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The Cid's Rebellion

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Version: Age of Empires II (2013): The Forgotten
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 5
Hey guys! This is Supratim_2403. This is my campaign: The Cid's Rebellion. There are 5 scenarios in this campaign. Well it's true that i have provided you the details in brief in the readme file, so if you want to read it, download this campaign, then read it. Here are the details completely:

It is the year of 1287. It's a nice evening. King Charles of French, a very friendly and nice, kind king, rules French. In the nice evening, El Cid , commander of the French army, is sitting back on his easy chair, drinking the best wine of French. The people of French respect him more than they do respect the king. Whatever , Cid is sitting on his easy chair and drinking the best wine in French ( the moment he hardly gets in a month , however). Suddenly, he ( not only he) hears the trampling sound of horses and elephant, and also sounds like CRASH!! CRASH!! SPLASH!! BANG!! , etc. Mordred, king of the Scythians ( Celts) , approaches along with his 30000 men in French, kills half a population of French, kills the king without any mercy, and destroys many building. Finally he captures French. Some of the survivors are El Cid and his bodyguards. They also manage to escape from French. But they are not completely hopeless, because only of El Cid, because it was HIS enquiry one day to the King that why don't have an emergency camp which might be needed in case of emergencies, just like this.

And hence the name: The Cid's Rebellion. Names of the scenarios and their details:

1. Seeking help: . Fight the pirates, battle against Genghis Khan, Musa-ibn-nusayr, etc.

2.Divide and Conquer: There are two parts of the game: One is RPG, the next one is build and destroy. RPG: You play the role El Cid after locating and investigating the bases.
Build and Destroy: Destroy the five scynthian bases and complete any side quests left if you wish to. Note that not El Cid but Spy Marco will be the one completing side quests.
This scenario is the largest scenario of this campaign with approximately 400 triggers.

3.The final strike: Nothing much to say in here. Only one little side quest, but the scenario is quite difficult, perhaps the most difficult out of the 5 scenarios! French is located in the middle, while four of your bases are surrounding French. You might have been provided with 300 units , but Mordred's army is provided with more than 500 units!

4.A final touch: The name is not really like it suggests. There is one more scenario remaining after this scenario! Let's get to the main point of discussion. There are amazing side quests. It's the time to strike at Scythia. Josef, Mordred's brother, is a traitor for French , because he was in the French Army before the Scythian Invasion. But he was the one who helped Mordred invade French, by living there as a Scynthian spy. After Mordred captured French, he made Josef the commander of his Scynthian army. Now , what do you think, should that traitor be spared or not? Well , not killed, but at least, imprisoned? He will be imprisoned. The news of Mordred is Dead has yet not reached his ears. Before the news reaches his ears and he becomes furious, then charges with the whole Scynthian army upon French, you must take some action, or else the consequences will be dire!

5. Epilogue: A Mystery Formation: The scenario is not completely an epilogue; half epilogue and half gameplay. This features securing Josef to the French Prison, but you have to fight many bandits on the road; however, there is still one major side quest.
All goes nice actually till the time you reach the French prison ( not really as you might have lost many men, but for El Cid that is). But after that, something mysterious happens...
Note that after El Cid and Josef reach the French Prison , and the view isn't changed, please immediately change the view yourself to the very front the prison walls where many prisoners are there. Two cavaliers are standing there, and El Cid also approaches there with Josef. Then something mysterious happens...😱😱😱😨😨
Please also note that while playing the campaign, there is no custom music, so that's why I have made this for the Forgotten ( or HD edition you might say).

For any problems regarding this campaign, please email me at or comment here.
Please, anyone playing this campaign, please ,, leave a comment and review, please.
Thank you

EDIT : What do you want to play next ? Vote here :,44760,,30

Oh , by the way, please give me some more reviews and comments here! Please!
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Map Design1.0
Throughout this campaign, it is clear that the author has a lot of enthusiasm for designing and bringing their ideas to occur on Age of Empires 2. I do believe that with a lot of hard work, practice, study, and polishing, the author can improve substantially and eventually provide the community with interesting ideas and campaigns.

Unfortunately, there is nothing else positive that I can say about this campaign. It is too buggy, the story and instructions are not well-written, the map design is off and unfinished, and the campaign is too easy and tedious. As it is, I can never recommend this campaign. The author has a very long way to go to produce quality campaigns.

Playability: 1
The campaign is too bugged out, and things occur without much justification/explanation. For instance, the ending scene was not triggered even though I satisfied the conditions. In the first two scenarios, you have seemingly randomly placed units on enemy bases that get killed instantly. Other than that, the whole campaign is not fun to play, but rather very easy and/or tedious (see below).

Balance: 1
Everything is too easy. You are given an insane amount of resources, even in the third scenario, which is supposed to be "really hard", but in fact is just extremely tedious and laggy (but not difficult), since you have to cut through a massive and inactive enemy base with your own massive army just to kill a hero unit and snipe a castle, and there is no pressure on the player from the enemy, so one can boom as large as one wants before attacking (which is itself unnecessary since you're given upwards of 20k of each resource).

Creativity: 3
There are glimpses of interesting ideas in the campaign, like prisons, like the sidequests (even if bugged). These are not executed in the best possible way, but there is potential here.

Map Design: 1
In The Exchequer thread, it is recommended that "random map" scenarios get a score of 2.0. The maps in this campaign seem to have been generated from random maps, and then messed with to questionable results. There are large parts of the map that are completely generic and empty (and accessible by the player), cities sometimes have absurd numbers of certain buildings, an enemy base has literally every type of unit, including cobra cars (and it seems that the author was playing around with the terrain brushes but forgot to fix the terrain back, as evidenced by randomly-placed black terrain for instance).

My strong recommendation to the author is that they carefully study map design before embarking on a new project.

Story/Instructions: 1
The story was, unfortunately for me, too incoherent to follow, as were the instructions, which were also usually too long, sidequests thrown at you right at the start of the map with no context, or bugged out (doing certain things did not result in the advertised outcome).

El Cid was a spanish medieval character, but in this campaign he fights for France (?), which is odd, but for fairness, the story here can be understood as a fictional legend of El Cid. But even if we put historical accuracy aside, the story has allies/enemies, like Genghis Khan, who appear suddenly and with no story justification. The result was that I was not interested at all to continue the story by the third scenario.

I strongly recommend to the author that they pursue a coherent story and simple, short instructions in the future.

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Map Design1.0
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Size:1.76 MB