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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » Gerudo Bandits RPG DE

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Gerudo Bandits RPG DE

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Empires II: DE
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of players: 4

El Cid and his merciless Gerudo Bandits have conquered the east and are planning to conquer the western lands. El Cid is a powerful magic user as well as a strong fighter, he will be difficult to defeat. He has sealed the gateway to the eastern lands with a powerful sealing spell. We must find a way to dispel this field and pass into his lands, where we will defeat him, and save the world from his evil grasp.


  • P1 - P4 (Blue - Yellow): Players or any AI (auto booted)
  • P5 - P8 (Aqua - Orange): ADVANCED Immobile Units AI
  • don't change any player colors

    The map can be played with 1-4 players.
    Fill all empty slots with AI if you are missing out players or the game will crash.
    There will be automated difficulty adjustments depending on the player count.

    Only the 13 original AoK-civilizations have each their own upgrade line:

  • Turks: Militia Line - Hand Cannoneer - Elite Janissary (5 projectiles / 0 % accuracy)
  • Teutons: Militia Line - (Elite) Teutonic Knight - Hrolf the Ganger (resists meele damage / slow but hard hitting)
  • Byzantines: Scout - Knight Line - (Elite) Cataphract - Kushluk (AoE dmg)
  • Saracens: Scout - Camel Rider Line - (Elite) Mameluke - Ornlu the Wolf (fast attack move)
  • Mongols: Scout - Cavalry Archer Line - (Elite) Mangudai - Tamerlane (+100 dmg vs siege)
  • Persians: Scout - Camel Rider Line - (Elite) War Elephant (overall tanky / AoE dmg)
  • Chinese: Archer Line - (Elite) Chu Ko Nu - Subotai (2 projectiles)
  • Franks: Scout - Knight Line - Reynald de Chatillon (+2 bonus armor aura for all)
  • Celts: Militia Line - (Elite) Woad Raider - Aethelfirth - William Wallace (fast moving)
  • Goths: Militia Line - (Elite) Huskarl - Theodoric the Goth (resists pierce damage / +45 dmg vs archers)
  • Vikings: Militia Line - (Elite) Berserk - Erik the Red (heals 5 hp/sec)
  • Japanese: Militia Line - (Elite) Samurai - Kitabatake (attacks twice as fast / + 30 dmg vs UU)
  • Britons: Archer Line - (Elite) Longbowman - Robin Hood (attacks twice as fast / 100 % accuracy)
  • Any other civ: Receives a random upgrade line from above.

    The first player to reach 200 kills becomes Genghis Khan (scorpion projectile / +4 dmg aura for all)


  • kills upgrade your unit line or allow you to train in the training hall (world wonder in 1st town)
  • pick up (fire) berries for attack upgrades (max. 7 per player, there are enough for everyone)
  • pick up (mithril) relics for armor upgrades (max. 7 per player, there are enough for everyone)
  • step on flags to read hints
  • step on rugs to interact with activities
  • step on banners surrounded by rugs of your colour to cast spells
  • if you get severly injured ("=die") your first respawn is free of costs, any further injury costs 10 gold for treatment
  • in the 2nd town play the cannon mini game to win generals and then invest into mercenaries complementing those
  • one player should choose the archbishop price from the cannon game and invest into monks

    Once you have become a hero through training you are better of refraining from taking any further kills there possible. Instead help your weaker team mates getting the last hits.

    You may find a ninja willing to sell you useful information about the final boss battles in the last quarter of the map. Make sure to buy those if you are playing the map the first time to know what you are up against.

    main changes made to the original map

  • improved in game instructions for better player guidance
  • plenty of bug fixes
  • modified player heroes for more unique roles
  • interesting boss battles (exploding elephants, phoenix onagers, shapeshifting druids, ...)
  • added choosable specializations once reaching 2nd town and having 100 kills
  • now has actually a victory condition

    AoE2 DE mod

  • as well locatable in the in game mod section


    Link 1: In-Game Screenshots

    Link 2: CaptureAge Comparision Old --> New


    Link 1: solo playthrough (version 1.2.3)

    Link 2: CO-OP playthrough (version 1.0.0)


  • Anzac and Praying Mantis for creating the original map "RPG Rise of the Gerudo Bandits" in 2005
  • Zanzard Lothar for creating the "ADVANCED Immobile Units AI" in 2002
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