scene is not entirely necessary, as most of the story is retold in the main scenario's pregame texts. Still, it's a good effort to include a full prologue to flesh out the story. Unfortunately it is not a very enjoyable cut-scene. The dialogue repeats the same sentences over and over with minor changes and the grammar is often close to incomprehensible. This is somewhat understandable as English is not the author's primary language, but it gets to the point where it severely impacts the enjoyment of the story.

The strangest design choice, however, is to have all of the dialogue spoken by text-to-speech bots... it removes any sense of drama that the cut-scene might have had, which is not a good thing when the story is about a girl nearly being raped and actually being murdered. On the other hand it was also the part I enjoyed the most, but for it's comedic effect more than anything...

All in all the story holds together and you’re able to understand most of the what is going on. Even when the dialogue is understandable, though, it is a pretty thin story, meant more as an excuse for the gameplay, which is the part the author clearly cares most about.

I am bumping the score up to a 3 here, because I do think the author has improved on his previous works by adding clear instructions and hints about how the gameplay mechanics work, which was very helpful in getting to understand the game.

[Edited on 01/10/20 @ 04:13 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
Playability: 1
Early during the introductory scenario, an audio file of a woman screaming is played, while ""[SUFFERING AND PAIN]" is posted as a chat message. It's a very confrontational scenario, with a direct and melodramatic style. I'm not sure if parts of it are supposed to be funny, as it seems there is a language barrier between the author and myself.

The same sound effects are used again and again. At one point I considered playing it with the sound off, because they are very loud compared to the game sound effects. It hurt my ears at times.

However, I kept with them for as long as I could. This scenario is, ultimately, a horror story. The use of sound is important to deliver some of the jumpscares. Which are used often, and some are genuinely surprising. With enemy placement being the main source of difficulty in the game. However, the process of playing becomes a routine of rote memorisation of enemy spawn locations. That tends to be the case with scenarios using a low number of playable units, but in this game style it became a bit tedious to reload a save a few times and think about the exact same enemies with the exact same movements.

Now, this is a unique attempt to transform Age of Empires 2 into a third-person shooter. You read that right. There is an extreme dependence on the player's reaction time, in order to hit the pause button and queue up tasks. This kind of defeats the "real time" aspect of play. There's never a danger of being overwhelmed and not knowing what to do when you can pause like this, but there is a novelty to the game.

Unfortunately, I just didn't enjoy playing it. The colour palette used to design the game is quite plain, and the combat is fairly repetitive. To proceed, you need to kill the enemies without taking damage in most cases, and there are hidden instant-deaths which are deployed without warning. I found it a bit repetitive, to be brutally honest. AoE2 wasn't designed to be a shooter.

Balance: 2

I had to edit the playable scenario out of the campaign file.
It's very hard. It revolves around saving often and not taking damage. I was quoted "6 hours" as a length for the game. I didn't want to keep playing after 30 minutes, and stopped playing after about an hour. I felt I had seen enough to assess the quality of the entry.
The level of challenge for me is not appropriate for the level of enjoyment I got from it. Making the player slightly more durable, and reducing hidden instant-deaths would be welcome, and would make the file much more accessible.
Hellknight, you have to remember that you have perfect knowledge of how you made the scenario, but the player doesn't know where the traps or spawnable enemies are. They're hidden, so unless you give the player obvious visual cues, they'll just become frustrated and stop, as I did.

Creativity: 4

This is Doom in an AoE2 game. It's an RPG! Floor switches, bombs, ever-changing, labyrinthine corridors, and waves of enemies swarming at you.
Enemies are spawned into the map, their movement and attack speeds controlled, using advanced trigger mechanics.
The challenge is increased by the player-archer's minimum range of 1, and the fast enemy speed. This means that the player must prioritise which enemies to kill, or you will become cornered and lose quickly.
A sprint ability and stamina meter allow you to control the range between you and the opponents, but I found deploying it was very difficult on the recommended "fast" speed. Slowing the game down made it more viable to pause when I wanted to start or stop the mechanic, but not knowing how long you had left between sprints was a problem.
New unit graphics are included for bosses. The changes to global music, and menu graphics are very nice additions.

Map Design: 2

The use of text to speech for dialogue is really novel, but really jarring. Some dialogue lines cut into each other on the recommended speed setting, and the English grammar is not good. Sound effects used in the scenario are very abrupt and out of place, which at times felt overwhelming.

Terrain has not been mixed. The colour palette of the map is quite limited, almost entirely brown. Visually this does not make it very appealling, and although I can tell that is the point, some terrain mixing and the introduction of other colours would dramatically improve the attractiveness of the scenario.

Elevation has not been used to good effect, either visually, or to enhance the gameplay.

Some use of eyecandy in the visual design is welcome. The levels feel cramped, claustrophobic, which delivers the sense of horror into the level design. This instills a sense of fear which fits the narrative. However, this was achieved through unimaginative rows of fortified walls. Enemies approach the player in blocks, not a staggered, organic approach. It all feels quite synthetic.

Story/Instructions: 1
A narrative introduction scenario was also included, but according to the rules of the competition it could not be considered in the scoring of the entry. It would have significantly improved the entry to have included it in the main map, as there was space, and it would have satisfied the competition rules.

A retelling of the classic "Robin Hood" character from English folklore, only there are demons now. The narrative introduction scenario ceased playing partway through, so I'm unclear as to why Robin Hood has been thrust into the plot of DOOM.
There is no apparent story in the section of the gameplay scenario that I completed. Some cues are given from the gameplay, such as chat messages indicating that you are in Nottingham castle. The tone of the story is less "fantasy" and more like horror.

The grammar of the narration and text-to-speech is quite poor.

One of the sound files had audible profanity, isn't this against HG rules?

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Map Design2.0
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