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Shattered Empire

Author File Description
Angel Mark
(id: Mark Stoker)
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This random map script was written by Mark Stoker of the SCN Punk team. Please post your comments here or e-mail them to

The Ruler of the Holy Roman Empire has passed away without an heir to the throne, leaving the empire in chaos. Now that control of the empire is up for grabs, several competing cities have declared war on each another. Who will be the one to win control over this Shattered Empire?

Map Features
- You start the game in control of an entire walled city! This means very little building is required during the early part of the game. Very fast castle times can be achieved with this map.
- You start with six villagers instead of three.
- You also start the game with a small army, which includes four militia and two random siege weapons.
- Terrain includes forests plus several small lakes.
- For a completely different look, the map is snowy 1/3 of the time.
- Includes plenty of eye candy!

For more of the author's work click Here and Here
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Cian McGuire Seriously, this is one of the best RMSes I have had the pleasure of coming across. It is *extremely* versatile: you can use it for a normal game, DM, regicide, and shimo will kick @$$ on this. The computer doesn't have any difficulties with it, so you can play it solo if you are so inclined.

The script itself is very neatly laid out, Mr. Stoker obviously took his time with it, and made it easy for a novice scripter, like myself, to "look under the hood". It is a superior example of start-base RMSes and a very useful reference for anyone trying to simulate a city.

After kicking it around for a few days, I made one minor change to it... I added in a "Near Stone" section for inside the city walls, you already start with some gold, but no stone. I fixed this so that one could decide to either use it immediately to get a jump on things, or save it for a rainy siege.

Thanks, Mark =)
Visual Appeal5.0
Shattered Empire, as would be expected from one of the leading scenario crafters, is one of the most visually striking random maps I have seen. It is basically another variation on the Fortress theme and as such is not going to be a favorite among the Feudal warfare fans, but gives more possibilities to those who like a defensive capability and Castle/Imperial warfare.

The Theme is excellently done, with good attention to detail. A nice little opening paragraph in the description sets the scene of warring cities for dominance of the old empire.

The Visual Appeal is again top notch. Some may not like the amount of eye-candy but it is nicely done(though the Vikings should have bear-skin rugs, not those fancy oriental types :) ). The inclusion of random terrains is good, and although some don't like snow, the recent patch changes enable objects to be seen on snow in the mini-map better and snow is now more acceptable to many players.

The Playability is the only area where I have any disagreement with the scripter. The script calls for placement of leaves or other open terrain within forests. Resources such as gold, deer or relics are sometimes trapped within the forest and are unusable by players without considerable effort. This leads to unfair maps, with some players having easier access to their resources. Another problem is with placement of the Lumber Camp - some players get a nice setup with the camp adjacent to forest, some player's camps are many tiles from forest. This again is an unfair situation. Lastly, the lakes do not place very evenly and sometimes they are all at one half of the map, giving one team a little advantage in easy fishing. The use of advanced military units like siege is a big error on some map scripts, but because of the starting walls is fine on this map.

Normally the blocking of resources is graded as a '2' because it is less than normal access, but because all else is so good on this map I have trouble giving playability less than a '3'. Better placement of resources would earn this map a higher rating.
funyguy1357 this is the best
Official Reviewer
Visual Appeal5.0
Shattered Empire is a Random Map Script by Mark Stoker. Mark Stoker is a well known scenario design from the early days of Age of Empires, known for his campaigns; Tamerlane: Prince of Destruction, Nyctophobia and Ottoman Onslaught.

Theme: 5
Shattered Empire is a Random Map Script that is similar to Fortress. You start with a well equipped town, complete with a Town Centre surrounded by Farms, a Barracks, Archery Range, Blacksmith, University and even a Castle. Alongside this you are also given six starting villagers and a small guard of militias and two seige weapons. The file description paints a story around the maps theme; The Emperor has passed away without an heir, leading to civil war throughout the empire. Each city claims rulership and thus needs to conqueror his opponents to win dominion over the old empire. The theme is really well done and the design of the map, eye-candy and storyline add to the atmosphere and theme.

Visual Appeal: 5
The Random Map is visually stunning, perhaps one of the most beautiful Random Maps I have ever come across in my twenty years of playing this game. The script is well thought out with each terrain being coded to effective quantities so no one terrain overpowers the others. They are mixed well together so not a single area of the entire map is bland, consisting solely of a single terrain. There's plenty to see in the map with eye-candy scattered throughout the well designed forests, lakes and grasslands. I'm a particular fan of the use of a couple of grave stones placed together outside the cities to function as a graveyard as well as the statues inside the city to give it a little bit more realism. To add to this realism there is also a chance to get a winter version of the map which covers it in snow 1/3 of the time.

Playability: 5
While this random map won't be very popular with players who prefer Feudal Warfare due to the generous starting setup, I for one had a blast playing this. My particular playing style is not so much feudal warfare but patient playing waiting until I'm in the Imperial Age to strike. I also love random maps like this which have a nice setup and pre-built defences. This random map allows for quick Imperial Age rushes which are helped by already having everything pre-built, including a castle, as well has extra starting villagers. Resources are placed fairly in each camp and are scattered abundantly across the map. One thing that really surprised me was the layout of each settlement. Despite having alot of buildings randomly placed at the start of the game by the script, as well as resources and some eye-candy such as statues, I found that it was very easy to move about my town, and there were no problems with my units pathfinding. There's also plenty of excess space to build additional houses and buildings.

Additional Comments:
Overall this is superb Random Map Script which provides hours of entertainment, whether you play it single player against AI or multiplayer against your friends. More beautiful than any other scripted map I've found and far more entertaining than many others with a similar theme. While it may not be for everyone's liking it's still worth checking out.


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Visual Appeal5.0
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Size:4.88 KB