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Downloads Home » Utilities » Designer's Dataset - Unlock all hidden units in the editor (post version Return of Rome)

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Designer's Dataset - Unlock all hidden units in the editor (post version Return of Rome)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Empires II: DE

Available in Microsoft AOE2 Modding Website

Past versions are included in GitHub repo

Unlock all hidden units and display them in the scenario editor (Edited language file name for them to show up) without changing their attributes, or any modification to the actual vanilla units!

You can simply use this datamod for your maps in the editor to your heart's content, and the map after editing will be 100% playable in vanilla.

Right now, this datamod support up to the Return of Rome version (06/25/22 update).
All previous version of this dataset will be available through my GitHub:

    How to install:

  • Extract folder: Designer's Dataset - Unlock all hidden units in the editor (post version Return of Rome) to "C:\Users\Admin\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\(A bunch of numbers)\mods\local\..."

  • Uncheck all other Datasets / Strings mod you have enabled, or uncheck all of your mods except these two, just to be safe!

More instructions are included in the "readmeordie.txt file...

    How to use:

  • Restart the game after finishing your download for all of your mod files to work properly!
  • After accessing your scenario editor tab, click on the dropdown list located on the bottom right corner, and choose Designers Dataset - Unlock all hidden units in the editor (post version Dawn of the Dukes), and load your scenario to work with.

    Some other note:

  • Make sure to set your game language to English, otherwise hidden units won't be shown. I'll try to support this datamod for different languages in the future.
  • Any duplicate units are reasonably explained (for example, hidden legacy objects like "Queen (hidden)"). For now, there are still some leftover duplicated units left (which are mostly just props), which will get updated over time to be classified.
  • Place corpses/rubbles in your map with GAIA player, otherwise they would decay over time.
  • Invisible units that I've changed their graphics data for my designing needs are: 94, 436, 438. Invisible when vanilla datamod is used.
  • Thousands of hidden editor units, including projectiles, cliffs, rubbles, corpses, eye candies, legacy units, raider units, etc!
  • Raider Units are units that can kidnap villagers
  • MONKBT: A longboat that can convert other ships
  • Bolt explosion: Explode when placed (no effect graphics) and destroy trees
  • "Corruption" terrain: Battle Royale mode black border that creeps up in the map. Property seems to be similar to black tile, for now.
  • Terrain blocker: Have 0 HP in their base, if you use them you have to modify their HP through triggers, but can be placed freely


    v1.0.0: Official release for game version up to Dawn of the Dukes!

  • Add 2 new hidden terrain to be displayed in the editor: Unused land and Corruption
  • Some more classifications for hidden prop units!
  • Unit names classifications are shortened, to be easier to work with using triggers

  • v1.0.2: Added (temporary) placeholder strings for other languages


  • Added custom graphics to invisible units (like map revealer, invisible object, alpha units, etc) for designers to be easier to work with, and allow them to be selected in editor.

  • More hidden units which were missing are now added in, like OUTLW.

  • v1.2.0: New dataset update for Dysnasties of India DLC!

  • New hidden units added:
    • New building rubble (props): 1529, 1530
    • New corpse unit (props): 1736, 1739, 1742, 1745, 1748, 1752, 1757, 1760, 1765, 1767, 1770
    • New Invisible unit: 1758 (GAIA transition building for civ bonuses, turn into forage bush when dead)
    • New projectiles: 1756, 1779, 1780, 1781, 1782

  • New graphics update for invisible unit:
    • Old unit: 1613 (Terrain Blocker)
    • (note: Terrain blocker have 0 HP in their base, if you use them you have to modify their HP through triggers, but can be placed freely)
    • New DLC unit: 1776 (Blocker): Stays in the map and placed like walls
  • Unexpected changes:
    • Hidden transport ship unit (id: 1735) now changed to Urumi Swordsman
    • Hidden Savar unit (id: 932) now changed to Sogdian Cataphract

  • v1.2.1: Dysnasties of India DLC dataset amendment (kudos to CADi_Master for reminding me):
    (After DoI DLC, some old units got overwritten by the devs. See the changelog here.)

  • Amended the main dataset to include some missing name strings for hidden units to show up.
  • Renamed older named string to newer string so to make it less confusing. (for example, camel scout's corpse unit used to be Burgundian Hero's corpse unit)
  • Removed 5 annex civ bonus buildings (Villager building) since in DoI they turned into empty unit.

  • v1.2.2: Dysnasties of India DLC dataset amendment: Add hidden terrains into the dataset

    v1.2.3: Merging String files into the dataset primary mod. Now you don't have to download a separate string mod again!

    v1.3.0: Updated for Return of Rome edition!!!

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Just the other day I was thinking about how useful a mod like this would be, seeing as getting hidden objects to show in the DE editor is more of a hassle than it used to be in the CD/HD editors. Imagine my surprise when I saw this in the Blacksmith!

This is a simple data mod which doesn't actually change anything about how the game works; instead it simply unlocks everything that is currently hidden in the editor: unused beta units, a plethora of rubble, missiles and much more; all things which designers in CD/HD have taken for granted (sometimes for literal decades) which are harder to come by in DE. duyhung2h has done to the trouble of manually creating strings for each and every hidden object, which is no mean feat!

This is a simple, easy to use mod which gives you more tools in making your scenario. A highly recommended download for anyone who wants to dabble in scenario design.
File Author
Thanks for the review, Lord Basse! Glad to see if this dataset is useful to you and everyone else. At first, this was just a novel tool for me to use privately in my own accord, but I chose to finish this and uploaded it for everyone else.

Although recently, I've had many reports that my mod wasn't working, the fault seems to be because of the way DE handles dataset mods.

Should you have any questions / or any issues installing, please leave them in the comments below.

[Edited on 09/03/21 @ 08:29 AM]

Official Reviewer
This is really excellent, thanks.

I did have slight trouble getting it to work, even though it looked like everything was in order. Closing DE and restarting it seemed to do the trick.
5/5, thank you very much duyhung2h for this important utility for scenario/campaign designers!

After the "All Hidden Units in HD Editor" was released back in 2018 by scenario_t_c, duyhung2h has finally made a version for DE to mess around with the hidden stuff that weren't accessible without tinkering around with AGE.
Usefulness/Novelty: 5
This is the tool many scenario designers waited for! This data mod allows you to place all objects available in the game, including all units that are normally "hidden" by default.

Quality/Instructions: 5
The installation instructions are clear. It is easy to enable and disable the mod. The way the unhidden objects are listed in the dropdown menues is well thought out.

Additional Comments:
A must have for all scenario designers.
ZLOfm Not unlock "OUTLW" unit (animal-archer for Gaia only)!
File Author
Thanks for notifying me, ZLOfm. Will be fixed in the next patch.
Bloody Bone Many Thanks for your amazing mod. These days i'm so into designing map and it is truly so much fun. However, I still don't know how to use Town center trick. With your data mod there are some town center parts in building tab , but when I place them at the area i wanted it is just gone and does not show anything. Could you let me know how to use them?
File Author
@Bloody Bone Those are just annexed parts of the main Town Center unit. If you place them on the map they will disappear. Regardless, they are still hidden units. I haven't got a clue on how to use them, but If you are curious about how to only display parts of the town center there's actually another different trick, called invisible tile, you can map copy them on the maps in the blacksmith, or my maps specifically. You can contact me on discord (duyhung2h#3286), or on my personal email ( for more info on where you should copy, or how you use them.
Usefulness/Novelty: 5
This is the most helpful tool I've found so far for making mods in AoE2:DE. I'd highly recommend this for anyone wanting to add more variety to their maps. I never would have had the patience to unlock all of these things in AGE on my own. In particular, some of the Rubble objects can very effectively double as natural stone features.

Quality/Instructions: 5
Everything is organized well and easy to understand. The installation instructions are straightforward and work like a charm. I've had no problems using this mod.

Additional Comments:
Note to other mod makers: A few of the unlocked corpse objects cause the game to crash when loading the map (at the time of this review at least). It seems to be any corpse that has the Trailing Unit ID #1252 (Konnik Dismounted). The specific units in question are Konnik, Elite Konnik, Khan, Vytautas The Great, Tsar Konstantin, Kotyan Khan, Cuman Chief, Girgen Khan, and Ivaylo. Hopefully the devs fix this soon, but the problem doesn't seem to have anything to do with the mod itself.

Great job duyhung2h!
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