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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Rise of Genghis Khan - Definitive Edition

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Rise of Genghis Khan - Definitive Edition

Author File Description
Al_Kharn the Great
File Details
Version: Age of Empires II: DE
Style: Build and Destroy
Ride with Temujin as he defeats his rivals, unites the warring tribes, and begins his path of world conquest!

Classic AoE2:HD favorite restored for the Definitive Edition.

  • Subjugate the steppe tribes through unique raiding gameplay!
  • Hold feasts to increase your power and authority!
  • Take wives to boost your economy and form alliances!
  • Pillage the cities of powerful Chinese dynasties!

    About the author:
    Filthydelphia (xbox: PhillySouljah) is the award-winning designer of historical custom campaigns and official content for the Age of Empires franchise. Part of the Forgotten Empires campaign team, his works include the Portuguese, Burmese, Bulgarian, Italian, and Indian campaigns featured in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition as well as several campaigns in Age of Empires: Definitive Edition. Outside of Age of Empires, he is a captain in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and has an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
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    Al_Kharn the Great
    File Author
    Update: 27 Nov 2020
    Fixed bug accidentally enabling Camels and Heavy Camels. Can no longer train these units in this scenario.
    Official Reviewer
    Map Design5.0
    This is a very good scenario based on the early stages of the career of Genghis Khan as he builds up his strength on the Mongolian steppe.

    Playability: 4
    The gameplay is focused almost exclusively on combat with mounted units, which is fast-paced and hard-fought. A notable feature is the great importance of raiding, which mainly involves stealing horses that will become mangudai if you can get them home safely. Unfortunately, those horses turn to your control the instant you see them even if there are lots of enemies right by them and your units are several tiles off. It can be frustrating to see these valuable units being slaughtered by their former owners before having much of a chance to do anything about it. However, if you can salvage a decent number of horses you can build up a group of mangudai, which are rewarding to use. Despite the gameplay mechanics which are intended to be based on raiding, and despite the overarching aim being described as unifying the Mongols, my overall impression was rather that I was fighting a war of extermination against all the other tribes. Once they are all exterminated, you can win the scenario without ever even encountering the Chinese.

    Balance: 5
    I initially tried this on Hard difficulty before reverting to Moderate. It is clear that considerable effort has been made to provide an increasing difficulty curve as the scenario progresses. Relations with other tribes deteriorate as you grow in strength, adding to your enemies. Enemy units also grow stronger, receiving upgrades. Should you choose to fight the Chinese settlements in the later part of the game you will have to contend with tackling fortifications without the benefit of siege weaponry. I found it consistently challenging to continue making progress even though all the enemies are rather passive, attacking with only a handful of units at a time.

    Creativity: 5
    The core concept involves attacking and destroying numerous enemy camps, but the creative twist is in the way the player has to build up strength. You are strictly limited to a very small number of villagers and in what you can build. Gold must be obtained through razing, which mostly means scattering the tents of your enemies on the steppe, and if you save up enough gold you can hold feasts which provide a variety of benefits. But perhaps most notable is the emphasis on the feature of stealing horses. All in all, I felt the scenario admirably managed to create the feel of a Mongol tribe struggling with its neighbours over limited resources.

    Map Design: 5-
    The map is an approximate depiction of the area around the Mongolian steppe, with Lake Baikal and the Taklimakan Desert towards the north and south respectively. Not surprisingly, the result is a map that is dominated by large barren expanses. However, it is obvious that attention has been given to varying the terrain somewhat, and the emptiness of the map is occasionally punctuated by little scenic features such as a shrine with a Buddhist monk. Bearing in mind the limitations of the setting, the map is a very good piece of work.

    Story/Instructions: 4+
    The scenario depicts Temujin becoming Genghis Khan. I found the strongest areas of story-telling to be the slides before and after the scenario, and during the very first part of the scenario itself. During the rest of the scenario, I felt that the story-telling dropped off somewhat. Some of the developments in the narrative seemed to come rather out of the blue, driven by the need to ramp up the fighting rather than because the characters had a comprehensible reason to act that way. The instructions setting out how the scenario's mechanics worked were all perfectly clear, as were the objectives.

    Additional Comments: Although enjoyable, I think this scenario does not quite reach the top rank. In my opinion it lacks the variety and depth that would make it really excellent.

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    Map Design5.0
    Favorites: [Who?]0
    Size:9.12 MB