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Downloads Home » Campaigns » A New Hero Rises in the Three Kingdoms (Version 2)

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A New Hero Rises in the Three Kingdoms (Version 2)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Number of scenarios: 4
Campaign Name: A New Hero Rises in the Three Kingdoms (Version 2)
Campaign Designer: TheiceTiger
Campaign Repairer: Rakovsky
Scenario Version: 2.0
Date: 2/16/21
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
AOE2 Version: AOE2:The Conquerors Version 1.0C
Single or Multiplayer: Single Player
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 4


This campaign is a fiction story take place in the downfall of Han. I really can't tell much about this campaign because I'm not good at describing things :D. In this campaign, You will get exp and raise the level of the hero. Also There will be watersupplies instead of food supplies and you will lose if you ran out of water. Ummmm... Don't know what to say now,
anyway,just enjoy the campaign. There will also be a bonus scenario in it, it is the ending of Warrior's Legend. Also plz excuse the spelling and gammar mistake in this campaign. English is not my first language.



In 2000, TheIceTiger made an excellent Campaign about Wan Fu, a conscript serving the Han army's fight against the Yellow Turban Revolt, which lasted from 184–205 AD. The Campaign takes place in the final period of the Han Dynasty, whose last emperor, Emperor Xian, reigned in 189-220 AD.

The Campaign's Four Scenarios are:

1. The End of a Great Empire (184-189 AD). It's a purely cinematic scenario. The Designer refers to the Yellow Turbans as the "Yellow Scarves." In the Scenario, Dong Zhuo, one of the Han commanders who fought the Yellow Turbans, uses his military power to take control over the imperial Han government, although the emperor retains at least nominal authority.

2. The Story of a Tiger: The End of the Yellow Scarves. The plot begins with Kan Fu leaving home to fight the Yellow Turbans, who are led by Zhang Jiao. Historically, the Yellow Turbans' leader Zhang Jiao died in 184, and the Yellow Turban rebellion fully ended in 205 AD.

3. The Sword of the Ice Tiger. It is a purely cinematic that begins with Kan Fu leaving Cao Cao's army and Zhuge Liang's joining of Liu Bei's forces, which happened in 207 AD. It continues up through the death of Zhuge Liang in 234, followed by Kan Fu fictionally killing Sima Yan. Sima Yan was the ruler of the northern state of Wei and lived in 236-290 AD.

4. The Ending of Warrior's Legend I. This is a "Bonus Scenario" that the Campaign Designer included. This bonus scenario is the ending for another campaign by the same Designer called "Warrior's Legend I." The Designer referred to this other campaign in the old man's question challenge in Scenario #2 "The Story of a Tiger." But otherwise the Bonus Scenario is not thematically related to the other three scenarios.



TheIceTiger's original campaign (Version 1) had three basic problems:
1. Sometimes the instructions were not clear enough as to your next steps,
2. In the second scenario, the Challenge from the Old Man who gives you 3 questions does not work because when you move to the right answer space, Trigger #180 kills you because it is mistakenly set to activate from the beginning of the scenario.
3. In Scenario #3, there is no activating Victory Trigger, so the Scenario can't end in Victory.

So in the Zip file for Version 2, I am including a README file with a set of Hints and screenshots to help you where the instructions are not clear enough. I am fixing the triggers mentioned above (Trigger 180 in Scenario 2 and the Victory Trigger problem in Scenario #3) to make the Scenario winnable, as well as fixing bugs that I am listing below:

- In SCENARIO #2, after you head east out of the main gate of the Aqua colored Village in the west area of the map, there is a band of Orange robbers. In the original version, the Designer certainly meant that those robbers are supposed to block your path and that crossing through them should turn on Trigger 105 that makes them Declare War on you. The Designer did not draw the trigger area wide enough, so that in the original version I was able to go around the bandits and explore most of the map and walk by tons of stationary Orange robbers and collect gold and trade cart prizes without the robbers bothering me. Clearly this was not intended because of how awkward masses of stationary bandits look, not to mention that you can pick up a major weapon without its Orange Guardian unit trying to stop you. So I am widening the trigger area for the bandits to the east of the western Aqua-colored village.

- In Scenario #2, the Designer had set Trigger #133 at the Stable in the middle of the map that upgrades your horse to "loop." As a result, you will constantly be paying that stable money if you click on it even once. Certainly, the Designer did not intend this, because it prevents you from using your money to buy anything else like more armor or water, because the stable constantly takes
your money. Had the Designer intended to make this unlimited, he would naturally have made it so that every time you clicked on the Stable, you got an upgrade, instead of forcing you to buy unlimited upgrades forever. So I turned the Trigger looping off.

- In SCENARIO #3, the Designer mistakenly set Trigger 54's Starting State to "ON". I turned it off because Trigger 49, which talks about Kan FU's wife's fate, is set to turn it ON. I also set Trigger 54 to Turn ON Trigger 50, the Victory Trigger.

- I used the Userpatch version of 1.0c and "age2_x1.0c.exe" to fix Scenarios #2 and #3. Those Scenarios should work on both the 2000 CD and 2013 Steam HD versions of AOE2, but let me know please if for some reason they do not. You can also use the information that I've provided here that identify the bugged triggers to fix the scenarios yourself if my fixed version doesn't work for you for any reason.



- Put the "Immobile Units AI" and "Immobile Units AI GOLD.per" file in your Age of Empires II's "AI" folder. If you are playing with the original AOE2:The Conquerors Version 1.0c
from 2000 that used CDs (whether you actually installed it with CDs or downloaded it), the AI folder's directory path on your computer is: Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\AI
If you are playing with the 2013 HD Steam version of AOE2, then the directory path is:

- The Campaign has 3 music files (z1st.mp3, z2nd.mp3, and z3rd.mp3). If you are playing with the original AOE2:TC 1.0c version, then you put those three files in your
"Age of Empires II\sound\scenarios" folder, which is where scenario sound files typically go. If you are playing with the 2013 Steam HD version of AOE2, then I believe that you must put those music files in:
If you are playing your Steam game with a different language than English, then you probably need to put those sound files in the path that matches your language. So for instance, if your game is in French, then you would use a "\fr\sound\scenario" path instead of the "\en\" one.

- Put the ".cpx" campaign file in your computer's AOE2 campaign folder. For the 2000 AOE2 CD version, it's in:
Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Campaign

- When you load up your AOE2 game, turn off "Music" in your Settings Menu so that you can clearly hear the scenario's own special music. You need a little patience to wait through the opening narrative messages. See the Readme for more Hints.
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cly0806 Why not release it in AOE2DE?Is it available?
File Author
This Campaign should work in AOE2 (HD 2013) on Steam, and you would need to put the AI and Sound files in the right folders.

I am not as familiar with AOE2:DE's file formats to know if this campaign and its data files (like the AI file) would work with it.

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