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Single Player Scenarios » PTC03 - Pretty Town Contest Winners 2003

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PTC03 - Pretty Town Contest Winners 2003

Author File Description
Philip Dunscombe
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
A collection of six individual scenarios that make up the winner, runner-up, and four honorable mentions from the 2003 AOKH Pretty Town Contest.

»» Winner

Guri Kuta by Tonto_Dave

Our winner! Tonto_Dave with his well crafted and truly beautiful city Guri Kuta. The candy and buildings placement are well thought out and add immensely to the atmosphere of the city. The sheer size of this city is astounding spanning the entire map and jam packed with lakes, rivers, elevation and every other type of interesting jungle terrain. Every object seems to be in the right place and looks spectacular.

Total = 114

»» Runner Up

Teotihuacan by Dark_Warrior_1_

The runner up! Teotihuacan by Dark_Warrior is set on a large peninsula and as you guide your scout unit through its marvelous terrain, it, soon becomes apparent of this city holds some special and interesting design features. Interesting paths, and buildings dot the landscape forming a true feast for the eyes. DW proves he is no slouch when it comes to design. He has impressed the judges enough to become the runner up.

Total = 113

»» Honorable Mentions

Tizapan by Cknchaos

The first honorable mention goes to Cknchaos with his city of Tizapan. The attention to detail on this island is excellent, such as the well placed fish that dot the terrain, as well as the rocks, dirt and cliff placement. His 5 towns have well placed buildings surrounded by trees and mountains and show off Cknchaos creativity and style.

Total = 112
Bloodstone by AnastasiaKafka

Our second honorable mention goes to AnastasiaKafka with her city of of Bloodstone. Anastasia\'s map Bloodstone has a definite life of its own. Obviously a lot of care and patience went into the wonderful design! Her map is a solid mix of creativity and style with a large bustling town surrounded by rolling hills and a forest with a very well done waterfall.

Total = 111

Aftermath by Aftermath

Aftermath has provided us with a nice look into design and earned him self an honorable mention. Not only did his map include a new design element a suspension bridge using depth perception to deceive the eye but it featured rolling plains and unlike most of the entries dared to use non jungle landscape which gave it a unique look.

Total = 109

Tecocol by KeLar

Tecocol by KeLar features a vast spiral forest, waterfalls, rivers and nice texture mapping. It\'s broken up into 2 large cities and features a number of nice placed buildings in between. Scenic forests filled with unique placements and numerous twists and turns in its paths.

Total = 108
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(id: kevingamer prime)
dis heauh's the PTC 2003 entrys.
Playability: n/a
Well, its not really a game....

balence: n/a

Creativity: 5
Very creative maps, desogn elements and themes :)

Map Design: 5

Story and Instructions: n/a
"no 5000 word narritves Phil said..." :p
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
This pack is a collection of the 6 highest scoring entries to 2003 Pretty Town Contest; the winner, runner up and four honourable mentions. In this review I will look at all six scenarios and base my scores on a weighted average between al six scenarios. The contest in 2003 require all submission to fit a specific theme. The theme select for 2003 was Aztec & Mayan, meaning that all scenario must have a South American look to them.

The six scenarios are as follows:
1st Place: Guri Kuta by Tonto_Dave
2nd Place: Teotihuacan by Dark_Warrior_1_
3rd Place: Tizapan by Cknchaos
4th Place: Bloodstone by AnastasiaKafka
5th Place: Miquiztli by Aftermath
6th Place: Tecocol by KeLar

Playability: 5
All six of these scenario are thoroughly enjoyable. Each scenario is a city tour of a large city designed to be the most beautiful as possible. The tours a well guided and there is much to see and admire in these designs. Dialogue is also used really well as well to create some interactive atmosphere. It’s important to note that these scenarios were designed in AOKs earliest years. Whilst these scenarios can look a bit bland and boring compared to today's standards of map design, it is important to note that many of the skills and tools that we take for granted today (such as UserPatch's off-grid placement and effects, Trigger Studio, etc) were not available at this time. These are fantastic showcases of what can be achieved with the vanilla editor. Being all under a similar theme showed a range of different designs styles, which was interesting to see, considering that they were all using similar architecture styles, terrains and eye-candy object.

Balance: 5
Not applicable as there is not fighting or cinematic elements to this scenario.

Creativity: 5
As previously stated, these scenarios are as vanilla as its possible to make. These were created years before the advancements in map design that we take for granted today. No Trigger Studio, no UserPatch, No data editing. Therefore everything you see in each of these scenarios is pure vanilla scenario editing. Each of these scenarios are beuaitufllyp crafted, and showcase some incredible map design. There were areas in many of these scenarios that were quite creative, and would have especially novel for 2003. Examples of these can be seen Bloodstone, with its 3d towers made out of walls and its animal paints made out of raid terrain, as well as Aftermath’s massive 3D bridge. Other highlights in these scenarios were the sheer scale and ambition of Guri Kuta, the style and layout of Tizapan and the swamps of Tecocol.

Map Design: 4
The map design in these six scenarios can be a bit hit-or-miss. Some of the scenarios are exceptional and I absolutely loved, whilst a couple of them were actually pretty bland and underwhelming. My personal favourites were Guri Kuta, Tizapan and Miquiztli. I really enjoyed some of the designs on display and they utilised some incredible use of terrains and eye-candy objects to create some realistic looking worlds. It is amazing to see how different designers can create such different and varied designs all based around the same theme and using very similar resources. Each scenario made effective use of the jungle elements in the edtior. Jungle trees, dirts and leaves and shallow terrains were also used effectively to create lush jungle and swamps, and the Mesoamerican architecture sets were effetely used to create these ancient South American cities. Starting with Guri Kuta, my favourite thing about this scenario was its size and ambition. I loved the maps use of terrain mixing and the crossing rivers and ponds. The use of snow waves is well implemented as well. The building layout in this winning entry is also exceptional and makes this huge city not look too overcrowded or underwhelming. Teotihuacan is set on a large peninsula and boast a large and detailed walled city which demonstrates some incredible layouts and detail. The zigzagging rivers and paths blend wonderfully around the different buildings and castles of the city and the mountains and jungle outside. Added details like ponds, gardens and farmlands are also highlights. Tizapan is another personal favourite of mine as I particularly love the natural shape of the island and how the sea shapes the coastline. While much smaller is size than the previous two cities, it makes up for this with much detail, especially ink the jungles and farms outside the city itself. Bloostone, while probably one of the most aesthetically creative for the time, is actually my least favourite of these scenarios. Mainly because its just so bland. The majority of the map is plain grass 1 and unmixed road. Miquiztli is an interesting scenario as it takes the unique approach of setting the Aztec architecture in a more fantasy landscape with Pine trees and temperate climate, rather than the jungles that you would find in the other entries. This gives off the impression of a long lost fantasy city rather than a thriving South American civilisation, something I’d expect to see in the works of Lord Basse. The design however is lush and while it may be slightly old fashioned these days, I love a decent 3D bridge. Tecocol was a bit of mixed bag as I found many areas to be a bit bland, and there was an over reliance on the Jungle terrain, yet it had a lovely layout and its resources effectively.

Story/Instructions: 4
Unlike modern PTC contest, stories were not judged as a part of the entry and therefore for most of these scenario no such thing was included. Each scenario has its own personal tour guide which guides the player through the city nicely and these were done well. The use of dialogue helped create an atmosphere and there are some nicely written history sections for a couple of the scenarios too to add to the background.

Additional Comments:
If you compare these six scenarios to modern day Pretty Town Contest entries then you will be completely underwhelmed. However if you look at them as an example of what can be done with pure vanilla scenario editing and examples of some of AOK’s earliest showcase scenarios then these are highly worth checking out. It’s a great way to see just how far we’ve come in terms of map design over the last two decades.


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Map Design4.0
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