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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Hello All,

Please welcome my AOK Vanilla AoE 2 AI that I will be working on, Charon. The AI's name comes from Greek mythology - the ferryman of the dead.

First, this AI is made for AOK- as mentioned in the title. This means the AI is made for the original base game. The plans are to make this AI support all civilizations in Age of Kings. Currently the preferred civilization is China, but I have tested it with Teutons- and it seems to play fine with them as well. No unique units are created at this point. What you will notice with this AI is that it will only produce 50 villagers, and that is because the original game only supports 50 working villagers. There are also some other key differences which I will not go into here.

Game Types:

Versions: This AI is meant to run on AOK, but has been tested on future iterations of the game- and is compatible.
Map Types: Charon can play on land and water maps. Specifically Black Forest, Arabia, Islands, and Team Islands. Other land maps are supported, but the AI will consider the map to be a land map.
Civilizations: Charon prefers to play Chinese right now. Future updates will include other civilizations.
Population: The AI is meant for 125 population- the competitive population of that era. However, it does not resign if another population limit is selected.

Future Updates:
Implement Japanese Civ.
Implement Viking Civ possibly.
Continue monitoring water strategy, and testing for improvements.
Unique units to be added.
Additional strategies to be added (possibly for water?)

Side Note:

I am also including in this post a previous AI that I worked on, Thanatos. A few of you may of heard of me working on this creation. Originally I spent four months working on this AI only to find out 50 villagers were supported in the base game. This led to me having to completely restart my AI from scratch with a brand new strategy. Thanatos is a decent AI- but it needs the 100 villagers support for its economy. In case you are interested, its name comes from the Greek word, meaning Death. It can play any AOK civ, but I found it prefers to play Persians. It prefers to play land maps, but water maps can be played as well.

Edit: 12Jul2022- Included an old collection of files for Thanatos. Nothing significant should have changed vs 25Jun2022 files, but should have included the 10Jul2022 zip.

Update 15Aug2022- Additional strategies are included. Furthermore, Charon responds to 150 and 151 taunts for tournaments, or removing debug messages.

Update 13Jan2023-Important changes and corrections have been made. Corrections to farm issues, and a lot of additional changes have been made. Especially to Charon. I consider Thanatos to be complete at this point. I may come back to work on Charon in the future. Problem is, he has reached his 1000 rule limit, and is pretty difficult to work on. It should be noted that Charon is the better of the two AIs overall. If the game lasts long enough, Thanatos can beat him though possibly. At this point, Charon does produce Chu Ko Nu, and will produce bombard cannons if Teutons are chosen. Chinese are still preferred.

Update 24Jan2023- Issues with goals and Charon not building his walls in late Imperial-fixed. Water Strategy attacking much improved!

Update 29May2023- Many updates here

-Knight/Camel strategy much improved
-Archer strategy much improved
-MAA strategy much improved.
-Added Goths as a civ. Only plays MAA at this time.
-Team games now will choose a strategy based on player number/pocket/flank play. This is unless the player selects a strategy for Charon to play.
-Other strategies can be selected now. 150 for MAA, 152 for Knights, 153 for Camels, and 154 for Archers.
-Timer reorganized to ask for help more often when under attack. To continue viewing to make sure this is accurately working.

25Jun2023 - Slightly adjusted to play land nomad
-Scout strategy created when camel strategy is chosen for non-camel civs.
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