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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » MGC20 - Rebirth of the Colosseum

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MGC20 - Rebirth of the Colosseum

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Empires II: DE
Style: Role Playing Strategy

From the creator of Gensokyo - Season of Calamity and El Nath - an award winning showcase scenario

After over 800 years, the big amphitheater in the middle of Rome has been reopened to put war prisoners and slave into a fight to the death. You're one of them.
As the result of over 9 centuries of technological advancement, the arsenal has been provided with advanced weaponry and the arena is now deadlier than ever before. You must prove your prowess in battle, and fight for your life.


  • 20 different classes with unique abilities, a level system to create your own gladiator, lots of replayability
  • Lots of different enemies and bosses with powerful skills
  • Dynamic soundtracks and sound effects, with intro and outro slide sequences
  • Including passive skills and active skills for you to utilize, no data-modding is required!
  • Over 780+ triggers, inspirationally designed and over 1 hour of playtime

There are 3 difficulty levels that differentiate your playstyles:

- Easy: Easier AI and leveling is faster. A relaxing difficulty level that may turn out boring.

- Normal: For most AoE 2 players with better micro level. Enemy behaviourals are enhanced and enemies have better armor.

- Lunatic: For players who are confident in their micro and want greater challenges. Enemies can lead target. Enemies melee attacks are enhanced, and their hitpoints regen during battles. Waves are included with extra enemies.


Any questions, feedback, or suggestion are welcomed. You can contact me via Discord through this id: duyhung2h#0206

Special thanks to BOT_Alan, Thanathor, diamondpython, Bruns V, EaterEater, LemmingAid for playtesting my map!

And thank you Alkhalim for voice acting the intro/outro sequence.

This map is a pseudo-historical take and does not reflect true Italian history, or the history of the Colosseum.

v0.2.8: Content update and bug fixes

Content update and changes:
- Balance changes (Some bosses and enemies should feel easier, and some are harder...)
- New "Desperate Enrage" mechanic: If there are 3 or more enemies in the field, the last one surviving will go beserk by the loss of their comrades! Be extra careful trying to pick them off one by one, or you might end up getting surprised.
- More random, extra enemies in Lunatic mode.
- A death counter to track how many times you have died (sorry, but not sorry)

Bug fixes:
- Fixed an unintentional bug that always kill your character when you have a high hp stat.
- Diplomacy is now locked.
- Skill cooldown on boss waves now will always reset, if you fail and retry.

v0.3.1: New DE version support and bug fixes:

Bug fixes and update:
- Fixed various bugs came up with the new patch
- Added visual clue when you're poisoned
- Added intermission instructions during "League of Heroes" phase
- "Update" League of Heroes boss mechanics

Ongoing investigation: Sometimes you can get stuck on wave 20 after killing the boss. Delete your own character to go to the next wave.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
HELLKNIGHT61 Hi!.. Today I started to play and finished your entry with Normal difficulty setting. I wanted to give you my feedbacks about your scenario. If my action is illegal (Because I am also a contestant too) the Moderators can delete my message.



+ There is a very good effort with many triggers. You gave very serious effort for this scenario. Also your trigger tricks and trigger information are very great. Enemy units also can use skills against us. (Reducing our line of sight, changing our screen view, sprinting against us and stunning us etc...)
+ Complex gameplay... 20 different unit types for us to control. 3 different stat types to improve. Experience system for all unit types... Active and passive skills that require intense trigger trick skills for the author. Also each unit type has strong and weak sides. (Like stone, paper and scissor)
+ Dynamic gameplay... You can change your unit during the whole game. Even during the battles...
+ Good soundtrack in important moments...
+ 3 difficulty settings...
+ No bugs... (I didn't catch any bugs.)
+ Good action with fun gameplay...
+ Good slide sequences...
+ The map design is also creative. It is better than my expectations.
+ The game is not difficult in Normal difficulty. You don't lose the game if you die. Author has a good trigger skill to reload the same event with triggers. (After your death)
+ Creative boss battles...
+ Creative 90 second survive events...
+ Good information screen during the whole game...


- The game is unnecessary long. I think that 100 wave is very unnecessary. 50 wave could be more ideal. Also the game started to become boring and repetitive with mental exhaustion after 30-40 waves.
- The sound effects (before boss fights) and some lines are also repetitive.
- There is no extra story after starting the game. The story is only available to provide gameplay material.
- The game has lack of challenge for the Normal difficulty. I didn't try the hardest difficulty. But I think that Normal difficulty needs to be a bit more harder. I can beat most of enemy units with my archer unit. Also player needs to hit and run many many times while fighting against the last 5 boss battles. Repeating hit and run process more than 500-1000 times is not a good thing. The author has some trigger tactics to defeat our units. But all enemy boss skills are avoidable with contra tactics. Especially with my 8 agility stat...
- After I make my all unit updates along with stat updates my all units became like a semi god. They crushed all enemy units easily. Especially after the 50th wave. Only last 5 boss fights gave me some little challenge.
- There is a trick to make our weak units more experienced. Wound the enemy with your 20 experience unit after that change your unit during the battle and kill the enemy with your low experience unit.
- Maybe I should try the hardest difficulty. Because I am an experienced person for micromanagement. I am not very sure.
- I made my archer 20 experience at the wave 21. After that I have started to develop my other units.


[Edited on 09/23/20 @ 01:30 PM]

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