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Relic-CB 2020

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Userpatch 1.5
Style: Blood
Number of players: 8
[R] Relic Castle Blood - 2020 [R]

Important Notes:
----> This map required AoE2 Conqueror patch 1.5 to run, otherwise triggers will not work and crash the game.
----> This map is un-official Voobly map, so just play for fun!
----> This map is converting civilization bonuses into Castle Blood bonuses, so every civilizations can take advantages from it.

The main goal of this map is to destroy the opposing player's Pyramid, which is the strongest building in their bases. However, in order to reach the opposing player's pyramid, you have to destroy their towers and fortification. Typically, in order to destroy enemy's pyramid, you need to grow your army and use powerful units known as heroes. Dozens list of heroes available on the stores and you can get the heroes by purchasing with kings as exchanges.

There is 4 ways to get kings:
1. Kills
Phase 1: Every 50 kills rewarded a king, start from 50 kills until 450 kills.
Phase 2: Every 75 kills rewarded a king, start from 525 kills until 900 kills.
Phase 3: Every 100 kills rewarded a king, start from 1000 kills until 2000 kills.
After 2000 kills, rewarded a king every 2 minutes.

2. Razzings
Every 2 razzings rewarded a king, start from 2 razzings until 20 razzings. After 20 razzings you get a king every 5 minutes.

3. Conversions
Every 5 conversions rewarded a king, start from 5 conversions until 40 conversions. After 40 Conversions, player get a king every 5 minutes.

4. Civilization Relic
Captured civilization relic, rewarded a king every 5 minutes.

Use your kings to buy: Castles (max 8), Imperial Age, Villagers, Heroes, Super Unit, Supreme Unit, Towers for defensive and Dragon Fire Axe for offensive.

Every player have two reinforcement during the game.

1. Super Imam
Delete or kill imam to call Ababil Hawks Reinforcement. The Hawk attacking other players in your base and it is happen for 5 minutes duration time. Remember, every player have only one super imam, so used it wisely. In additional, during his live, you can use imam to re-spawn monk, every 30 second, maximum 10 populations of monks.

2. King Reinforcement
King reinforcement will be arrive at minutes 15 of the game. Use king to purchase one out of four supreme unit choice.
---> Choice 1, Siege_Fried, 4 respawn champion heroes with fast movement speed and attack bonus vs buildings. Siege_Fried stop spawning if you reached 20 razing.

---> Choice 2, Voodoo Master,
Supreme Missionary with 12 range and enable all monk technology in your monastery.

---> Choice 3, Hrolf the Ganger
Berserk hero, gain 3AP and 6HP every 20 second. Spawn able every 10 second, max 50 populations.

---> Choice 4, Supreme Kipchack Chieftain, cavalry archer hero with rapid fire attack. Spawn able every 10 second, max 100 populations.

Civilization Relic
Destroy neutral pyramid in middle of the arena, GAIA super monk will be spawn. He is holding one out of six civilization relic, Frankish Relic, Gothics Relic, Chinese Relic, British Relic, Byzantine Relic or Persian Relic. Some ancient archers, jaguar and GAIA super heroes are guarding him. In order to capture the relic, players have to fight with the guardians.
Hint: Kill GAIA super heroes to disable monk health regeneration ability.

Below are detail rewards if player captured civilization relic:
1. Frankish Relic Rewards:
Axe Thrower Heroes +1 Range, a King Every 5 Minutes and 5 Respawning Ancient Archers.

2. Gothics Relic Rewards:
Infantry Heroes Spawn Speed +70%, a King Every 5 Minutes and 5 Respawning Ancient Archers. Additional: can create Alaric the Visigoth if you have William Wallace.

3. Chinese Relic Rewards:
Foot Archers Heroes Fire Multiple Arrows (+1 Arrows), a King Every 5 Minutes and 5 Respawning Ancient Archers.

4. British Relic Rewards:
Foot Archers Heroes (+2 Range), a King Every 5 Minutes and 5 Respawning Ancient Archers.

5. Byzantine Relic Rewards:
Increase AP Bonus and Area Damage Cataphract Heroes, a King Every 5 Minutes and 5 Respawning Ancient Archers.

6. Persian Relic Rewards:
Cavalry Heroes and Eagle Heroes Attack Speed Increase By 30%, a King Every 5 Minutes and 5 Respawning Ancient Archers.

Civilization Bonus Conversions

Unique Technology
Garland War: Infantry heroes +4AP and berserk heroes AP power-up 20% faster.

Civilization Bonuses:
----> Start the game with 5 kings
----> Invincible Skirmishers +1 range (AoE2HD/ Atlatl)
----> Infantry heroes + 18% spawn.
----> Friar 2X HP
----> Relic generate kings 33% faster

Unique Technology
Yeomen: Foot archer heroes +1 range and +2AP

Civilization Bonuses
----> Start the game with 3 kings
----> Foot archer heroes +2AP (AoE2HD/ War wolf conversion)
----> Archer heroes 20% spawn
----> The Manor Archers of Eyes created 20% faster

Unique Technology
Logistica: Increase trample radius catapract heroes and +6 attack bonus again infantry.

Civilization Bonuses
----> Start the game with 3 kings
----> Imperial Age cost -1 king.
----> Camel Heroes cost -1 king, Invincible Skirmisher cost -1 king, Spearman Hero cost -1 King
----> Camel heroes +1 range (AoE2HD/ Greek fire conversion )
----> Cataphract heroes attack 25% faster.

Unique Technology
Furor Celtica: Gives Woad Raider heroes +40% HP

Civilization Bonuses
----> Start the game with 5 kings
----> Castle and towers fire 25% faster (AoE2HD/ Stronghold)
----> Celtic heroes +20% spawn
----> Celtic heroes attack 25% faster
----> Infantry heroes move 30% faster

Unique Technology
Rocketry: Foot archer heroes fires multiple arrows (+1 arrows).

Civilization Bonuses
----> Start the game with 4 kings and +40 populations cap
----> Walls and towers +30% HP (AoE2HD/ Great wall).
----> Dragon Fire Axe/ Masamune Sword cost -1 king
----> Villagers cost -1 king

Unique Technology
Bearded Axe: Gives Axe Thrower heroes +1 range.

Civilization Bonuses
----> Start the game with 5 kings and +1 Castle
----> Cavalry heroes +40% spawn (AoE2HD/ Chivalry)
----> Roland and Scythian creation speed 40% faster.
----> Cavalry heroes +20% HP.

Unique Technologies
Perfusions: Infantry heroes +70% spawn bonus.
Anarchy: Alaric the Visigoth available in William Champion store.

Civilization Bonuses
----> Start game with 5 kings
----> All infantry heroes cost -1 king

Unique Technology
Atheisms: Global Power Up cost -2 kings, Middle Power Up cost by -2 kings

Civilization Bonuses
----> Start game with 4 kings.
----> Allow the creation of Bleda the Huns from castle (AoE2HD/ Marauders conversion)
----> Cavalry heroes +20% spawn.
----> Cavalry archer heroes cost -1 king.
----> Captured relic reduce GPU and MPU cost by 1 king.

Unique Technology
Kataparuto: Samurai heroes +33% attack bonus vs UU.

Civilization Bonuses
----> Start game with 4 kings.
----> Towers fire extra arrows/ +1 arrows, maximum garrison 7 arrows (AoE2HD/ Yasama)
----> Samurai heroes cost -1 king
----> Infantry heroes attack 33% Faster

Unique Technology
Shinkichon: Cavalry archer heroes +1 range

Civilization Bonuses
----> Start game with 3 kings and +300 stone
----> Gun powder heroes moving 30% faster (AoE2HD/ Panokseon conversion)
----> Bombard Defence free (required chemistry)

Unique Technology
Eldorado: Give eagle heroes and foot archer heroes 40 HP

Civilization Bonuses
----> Start game with 3 kings
----> Robin Hood +6AP vs buildings (AoE2HD/ Obsidian Arrow)
----> Foot archer heroes and eagle heroes cost -1 king
----> Foot archer heroes move 30% faster

Unique Technology
Drill: Genghis khan +50% spawn bonus

Civilization Bonuses
----> Start with 3 kings
----> Scythian Scout cost -1 king
----> Scout and steepe lancer heroes +30% HP
----> Cavalry archer heroes fire 25% faster
----> Siege heroes moving 50% faster
----> Allows creation Subotai in Military Pavilion (AoE2HD/ Nomad)

Unique Technology
Mahout: Increase cavalry hero attack speed by 30%

Civilization Bonuses
----> Start with 3 kings, -40 pop, mahout free and maximum +2 castle.
----> Arbalest heroes cost -1 king (AoE2HD/Kamandaran)
----> Castle +9AP (AoE2HD/ Boiling Oil conversion)
----> Pyramid/ Wonder 2X HP
----> Knight heroes +4AP again archers

Unique Technology
Zealotry: Camel heroes +30HP and attack 25% faster

Civilization Bonuses
----> Start with 4 kings
----> Imam respawning imam instead regular monk (AoE2HD/Madrasah conversion)
----> Transport Ships have 2x HP and +5 carry capacity
----> Cavalry archers +3Ap again standard building

Unique Technology:
Supremacy: Increase accuracy gun powder heroes by 50%

Civilization Bonuses
----> Start with 3 kings
----> Monk have faster conversion speed (AoE2HD/ Inquisition)
----> Gunpowder units fire 18% faster
----> Scythian Scout cost -1 king
----> Bombard towers fire fast cannonballs.

Unique Technology
Crenellations: Templar heroes + 1 range.

Civilization Bonuses
----> Start with 4 kings
----> Cavalry heroes +4 Teutonic armour (AoE2HD/Ironclad conversion)
----> Infantry heroes +1 melee armour
----> Templar heroes cost -1 king
----> Friar + 1 range

Unique Technology
Artillery: Gun powder heroes +22% HP (272 RJ)

Civilization Bonuses
----> Start with 3 kings
----> Cavalry archer heroes +20HP (AoE2HD/Sipahi)
----> Scythian Scout cost -1 king
----> Gunpowder hero +25% spawn bonus
----> Bombard Defence cost -1 king

Unique Technology
Berserker gang: Infantry heroes regenerate health 2 time faster.

Civilization Bonuses
----> Start with 5 kings
----> Berserk heroes HP power-up 50% faster (AoE2HD/Chieftain conversion)
----> Super Transport Ship cost -1 king
----> Infantry heroes +20% HP
----> Conscription free

Never Ending AOE

Together we can overcome COVID-19. Let's break chain of pandemic. Stay home, stay safe, stay alive and play fun Age of Empires II.

+-+ ?+ ¤
¦=¦ /=/
¦=¦ /=/
¦= /-/---+ Have Manners
¦=¦=¦=¦=¦ ¤
+-–---+–+-+ be known
¦=+——+===¦ ¤ ¤ ¤

April 2020

Relic Castle Blood - 2020
Scenario By Indonesian AoE player comunity.
Triggers and script by Ant_039

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