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Beginner human tactics 6.8 2020/04/17

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Empires II: DE
Beginner is compatible with both DE and WK. Not compatible with HD!
It mainly runs on DE. I don't know why there is a bug in this ai running on WK, I haven't fixed it yet.
It can only play 50% of the original strength of DE in WK.

This is a non-cheating AI. This AI will imitate human tactics, such as Dark rush turn Feudal, Feudal rush, etc. In addition, it can also order it to go straight castle and boom the economy. Please read the description below for details.
It can beat Extreme AI, winning rate is 50%, and the level of not cheating is about 1,000 elo. If you think it is too simple, there are cheating versions to play.
The ones with numbers, D, Super, and 1vN are cheated versions, so that players of all levels can find their own suitable strength.
With the word "OS" is an abnormal version suitable for playing on closed maps such as oasis, hessen, michi and other maps.

Note: This ai will get angry when attacked by tower, castle, TC, please don't do this to it ...
Suitable maps: waterless maps, only pure land, the best in Arabia
Suitable Mode: Force Conquest
Suitable for population: At least 500

Recommended game settings

Information piece: Any
Game: Any
Map type: Custom
Location: Arabia
Map size: Large size (8 players or less)
Difficulty: Extreme
Gamer: 2~8
Resources: low
Population: At least 500
Game speed: any
Show map: any
The beginning era: the dark age
The end era: the era of emperors
Victory: Conquering by force

Team community: open
Lock the team: open
Complete technology: any
Locking speed: any
Allow the use of secret technology: any
Recording game: Any

Beginner Gamer Civilization: Arbitrary
Beginner player team: Any

Human ally Taunts to AI:
31=Attack now
45=Retreat now
36=Ban attack now
23=Cancel ban attack now

Host Taunts to AI (remember to turn on full frequency):
104=Don't surrender
105=Surrender allowed
111=Rush mode
112=Not straight castle
113=Straight castle
114=Boom mode
200=Start metamorphosis mode
201=Cancel metamorphosis mode
202=Increase 100 tricolor
203=Increase 300 tricolor
204=Increase 500 tricolor
205=Increase 1000 tricolor
206=Increase 2000 tricolor
222=Attack now
223=Retreat now
224=Ban attack now
225=Cancel ban attack now

This is a statement:
If you want to copy or modify the code in my ai, please contact me and obtain my consent before making it public. (Added on 2020/04/11)
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katsuie hi,nice mod

[Edited on 03/22/20 @ 06:42 AM]

File Author
Beginner 2020/03/24 update 4.9
I. Fix the error that the opponent didn't go to demolish when the front of the non-aggressive building.
2. Fix the error that the building in front of the other party will not be demolished when it is not completed.
Three. Feudal soldiers will now withdraw from the type of restrained attacks.
4. Now when there is gold in the emperor era, the golden soldiers will be given priority.
File Author
Beginner 2020/03/27 update 5.1
1. Improving the problem of villagers who always try to go to the same logging plant and mining area.
2. Now the construction position of TC will try to approach the trees instead of random.
3. Now the archers are attacked by armor, and the spearmen are retreated by armor and gunmen.
4. The 4000-amp version was added. I forgot to put it yesterday.
File Author
Beginner 2020/03/28 update 5.3
1. The logging plant and mining plant occupied by the enemy in the wild will now be deleted.
2. When there were less than 40 soldiers in the past, twice as many enemy soldiers would shrink into TCs and military buildings, but now they are 10 soldiers.
File Author
Beginner 2020/03/30 update 5.4
1. TCs that have been occupied by the enemy in the field and are badly damaged (unable to garrison) will now be deleted.
File Author
Beginner 2020/03/31 update 5.5
1. Corrected the logic error of Command 113 and LuSnake's family would not send troops.
2. Added a mechanism that allows armored infantry to withdraw immediately when attacked by the Crooked Armed Forces.
3. The addition of conventional arms and some new mechanisms that will retreat when attacked by the slashing arms.
File Author
Beginner 2020/04/01 update 5.6
I. Added the mechanism of Rush in the era of Kuman Castle.
2. Now the way of avoiding TC, tower and castle is changed, it is no longer fixed to retreat towards the main castle.
3. Fix the logic problem caused by the official 3/31 update: (there is a code to find enemy buildings, which was originally only detected and covered, and now even the foundation will be detected)
1. When evading attacking buildings, the enemy's foundation will be included.
2. When selecting enemy buildings to attack, they will prefer the foundation.
3. When the enemy tower is attacked, the fort is pressed, and the TC explodes, the foundation will be counted twice.
4. The map will not be covered by the map.
V. Repair the TC that is not in the field but still in the ground state, and will not delete it when it is occupied by enemy forces nearby.
File Author
Beginnr 2020/04/02 update 5.7
1. Now if the last TC is demolished, the wood and stone collected next will be kept to try to build the TC back. (Though difficult)
2. In the era of the emperor, after a small number of troops ensure that they will not be defeated, they will reserve resources to upgrade the arsenal technology, ballistics, chemistry, three-level lances, and three-level meat horses.
3. Corrected the problem of covering mines with maps.
4. Now that the feudal era, the castle era, and the adversary era are ahead, there will be a small number of troops to ensure that they will not be defeated, and will reserve resources to ascend the king of God era.
5. Lithuanian feudal tactics were changed from spears to meat horses.
6. Anti-gram meat horses have now added meat horses.
Seventh, anti-gram investment vehicles have now added investment vehicles.
8. Knights will now retreat when attacked by monks and missionaries.
File Author
Beginner 2020/04/03 update version 5.8
1. Spear elephants will now retreat when attacked by barbarians, war elephants, monks, and missionaries.
2. Fixed a bug where scouts would be dazed near the enemy TC.
3. Now at 3v3, the division of labor between outsiders and small horses will be carried out.
4. Now when the Fast Eagles are sealed, four barracks will be built instead of two. (If the wood is enough)
V. Now no more polio when retreating.
6. Added a mechanism for all arms to retreat when restrained!
Seventh, the anti-precious iron units now have heavy guns.
8. Anti-Malaysian arms now have new spears.
File Author
Beginner 2020/04/04 update version 5.9
1. Now the Eagle Scouts will also follow the point and attack after a defense. (If enough food)
2. Now Yingyong will retreat after being attacked by a knight.
3. Fixed an issue that would cause the horse to shake wildly in the late stage.
4. Anti-Eagle reprimands have been added.
Fifth, the anti-flesh horses have added a new eagle reprimand.
Six. The anti-knight class has added Yingyong.
Seven. The anti-knight class newly added knights.
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