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Zetnus's Michi for DE

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Empires II: DE
A brand new Michi map script that I wrote specifically for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. Includes several biomes with new terrains and animals.

Michi refers to a a style of map where forest completely separates the players, preventing early rushes.

Supports FFA as well as any team compositions (including uneven teams) - just make sure to check the "team together" box in the lobby!

To install, place the "Michi for DE" folder into: C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\NUMERIC_USER_ID\mods\local\


May 2022
-added a bit of fuzziness to forest edges
-added straggler trees
-added new forest types from the DLC

-cumulative tweaks including modernized empire wars support

-redid all the forests mixtures to look more organic

-boosted all resource amounts
-changed forests to be fewer, but larger, clumps
-re-added rear edge forests (with other forests avoiding them, so trade should still be clear except for gold and stone which occasionally get in the way)

-minor changes to circle placement
-tweaked the resource distribution
-tweaked the forest mixing

-fixed an issue with straggler trees
-added AI info

-removed forests on the edge of the map (for player counts greater than 3) to facilitate trade routes.
-fixed potentially unfair relic and resource distribution

Critical update to fix forest generations after they patched the bug I was using
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kuongx this map can't support 3v3 Death match?
File Author
It can do 3v3 deathmatch.

What went wrong for you?
Were you using the Definitive Edition?

[Edited on 12/29/19 @ 05:35 AM]

kuongx it can't support for 3v3 and 4v4, i only can use on Death match 2v2, please try, u will understand situation.

looking forward to your update.

[Edited on 12/29/19 @ 11:40 AM]

File Author
Oh Sorry!
I thought I had fixed that already.
It is fixed now.
kuongx thanks Zetnus, great!
kuongx can you remove the tree of corner on the map for building market?
File Author
I can do that, yes.
Official Reviewer
Visual Appeal3.0
Zetnus’ Michi for DE is exactly what it says on the tin: A Michi stayed Random Map made exclusively for the Definitive Edition.

Theme: 4.0
A Michi is a style of random map script in which players are separated by a thick wall of forest, enforcing players to cut down the trees in order to move into another territory and invade. They are designed for slower gameplay, allowing longer economic buildup, although those who are fast enough can age up to Imperial Age and fell the trees with Siege Onagers first. This Michi is no different. It separates teams into large open spaces with a thick wall of trees between the different teams. The areas the teams have to build are vast, open and very square, but ultimately serves the purpose of the Michi theme. Nothing particularly sets this apart from other Michi maps, but its a solid attempt at a unique one specifically designed with the Definitive Edition in mind.

Visual Appeal: 3.0
The map doesn’t boast too much visually. Much of it is made up of thick forest or large open space for building. The author is a well known scripture or random maps and thus I did expect a bit more from this map visually as I have played many of his other random maps, however I felt that this one was quite bland. The large open areas consist of much grass whilst the forest were just made up of on one singular set of trees. A little more mixing of trees and some additional blending of extra terrains would have been much welcome. Elevation was also lacking in areas as I found the map to be unrealistically flat. What annoyed me most though was the squareness of everything, all those right angles seemed very unnatural, and more curved edges and circular looking openings could have looked much better, and has been done before in other Michis.

Playabilty: 4.0
The random map present and fun and balanced game. Unlike other Michi’s the walls of the forest are not too thick so it doesn’t take too long to cut through them and thus, makes rushing a little more doable and fun in this map. There is a lot of open space for growth in this map, owing to the huge and gracious open space given between the trees that separate players. Depending on the game and who you are playing this gives plenty of time and space to grow in a slow building up game and plenty of space to build additional defences if you’re in a rush. Resources are abundant in this game as well. In my games I never ran out of anything, not even gold, which provided me with everything I needed to buildup a massive army and send an onslaught to my enemies once I felled the trees with my Siege Onagers.

Additional Comments:
Overall this is a well design Michi which provides DE players with a reasonable, fair and working Michi for their version of the game, although there is nothing spectacular that sets it apart from any other Michi out there.


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Visual Appeal3.0
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Size:5.16 MB