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AI Files » ADVANCED Immobile Units AI v1.1

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ADVANCED Immobile Units AI v1.1

Author File Description
Zanzard Lothar
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
The ADVANCED Immobile Units AI for AOK does the same job as its predecessors, but it has a completely new proposition for scenario designers. It is meant to be a tool for designers to fine-tune their own AI to their needs and, ultimately, helping designers lget into AOK AI scripting. Read on the AI's description, and later on download and edit the AI file.

The ADVANCED Immobile Units AI is designed for both AOK and AOK:TC.

by Zanzard Lothar and the crew at Tsunami Studios

Current version: 1.1, submitted 17 of february of 2002.

This AI script is freeware, and can be freely distributed, but the original author has NO RESPONSIBILTY whatsoever to any effects the AI may cause, especially if it is modifed.

Thank you for your interest in this AI! This AI does basically the same as its two predecessor version, however it presents a new idea for the scenario designers. Any scenario can become a better scenario if the author fine-tunes or creates from scratch his own AI files, but many designers find AI scripting a very daunting task.

The ADVANCED Immobile Units AI, unlike any previous scripts, is supposed to be downloaded by the designer and, instead of directly being used, the designer should open the AI in a text editor and MODIFY it for its own needs. To help the designer, the AI itself is full of comments to help guide him in editing his own AI script.

The basic function of the AI is to make all units of any computer player assigned to use this AI, military and civilian, stand still and do nothing. Military units will stay put until enemies approach them, in which case
they will engage their foes. Any unit will obey commands given to them by trigger effects like "task object" or "freeze unit".

NOTE: This AI cannot do ANY of these things, even if it is modified:
-Immobile fish boats (fish boats will not tend to stand still).
-Immobile trade carts or trade cogs (to keep them still, make sure the player with the trade cart has no markets, or docks for the trade cogs, or that this player has no markets or docks to trade with).
-Monks will try to pick up relics provided that they have a monastery and can see the relic.
-If the computer player has a single villager, the villager will not stand still. You need at least three.
-If the computer player has a king and a building that can be garrisoned, then the king will try to garrison at this building, regardless of how far or reachable the building is.
In case you want a workaround for these problems, check out these two articles at the TSuniversity:

In case you DO NOT WANT to modify this AI at all, its original zip package also contains the original Immobile Units AI. In that case, use the original script instead of the newer one, it is a safer idea.

To assign this AI (or any other) to a computer player, click on the "players" tab of the scenario editor. There is a menu there for you to choose the AI you want.

To "install" this (or another other) AI script on your computer, simply unzip both the per and ai files to the "Age of Empires 2\AI" subfolder on your machine.

Thank you again for your interest in the ADVANCED Immobile Units AI!

The author apologizes for any spelling mistakes.
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(id: BrandNewCar)
Official Reviewer
This is truly great Zanzard :), Now I can have a got at making a better Ai.
Official Reviewer
The Resurrection of AoK Design!

In days of olde when knights were bold and scribes took one look at the CPSB.doc, and ran away terrified. Zanzard Lothar did go forth and battle monsters both vile and deadly, to cleanse the realm of evil, and gave us all salvation in Immobile Units Gold.
It was this gift, that allowed rouges, like myself, to venture into the dark wood of design without ever peeking into our AoK CD again. Who among us needed an AI script anyway, we muttered. We simultaneously mocked and feared the AI script. We mocked it for the inherent tedium we believed to be involved, and we feared it because maybe those guys were really smarter than the rest of us.

Now we flash forward to the modern age, with all the new games and all the old names heading off to other empires, and just when you were ready to accept the fact that AoK was dead. Zanzard Lothar has returned to resurrect AoK Design with ADVANCED Immobile Units AI.

To the point, this Zanzard Lothar AI creation, is the greatest thing to happen to AI scripting since Stoyan Ratchev's AI EDITOR v1.0.2 , and for me it is a catalyst to that wonderful software creation, that sat idle in my programs file, with a promise of one day... Well, that day has come for all of us who ever cringed, and broke out into a sweat over the thought of AI scripting. If anyone is looking for a completely painless way into writing and editing AI scripts, than ADVANCED Immobile Units AI is here.

~You will write your first AI rule in 20 minutes or less.

~Change the attack behavior of military units, make units better at dodging incoming shots, or change your archers tactics to make them more devastating.

~Change a computer players diplomacy in response to human and other computer players changes.

~Chat to, and Taunt the players of your scenario, and much more!

I was writing a more advanced rule, into a design, an "AI signal" in one hour. This is a must download!

Thanks ZL!
ElfTheHunter This AI file has been nominated for a Orion Award for Best AI file. If you wish to learn about Orion Awards go to Scenario Design Discussion...
ElfTheHunter This campaign/scenario has WON a Orion Award for Best AI File. If you wish to learn about Orion Awards go to Scenario Design Discussion...

ArcherPro1 GREAT JOB!!! This AI has completely changed the way I look at scenario designing. Before, if you tasked a unit to do something, it had about a 25% chance of working. Now, the unit immediately does what you task it to do with no problems whatsoever! THANK YOU!!!!
me the terrible First of all, very nice. I've been needing this file forever, and it works really well...for the most part. However, for some reason- and it may just be my specific circumstances- all units of player 3, who is using this AI, move inexplicably from their positions at the start to a specific spot, just between player 1's town center and market. Then they do nothing, and are able to be tasked. I don't know why it's doing this, plus I looked over the file and there doesn't seem to be anything there that would cause it. Maybe you can figure it out if you make another update. If you want, I can send you the scenario in which this is happening so you can see what's going on. Anyways, great AI. It still works really well, even with the bug, and you'll probably see your name in the credits of my latest scenario.
SwedeHammerfall It sounds good but...
To what file must I extract it to make it work on The Conquerors??? Please tell me someone!

Im Swedish, so don't think I'm "excellent" on english.
Official Reviewer
They go to default/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires II/AI

[Edited on 10/27/05 @ 08:37 PM]

(id: Medieval Warfare)
Rating: 5
Simply stunning AI. It does exactly as its name suggests and is a very powerful feature in scenario design. Thank you ZL for creating such a beautiful AI for AoKH players, designers, and fans to use and view.

The Sad Clown Oh, thank god this worked! With the Standard AI, the prostitute in my scenario began chopping wood, rather than flirting! This did everything it needed to, and will undoubtedly continue to serve me perfectly in all of my other scenarios and campaigns!:)

What's left to say? It's perfect!

[Edited on 07/13/06 @ 06:45 AM]

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