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Rome At War (AOK HD Steam version)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Empires II (2013)
Mod Designer: WildFire Studios
Mod Converter: Vardamir
Date: 11/5/2020
Game Version: AOK:HD 2013 Steam


WildFire Games has released quite possibly the largest mod for "Age of Empires II: Age of Kings", featuring the replacement of the Mesoamerican civilisations of the Aztecs and the Mayans with the Romans and Greeks. With over 13,000 downloads and featured on the cover disks of PC Powerplay from Australia and GameStar from Germany. Both are leading gaming magazines. Now you too can build an empire on the backs of your enemies!

March your soldiers up and down the Rhine, across the sands of North Africa, through the Grecian city-states, along Hadrian's Wall, and patrol the shores of the Mediterranean Sea as you subdue all who stand in your path. Can you build an empire to equal Augustus and Caesar? Will your name be immortalised on busts of marble and triumphal arches?


-Total Conversion of the Mesoamerican Build Set into a new Mediterranean one.

-Includes a full conversion of the Aztecs to the Romans and the Mayans to the Greeks.

-5 new units (including the Legionary and the Auxila - a light horseman).

-Tons of new eye candy, including henges, statues, aquaducts, and bath-houses.

-35 new buildings, including 3 brand new renders.
-Complete sound and graphics interface conversions (including a hexed language.dll).

-Exhaustively playtested by some of the best modders in the AoK scene.

Copy and paste this link into your browser:
That will give you the most up to date information, screenshots, instructions, and credits.



Wildfire Studios made the Rome At War Mod in 2001. Some AOE2 Scenarios depicting the 1st-2nd Centuries AD that I am focusing on were made with RAW, and I have AOK HD, so I wanted to play those Scenarios in AOK HD. The Mod uses an AKX file and other data files, so it needs to be converted to work on the HD version. I had been unable to successfully convert the Mod to work with AOK HD using the Genie Converter, which converts Mods to work with AOK HD. So the Genie Converter's Creator, Vardamir (AKA "Jorritkarwehr") sent me a copy of the RAW Mod that he converted for AOE2 HD. It works for me.

Since Wildfire Studios hadn't posted a converted version of their Mod for AOK HD, I emailed them. Jason from Wildfire Studios gave me permission to post the converted Mod if it was too much hassle to post it using the Wildfire Account. I don't have a Wildfire Account on HG and don't have access to posting a file over 5 MB on the Wildfire website. Stan from the Wildfire Team encouraged me to upload the Mod file.

The main Advantage of the Mod is that it lets you play Scenarios made with Rome at War (R.A.W.) and lets you design your own. I suspect that the good quality AOE2 HD DLC "The Forgotten" may have used some R.A.W. units and buildings, like for the legions and the Italian Civ. But the downside with using The Forgotten for making ancient Roman Scenarios is that The Forgotten is set in the medieval period, like with the Sforza Campaign. So while The Forgotten's buildings remind me somewhat of ancient Roman buildings, they also remind me of medieval Italy. So R.A.W. might help you do a better job making an ancient Roman campaign.

The Mod's main disadvantage is that when you click on the Roman units that you own as the Roman Player, few of the Roman units talk respond verbally. Probably this is because the Mod Designer didn't want them to reply in Aztec. This issues exists in the Mod's original version too.



The Installation works per the normal way that you get any Mod to work on AOK:HD (Steam). Your computer's AOK HD directory has a special "Mods" folder where your Mods go.

Copy the contents of the downloaded Zip file as they area directly into your AOE2:HD folder's Mods file. The default path for the Mod file is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age2HD\mods

So after you've copied the contents there, you should have a subfolder called "Rome At War" inside your Mods folder.

Then, in your AOE2:HD Steam "Workshop" that is in your game menu, you should have the Rome At War Mod turned on, and as I understand it, you should give it a low priority on your Mod list and turn all other Mods off that could interfere with it. So for example, if you've subscribed to Steam's "Independent Architecture Mod", then you should turn that off, but it's probably OK to have soundtrack music Mods still turned on.

In your Standard Single Player Menu, the Mod's Roman and Greek civilizations might be labeled "Romans" and "Greeks," or as "Aztecs" and "Mayans," respectively, but it's purely a name issue and the Civs should work otherwise.



I have played and recommend the following Campaigns and Scenarios using the R.A.W. (HD Steam version) Mod:

- Roman learning Campaign (includes Boudica's revolt from 60 AD)

- Jerusalem 65AD (I beat this Showcase Scenario on Hard by putting the relic in the Temple and then ejecting the relic from it.)

- Germania (The Story refers to the 1st-2nd Centuries AD. It has only one scenario that is like the Gladiators' one, which was in 180 AD. I beat it on HARD)
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File Author
I fixed the Mod today to make the Roman and Greek Civilizations play their starting game music.

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