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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » War of the Ring | Tolkien, LotR, Middle-earth | Conquerors & HD | gameplay video

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War of the Ring | Tolkien, LotR, Middle-earth | Conquerors & HD | gameplay video

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): better with UserPatch or HD Edition
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Take on the role of Frodo and his fellows! Can you succeed without villagers, with only a few units, against the army of Mordor? Fully bilingual RP scenario in English and Czech.


The story largely follows the Lord of the Rings books, but there is plenty of room to make your own decisions. The player has no villagers at his disposal, he controls only Frodo and his fellows. The goal is to destroy the Ring in a limited amount of time; how you do this, and how much you shuffle the fate of the world in the process, is up to you.

You can expect nine Nazgûl, an army of the Dead, calculating Saruman, unpredictable Boromir, lisping Gollum, the Umbar corsairs, and two easter eggs, one of which will offer an explanation of a long-discussed Tolkien mystery :-)

Besides the Fellowship, the game features seven computer-controlled players: Elves, Gondor, Rohan, Hobbits, Mordor, Harad, and Saruman.


As far as possible, the map adheres to the scale and geographical realities of the end of the Third Age. However, in the interests of better clarity and space filling, it has been artificially “stretched” in the north-south direction by about 40%.

You can find here, for example, Barad-dûr, Bree, Dol Amroth, Esgaroth, Grey Havens, Hobbiton, Isengard, Lórien, Minas Tirith, Rivendell, or Umbar; there are also reminders of the old days like Annúminas, Fornost, Tharbad and Weathertop. The imagination has been unleashed only in the little-documented areas in the east (Rhûn) and south (Harad).


The original game, its free UserPatch upgrade and the Steam version (HD Edition) are all supported, although support for each version has its limitations – for details, see the project web. The best gaming experience is offered by the version for UserPatch, which I highly recommend as it introduces high resolution and other useful features to the original game while maintaining compatibility. The Definitive Edition is not supported because it introduces incompatible changes; the scenario can be loaded, but with errors and no sound.

When the game starts, it randomly generates certain settings (such as diplomacy) that need to turn out in a specific way for the game to run correctly. The probability of starting with the correct settings is less than 1%. For this reason, a saved starting position with the correct settings is also provided with the scenario.


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File Author
It corrects minor imperfections and makes the story more intelligible.

Story changes:
* If Aragorn is crowned, the player can light the beacons on his/her own.
* A new character was added: Nurwë.

Map changes:
* The stone bridges in Esgaroth and Lórien have been replaced with wooden ones (inspired by the amazing scenario Lights of Kurishima by Mr Wednesday).
* Several parts of the map have undergone minor positional corrections (including the island of Tolfalas, the River Running, and the mountains by the Sea of Rhûn).
* The blue spruces have been removed from Mirkwood to make it even darker.

Technical changes:
* Some actions (summoning of the Dead, coronation, curing of Théoden) now do not happen automatically, but only after a click.
* Bucklebury ferry is only controllable in presence of some character.

[Edited on 02/22/22 @ 05:01 AM]

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