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AI Files » Jester V 2.2

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Jester V 2.2

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Empires II: DE
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): Definitive Edition Only
; JESTER.AI Created by ScreamingKoos
; Version 2.2
; Release Number: 7
; Release Date: January 23, 2024
;==========OVERVIEW FOR BOTH AI's:==========
; Jester & Forthwind are two separate RM (random-map) ai's created by me.
; Jester can play any civilization in the game up to "The Mountain Royals" DLC (up to Armenians & Georgians). Jester can play as or counter any of these civs.
; Forthwind can play any civilization up to "The Lords of the West" DLC. This EXCLUDES: Armenians, Bengalis, Dravidians, Georgians, Gurjaras, and Romans. Forthwind will not know how to play these civs and does not know how to counter them.
; Jester is stronger, more updated, and less random than Forthwind.
; Forthwind will tower-rush, build walls, and not play as competitively as Jester. Both ai's are, however, quite silly and fun to play with.
; Both ai's can play land maps (like arabia), connected water maps (like coastal), and separated water maps (like islands). They perform best on land maps and the least on island-style water maps. They do have basic water map rules for ships & economy for compatability purposes.
; They both can also play any nomad-style maps (where there is no town-center or lumber-camp to start with and they must start from scratch).
; Please note, both ai's are not tested to play the following map-types: Migration, "Nothing" style maps (like forest-nothing), and Michi style maps.
; Both ai's are aggressive. They have many different strategies that are initially randomly generated at the game start, and improve over time as the game plays. You will experience a different game every playthrough even if they use the same civilizations. You never know what to expect!
; Both ai's are fun to play with as allies, enemies, or even just spectating them fighting other custom created ai's.
; Jester gets his name from having a humorous twist on all things he does! (Forthwind is humorous too).
; Jester & Forthwind are only tested on and work for Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition (No wololo-kingdoms, or HD editions sadly).
; I am not currently working on new updates for Forthwind (but may in the future), so for this reason the following below is mostly referring to Jester, although many of it still applies to Forthind:
;==========DID YOU KNOW? (quick facts)==========
; Jester can play nomad style maps (land or water just not migration-types), and has rules to always prioritize either a lumber-camp, mule-cart, or town-center when his last tc is destroyed (or the game starts without one!)
; Jester will automatically sling extra resources to any allies that are low on resources. You can still use taunts 3 - 6 for a more manual way to ask for resources (player or computer allies).
; Jester will always mirror your diplomatic stance. Comes along with some chats for every type of stance change during the game. There is NO tricking this guy! ;)
; Jester responds to several taunts in the game and depending on the age may respond differently. Most taunts work when Jester is set as an ally. Taunts are listed below:
; Use taunts 3 - 6 to ask for resources.
; Taunt 31 - Attacks immediately if he is able to (not under attack and has reasonable military).
; Taunt 32 - Pursue default aggressive strategy for current age (dependent on civ-selected).
; Taunt 33 - Pursue economy strategy for current age (boom).
; Taunt 36 - Disable attacking rules (use taunt 31 to re-enable afterwards).
; Taunt 37 - Build a wonder (imperial-age only)
; Taunt 43 - Current strategy information.
; Taunt 44 - Current resources & population information.
; Taunt 45 - Temporary retreat back to main town-center.
; Taunt 50 - flare a location on the map and send this taunt for a chance of Jester to build a tower, donjon, krepost, or castle at the location.
; Taunt 52 - flare a location on the map and then send this taunt for a chance Jester will build a market at the flared location.
; Taunts 61 - 68: Jester will temporarily target the numbered player (this taunt now works as intended, only resets if Jester is under attack or the target-enemy dies).
; Taunt 69 - Deletes the object at the flared location (works now as of this update).
; Taunt 72 - Pursue militiaman-line (infantry) strategy.
; Taunt 73 - Pursue melee cavalry units strategy. (knights, shrivamsha-riders, savars, battle-elephants, steppe-lancers, camels, etc.). This is dependent on the current civilization and only works for that current age. Use these in imperial-age for a more permanent strategy.
; Taunt 74 - Pursue archer-line strategy (foot archer only).
; Taunt 76 - Drush the enemy (must be early dark-age to work).
; Taunt 104 - Fully turns off all resign rules (when taunting either enemy or ally Jesters).
; Taunt 105 - Revert back to default resign rules after taunt 104 was issued.
; Taunt 150 - Resign immediately (when spectating as Jester, useful for casting games).
; Taunt 151 - Resign immediately (when taunted to an ally or enemy Jester, useful for a stubborn opponent or casting games).
; Taunt 250 - Chats current Jester version.
; Taunt 251 - Chats certain testing strategic-numbers (I use this for testing Jester, but feel free to use it too lol).
; Jester also responds to some other taunts, but not in a way you would expect! (example: Taunt 69).
;==========UPDATES for Jester Version 2.2:==========
; The time has finally come. I have decided to add a few more basic DUC (Direct Unit Control) rules for Jester! Version 2.2 is noticeably more DUCCY than ever before! Please note these rules are very new and bugs may be expected (although I have tried my absolute best to prevent them).
;----------The following includes some of the new micro/DUC rules for Jester:----------
; 1a: Fine tuned all pre-existing DUC rules with new lessons learned to prevent DUC leaks, save physical performance where possible, and existing rules are much more optimized than ever before!
; 1b: This includes improved dodging arrows from fortifications, sheep-micro in nomad games, gurjara Jesters milling their initial starting sheep, starting scouts gathering sheep etc... Now for the new rules:
; 1c: Jester now attempts to dodge arrows from multiple buildings of the same type, no longer just the first enemy fortification built. Includes most buildings that shoot arrows (town-centers, watch-towers, donjons, castles, kreposts etc).
; 1d: Along with dodging arrows from up to 10 of each of these buildings, Jester attempts to retreat from the actual arrow fire by retreating at an angle to the fortification to better actually dodge arrows.
; 2: Jester now has improved retreat rules and uses DUC to prevent units getting lured from his town when not attacking (NICE TRY MICRO GODS!)
; 3: Villagers no longer idlely standby as battering rams and armored-elephants smash their homes to rubble! Villagers actively target battering rams and armored-elephants inside their town with renewed vigor!
; 4: General backup market rules have been improved with more reasonable distances, and Jester now attempts to use the power of DUC to place markets a little better! (still a WIP)
; 5: Jester now slowly circles enemy fortification buildings (any building that fire arrows) when dodging arrows to eventually make his way into the back of his enemies bases! Has seen great results in the early games, especially while drushing!
; 6: Aweful early lumber and mining camp placements have been greatly improved. Jester uses the holy powers of DUC to actively delete bad lumber and mining camp placements. Jester then retargets the LOGGY BOYS & POINTY FELLAS better than ever! What a great guy!
; 7: The first Georgian mule-cart now uses DUC to attempt to find the closest forest in the beginning of the game instead of boosting the straggler trees like a total noob.
; 8: Jester now uses improved split-rule-goals, up-jump rules, and timers to help prevent your pc from melting into a pool of lava! Make sure to say thanks by sending Jester a Christmas card next year!
; All jokes aside, just adding these few additions/improvements took a monumental amount of time to learn, add, fail, test, fail, relearn, fail, redo entire sections just to get basic functions to even fire, and so on.
; Jester uses minimal micro when compared to many other ai's, but I hope you come to appreciate I always attempt to thoroughly test/optimise Jester's script with even the most basic rules before releasing an update.
; I hope to keep learning new ai techniques and implementing them furociously into future updates. With the new year (2024) the updates will definitely be less often, but we carry on! For now, this is all you get ;)
; A very special thanks to the whole aiscripters community! Thanks so much guys for your knowledge!
;----------END OF DUC UPDATES----------
;----------START OF GENERAL UPDATES:----------
; - Fine tuned many gathering rules across all ages. Jester now gathers more efficiently based on strategy which leads to improved age up times (and military production) for flushing and fast-castle strategies. The following are some examples of what this means:
; 1: When Jester pursues a scout or skirmisher rush he delays gathering gold for much longer and instead focuses on heavy food & wood gathering, which allows for more units much quicker.
; 2: Jester uses less gold villagers instead of 3 or 4 when going for fast-castle, and the extra wood or food villager makes a difference.
; 3: Jester is better now at deciding when to buy & sell resources, or even to drop stone for castle-age up after long feudal-age times.
; 4: Jester takes into account when going archer-rush to not gather as much gold whenever he needs to add counter skirmishers to the flush.
; 5: When Jester is under heavy pressure in early feudal, he focuses on food & wood longer before going for more gold or stone for defence.
; 6: Fixed a serious but rare bug where Jester's feudal economy would stop adapting and he would stockpile too much of the same resources (when attack and defence strategy for feudal were both activated at the same time).
; - Improved farming rules in all ages - especially in feudal-age where Jester would sometimes take a very long time building more than 8 farms often affecting age-up times.
; - All ages now have improved + backup farming rules so Jester should never just stop producing farms for a long time.
; - Improved town-size rules so Jester gets stuck less often when attempting to place new buildings. Fixed a bug where Jester would not increase town-size at all when under attack for a long time. Still 1 bug where sometimes town-size gets too large too fast (WIP).
; - Improved lumber and mining-camp rules to be more efficient and build more often needed camps compared to Version 2.1. This is in addition to the early game micro camps mentioned above ^
; - When Jester loses his only town-center, he now deletes all farms, mills, lumber-camps, mining-camps, and mule-carts so he can relocate his base more safely without constantly sending all vills to their deaths at his old base (helpful in long games).
; - Tweaked some building-placement rules that use up-set-placement-data to be more reliable.
; - Jester no longer builds bombard towers. Instead he builds the watch-tower-line when under pressure in the mid to late game. I was finding the bombard towers rarely hit their target, and don't really damage rams all that much, so #watchtowergang is where we are at now!
; - Added back in outpost building rules! Maybe militia rush in imperial-age rules next? (just kidding!)
; - Pocket Jesters now have their own attack rules, they are in general much more aggressive & have more influence added to not sit at home!(not perfect, but better!)
; - Military level counting is now more dynamic. Jester is more aggressive against smaller military-population enemies, but is much more conservative when attacking target-enemies who have larger armies.
; - Fixed nomad rules including DUC rules for nomad sheep gathering, when to place a lumber-camp, mule-cart or town-center first, as well as prioritizing the correct resources for building a town-center as soon as possible. (NOTE: villager scouting appears to be bugged in current game version).
; - Fixed a bug that would prevent Jester from rebuilding his town after his last town-center was destroyed in the mid to late game.
; - Fixed max-dropsite gathering rules to influence Jester not to walk across the map for resources (usually in enemy bases) when he still has resources nearby.
; - When going for a feudal-age rush (flush), Jester holds his units in their buildings before attacking to help hide unit composition from enemy scouts.
; - Refurbished focus-player & target-player rules so Jester has more clear conditions on which enemy to target and when to change targeting tactics (generally closest enemies but taunts improved too).
; - Jester can now properly research ri-supplies & ri-gambesons.
; - Bohemian Jesters now take advantage of training many more monks after completing their unique upgrade that turns monks gold cost into food.
; - Jester better balances out economy population when constructing multiple feitorias as portuguese.
; - Slightly improved resign rules depending if Jester is alone or on a team. Jester can sometimes be stubborn or resign too easily, so remember you can always use the taunts above to control resigning!
; - Identified that Jester has not been explicitly countering any unique-units. Temporary rules have been added so Jester now produces basic counters to MOST enemy unique units. Better counters for these units will definitely come in a future update (see WIP section below for more info).
; - Taunt 69 now works as expected (delete the object at the flared location) for allied Jesters, as well as taunts 61 -68 (targeting a specific enemy player, only works on enemies, has been fixed).
; - NEW CHATS: Changed out/tweaked many chats Jester sends to enemies and allies throughout the game. This includes NEW resign chats, NEW "Banter-Chats", and a NEW under attack chats system! Jester now harrasses you at the start, middle, and end game!
; - Many more smaller bug fixes/improvements/updates but at this point I don't remember them all! Thanks for reading though!
;----------END OF GENERAL UPDATES:----------
;==========KNOWN ISSUES/WIP:==========
; 1: Jester will break easily against tower rushing or castle drops, There are basic defence rules against this but they are not as intuitive yet. (WIP - this is only really possible with DUC, with the level I'm at now, I may be able to implement defence rules soon! - fixes to come)
; 2: Jester sometimes under reacts or overreacts to some unit compositions (sometimes trains no skirmishers against longbowmen or way too many when enemy is making cavaly). (WIP - problem recently identified - some temporary rules have been added, but I will be replacing many
; sections of code to fix this. The issue is obvious especially with "my-unique-unit-line" since it only work with my-player-number, NOT target-players.
; Essentially, each unique unit (UU)/unit-line needs to be either counted with up-get-fact or an easier way is using "players-unit-type-count target-player <unit-line>."
; So for now, Jester is not as optimised for countering enemy unique-units as well as knight-line, or archer-line but will try. (fixes in-progress)
; 3: Sometimes Jester gathers way too much gold or stone in the feudal-age when under attack. This can lead to very long up-times to castle. (COMPLETE - further improvements made in this update from gathering rules)
; 4: Jester on water maps in general, I'd like to improve the water rules more in the future :) (WIP - recently identified many bugged rules, but Jester still plays half decent on water maps - fixes to come)
; 5a: Attacking rules are sometimes too aggressive in some situations to the point Jester throws all of his military units away. (MOSTLY FIXED - added a dynamic military level system that treats small enemy threats differently to large enemy threats).
; 5b: Also split military-level rules between flank & pocket Jesters, so flanks are slightly more defensive, and pockets are more aggressive.
; 6: Jester will have more variety in imperial-age strategies in a future update. (WIP - needed fixes identified - still prioritizing other issues first)
; 7: Mule cart logic may need DUC rules to fix the mid to late game of them bunching up together with no resources around them. (WIP - on hold - new DUC logic may come in handy for this down the road)
; 8: Jester creating too many different units at once (typical ai unit compositions). (This update, V 2.2, along with recent past updates have greatly improved this to a level I'm satisfied with for now. Will improve further over time but not prioritizing now)
; 9: DUC leaks/errors: I should have added this in before, but I am fairly confident this current update fixes many of the previous versions issues. New leaks/errors will likely happen again, but I am much better at identifying and preventing them now :)
; 10: Prioritizing civ bonuses to be taken into account more often! (with upwards of 40+ "playable" civs in this game now for Jester, I plan on accounting for more specific civ bonuses to make them "optimal" and not just playable!
; The following are some of the already implemented civ bonuses with Jester:
; Bohemian castle-age hand-cannoneer rush, Gurjaras milling their starting sheep and having the chance to go "camel-scout" rush, Malay creating a few more villagers before clicking up to the next age faster, Burgundians researching techs an age before,
; Cumans building 2 town-centers & siege in feudal-age, Goths + Huns + Sicilians + and Bulgarians creating units in either their barracks, stables, donjons, or kreposts, the best imperial-age unit strategies for each civ by default etc...
; I will be working on incorporating more of these civ bonuses into Jester for future updates! (in-progress).
; 11: Removed Jester's rules for helping allies for now as they were full of bugs and I could not fix them after many hours of troubleshooting. They have been removed completely from this update. For now Jester does not help allies until I can come up with some new rules for this (WIP).
; Jester can be a fun ai to play with or against in team games, use in custom games (scenarios), or is commonly used for testing against other ai's.
; It is by no means a perfect ai, sometimes has bugs, and uses minimal DUC. But Jester has been an amazing project to work on for many years at this point (since the AOE II HD days).
; Please leave a comment of your experience on the ai scripters website, AOK Heaven website, or in the ai scripters discord group about your experience and if there is anything you'd like to see added/improved or just your general experience!
; Thank you for playing with Jester! GL & HF!!!
; - ScreamingKoos
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
File Author
Hi Everyone,

Forthwind is typically updated on a monthly basis. Check back for new features and improvements!

*Version 1.8 RELEASED AUGUST 16, 2021:

;=========Version 1.8=========

Hi everyone!
- This version of Forthwind is PACKED with an insane amount of new features and a fresh new playstyle that stands out from other versions!
A new dynamic town size function has been added, Forthwind builds different wall perimeters now (close walls as a flank player and farther out walls as a pocket player), as well as several important bug fixes and additional improvements to the way Forthwind plays. You will almost instantly notice the difference! Enjoy!


- There is an up (user-patch) version of Forthwind now, but a few changes need to be implemented before I formally release it.
The UP version will be included in the next release of Forthwind (it will be included in the main download, so 2 ai's in total)
once the next Forthwind (v. 1.9) is released. It just needs to be looked over as the main DE version of Forthwind is seperate from the
UP version for several reasons. Something to look forward to if you enjoy playing UP!

;=========Release #11 Notes=========

;=========NEW UPDATES:
- Forthwind supports the new Pole and Bohemian civilizations!
- Forthwind now incorporates a basic "dynamic town size." This means Forthwind will no longer solely use timers for
town-size rules which limited how much Forthwind could build in many situations.
This of course will be further improved upon in future updates, as there are sure to be some bugs in certain situations.
So far it's looking very promising at making Forthwind very adaptable on a wide variety of maps!
- Forthwind now toggles building walls (on or off). Simply taunt "55" to a Forthwind ally for it to "turn on" or "turn off" wall building.
- Incorporated different wall perimeters that are VERY noticeably different than before. In 1vs1's Forthwind
no longer builds walls VERY far out from his base, and in team games you will notice the difference as well!
- Forthwind now asks for resources, and will send resources if he notices you are low and he is high with resources.
- New Taunt: Taunt 44 displays current resources and population of Forthwind allies.
- The newest maps from the latest patch have been added into Forthwind's internal system (helps with gathering/strategy decisions etc).
- Changed out some resign taunts for new ones! Collect all 25!
- Experimenting with a couple of new sassy taunts during gameplay. Trying to strike a balance where they are not too intrusive
or annoying for replayability reasons. Will be further explored in future releases.
- Forthind now deletes a few units and replaces them with transport ships on water maps when it becomes pop-capped. This should help
on some maps where Forthwind is having trouble reaching an enemy and doesn't have any transports to reach them.

- Forthwind now gathers wood for houses in low pop situations when it is housed (helpful for custom games).
- New emergency rules will trigger if wood, gold, or stone are more than 25 tiles away. Forthwind will walk
any distance to at least prevent villagers idling altogether. (was seen happening on maps like seize the mountain etc).
- Noticeable improvement to "islands" maps and how Forthwind plays on them. Only a few basic fixes for now, but nontheless
Forthwind builds less farms and focuses more on fishing ships and transports!
- Completely redesigned how Forthwind measures military numbers. In total this has slashed around
1500 lines of code into about 60 lines, thereby making Forthwind more efficient. Forthwind now reacts
immediately when outnumbered, or when he has the military advantage (not slowed down by a timer as in previous versions).
- Villagers are no longer "paused" for an excessive amount of time when going for a fast-castle strategy.

- Fixed an issue where sometimes Aztec and Incan default imperial strategies would not trigger.
- Tweaked some feudal scout flushing rules that were much too heavy on wood for too long.
- Fixed some aggressive feudal strategies that would refuse to mine any gold for too long.
- Added backup fixes for a vicious issue where Forthwind would sometimes stop training villagers
and would not research wheel barrow or hand cart. This would go in a circle forever, thereby preventing
the training of additional villagers and ruining Forthwind's eco in usually the mid-game.
- Fixed an "error: invalid encoding" message that would sometimes appear mid to late game (usually alongside taunt 9).
- Fixed countless strategic numbers, goals, and constants that were implemented incorrectly.

- Special thanks goes out to ai scripter Esty for helping to make a Forthwind UP version!
- Other special thanks goes out to Marathon and Leif Erikson! Truly appreciate the help and info guys!


If you ever experience a serious error then please either contact me with great detail about your error OR wait for an update/hotfix (hotfixes are sometimes released shortly after new updates if I discover a serious enough error.)

Check out the readme.txt file as well as the updates.txt file with each download to follow the full list of what's been added/improved upon!

Thanks for checking out my Ai!

- ScreamingKoos

[Edited on 08/16/21 @ 06:11 PM]

File Author
Version 1.9 of Forthwind includes 2 different version of Forthwind. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the differences!

;=========Version 1.9=========

Released: August 29, 2021

From now:
- *This is the second update released today that fixes several bugs from this morning's version, this version makes both Forthwind's
play MUCH better and less buggier!

From this morning:
- Hey Everyone! This is an update that looks to greatly improve economical and other aspects of Forthwind as well as introduce a new
version known as Forthwind [T]! It is a more "competitive" version of Forthwind that will have a name change later on. This
was initially a tournament version I submitted for a recent ai tournament, and have since continued making changes to it!

;=======The main differences between the versions is the regular old Forthwind uses unique, random or unexpected strategies and still
tries without being too simple. This version builds walls and has more strategies to choose from at the cost of some
difficulty level (it is easier to beat generally).

;=======The Forthwind [T] (which stands for tournament) does not build walls, and has more limited strategies that it focuses on in order
to provide some more challenge, while coming from the roots of Forthwind.

After this update, you will notice more and more the differences between the 2 versions. The main difference is the strategies and wall building,
and the difficulty difference. Forthwind [T] beats the old Forthwind most of the time even after both of them have these new updates (but also many differences
like sn's and targeting etc).

;=========Release #12 Notes=========

;=========NEW UPDATES:

;2 Versions of Forthwind now:

- Forthwind (normal) version is the original version that aims for versatility over competitiveness. This was the first and only version
for the longest time that goes for a wide array of strategies (more will be added soon as well).

- Forthwind [T] - NEW competitive forthwind that focuses on competitiveness over versatility.
- ONE OF these AI's will have a name change in the near future.

;Forthwind (1.9) updates:


- Sorry about leaving this update file and readme file out from the last download! I was up until about 4am working on this so I forgot them. Thanks
for the friendly reminders from several people :)

- 2 NEW STRATEGIES ADDED: Longswords and siege-rush!
- Large improvements to gathering rates, and economy in general for feudal to imperial ages.
- Big improvements to how Forthwind distributes its population numbers. No longer stops at a small
number of villagers, but rather focuses on maxing out population then dropping villagers in
exchange for more military later.
- Improved on a feudal-age bug where Forthwind would hold off of farming for too long (would not build a
blacksmith until a mining-camp was built has also been fixed).
- Forthwind now builds more town centers based on population-cap numbers (up to a max of 7 instead of 3 or 4 in some cases)
- The trash units strategy now works as it was supposed to, Forthwind now turns off previous strategies
(when before it would just go every strategy almost).
- Forthwind defends much better against mass skirms and archers (trains knights or eagles).
- Fixed arrow micro rules so Forthwind retreats from watch towers again. Not only that, but Forthwind now officialy retreats
from ALL fortifications listed here: watch-tower, guard-tower, keep, donjon, krepost, and castle. I add in some "up-jump-rules" for
these rules to hopefully limit the performance hits (when its not needed). Forthwind only retreats from the first "seen" object of these lists.
- Reverted to old wall building rules that favour many gates in the wall, as this last update ruined them. When Forthwind builds only 2 or 3 gates it
almost always bugs out its trade and lumberjacks, hence why the many gates needed (I don't have control over WHERE they build the gates, only the number).
- A few more things but I honestly forget cause I did it and now I'm too tired to remember 11

- Slight changes to targeting sn's. still testing them out. Forthwind [T] favours grouping its military, while regular Forthwind favours single or small unit attacks.
- Better improvement to market use, including more likely to sell excess resources (typical in the late game).
- Forthwind no longer caps the amount of castles it can build. The first castle now favours the front of its base.
- Fully remade resource tribute rules (when an ally asks for resources) it is much simpler rules that are more likely to trigger now.
- Minor improvement to garrison rules. Forthwind is a little more likely to fight rather than wait to die.
- Forthwind is less likely to constantly retreat when emergency attacking now (maxed out pop attacks).
- Numerous strategic-number changes (testing the effects still).
- Forthwind no longer constantly attacks with next to 0 military in the castle and imperial ages.
- New tower building behaviours that don't drop on top of enemy soldiers when they first attack. These new rules build towers slightly off to the side
in favour of saving villager lives.
- Some fixes to try to prevent excessive idle town centers.
- Sicilians no longer mindlessly train serjeants. Instead, when their infantry goal is activated serjeants are given priority.
- Basic outpost building added.
- In any age-start greater than dark-age (such as empire-wars or castle-age-start), forthwind no longer delays age research for too long
- Burmese no longer pursue archers in the castle-age (will switch to another strategy).
- Increased the minimum starting lumber camp distance slightly to be compatible with new arabia.
- Tweaked some rules possibly causing performance issues (arrow dodging rules). May be better now.
- Numerous other fixes added.

- For now, resign rules are set to a "minimum" level. If you are playing Forthwind and want him to
resign, then taunt (as an ally or opponent) "151" for him to resign. This greatly helps with premature
resigning in team games (temporary until I properly fix it).
- If you are casting a game, or playing as Forthwind itself, then taunt 150 and it will resign. (Quality of life for casters).

;Forthwind (T) updates:

- All the same updates as 1.9 update, except the new strategies.
- All wall building has been removed from this version sadly! This helps improve its eco very noticeably.
- This version plays a bit differently than the original, in most testing it easily beats the older Forthwind ai and is more competitive than it
ever has been close to being!


- After running Forthwind in the Kings of Arabia #2 Tournament, I have intensely changed ALL of the gathering rules. Hopefully less of the "mass wood" focus and more
evenly balanced across the board depending on the strategy being pursued (for all ages).

[Edited on 08/29/21 @ 09:18 PM]

wizwag Just stumbled upon this forum, because I started to dabble a bit in the scenario editor and looked up a guide. Didn't know there are people actively working on AI's! "Currently there is a DE ai tournament going on" I would be very surprised if you mean the AoE:AI / ACT tournament, because that's me haha. Anyway, I just downloaded your AI file and will test it out to see how it performs within my tournament settings. :)
BlacK HawK NC hi,

i looking for AI defensive very hard i will try if you have more AI tell me plz :)
File Author
Thank you for your comments for Forthwind! It certainly took a long time to create it! Check out the newest 2.00 version (Plus an additional AI that is slightly newer called "Jester").

I do have other AI's I have made, but they are not as intense as it was for Forthwind. If either of you would be interested in that leave another comment and maybe I'll upload an ai pack or something of the sort?

Check out the latest updates.txt file for the newest 2.00 features! (I'm gonna refrain from cluttering this page with the whole update list lol).
DJMAS314 Thanks for posting. I used your AI 1.0 AI in my tourney. See here:

I did have to make some edits to it inorder to be able to compete with my AI but it's currently ranked #25. Will download and try again in my next tourney.

Keep up the great work.
File Author
Hey DJMAS314!

Thanks for sharing your experience in your tournament! I checked out the stats and was glad my AI did ok!

If you ever upload your games to youtube or another streaming platform let me know, I always like seeing Forthwind or Jester up against other AI's :)

Here is a new update that hopefully works well in your games. Let me know as well what changes you made to Forthwind or Jester and maybe I could keep them in the AI? (If it doesnt affect the behaviour too much).


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Just posted Version 2.2, all updates are above. Just wanted to thank you all on AOK Heaven for supporting Jester (& Forthwind) over these past years! Very appreciated. Enjoy the update! :)

- Your Pal, ScreamingKoos

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