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ZM@series 1

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy

All of the ZM@ maps start in standard format and can be played in regicide or standard mode. These maps
have been designed as standard format play.

ZM@ Wash Out: This level is interesting, it looks like a landscape after a flood. Yucatan resources
and ample fishing. What more can you ask for.

ZM@ White Arabia: This is a snow version of Arabia. It is basically Arabia with snow. The worlds
most lethal desert.

ZM@ White Death: Lots of changing elevation and various clumps of trees, makes for exciting strategic battles.
Lots of gold in this level and death.

ZM@ Hellfire: This level is Hell, it looks like hell too, but the resources are plenty full so you
should enjoy it.

ZM@ Canadian Rainforest: Ever wanted to play in the lush rainforests of BC well nows your chance with
ZM@ Canadian Rainforest
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Visual Appeal4.0
As in the original review, it was hard to assign final numbers because the maps varried. The pack has changed, and so have some of my reviews, while others have stayed the same, because of no change to scripts, or in spite of changes in some cases.

The old scripts:

ZM@ White Death:
Theme: 4 VA: 5 Playability: 5

I would say this map by itself is worth the download of the series as a whole. It is described as a white Highlands map, and in that description it falls short of its goal, but it does present a rather challenging layout with a map full of chokepoints.

The playability is thoroughly enjoyable, the theme misses its intended mark, but creates a fun map, and the visual appeal is wonderful as you try to fight your way through a forest, often not realizing that your enemy is passing in the other direction around the same clump of trees.

Hands down, my favorite of the scripts.

ZM@ White Arabia:
Theme: 3 VA: 3 Playability: 4

This map, similar to the attempts at a Green Arabia, is an attempt to simply rewrite an ES script, and has received the "average" score for an ES script.

The idea is a nice one, though it does not completely recreate the feel of Arabia, the visual appeal is nice, but nothing special. Intrepid does take measures to break up the snowy terrain with snow_grass and snow_dirt as well, which is a nice touch. The playability is at the ES standards, nothing specifically outstanding, but nothing that will hinder gameplay at all.

ZM@ Wash Out:
Theme: 4 VA: 4 Playability: 4

This map has been released seperately on the Blacksmith, else it would potentially be worth the download of the five-map pack by itself. It creates a good feel of a flooded terrain, but it just misses being truly exceptional.

The theme is a good one, and is well executed. The large lake in the middle of the map does create the feel of a flooded out terrain. This map could easily sustain a certain level of randomization, though. Normally I would mark of on the VA for rocks and flower objects on the water, but where they would look bad on most maps, they do a lot to improve the feel of a flooded terrain. The playability is again at ES standards.

ZM@ Hellfire:
Theme: 3 VA: 2 Playability: 3

Still the weakest link in the pack. Where once there was a single tree dotting the landscape, now there are two, and a few clumps of pine forests. Unfortunately, this doesn't much help the look, feel, or playing of the round.

The goal was to create a sterile map, and perhaps that was done TOO well. The map is still difficult to look at, and overly monotonous. The idea is not a bad one, but it just does not fall in the realm of AOK units and terrain, at least not in the auspices of RMS.

The new map:

ZM@ Canadian Rainforest
Theme: 4 VA: 5 Playability: 4

A map that both looks beautiful, and shoots itself in the foot a tiny bit. Overall, the map is striking, and does resemble a northern forest nestled in rolling foothills with the occasional outcropping of flowers.

Unfortunately, the mountains also hurt playability a little. The problem is mountains, while wonderful in scenario editing, are difficult to control in RMS, as they can bunch together, giving one player a more easily defended starting postition than others. My suggestion for improvement would be to force spacing between the mountains much in the way you would space out relics. Other than that, a pleasure to look at and play.


Download the pack, delete Hellfire, and have some fun.
Visual Appeal4.0
Well, it is kind of hard to fairly review five different scenarios in one, so I will do my best. I didn't know what I was getting into when I asked iNtRePiD a question in the forum, but any way, I have a LAN, so I will give some multiplayer point of view review along with it.

Theme: This is a four, as the average between all the rms scripts, because they were all well designed according to their title and what I expected to see when I read the author's theme or description, but the two arabia and white death remind me too much of the ES ones that are already there.(arabia, and the white death is like white mongolia/black forrest) The canadian rain forrest was very green and jungly, a beautifully designed map that really fits the description. I have actually seen a lot of pictures of Canadian forrests, and I enjoy playing this one. The same with the white arabia; It is exactly fitted to the theme. (we all know what arabia maps look like, so picture snow...) The white death was also aptly named, and the theme of it was, well, Let's say I can think of hardcore battles over chokepoints and hight kill levels in the achievements... The wash out was interesting because of the water. It is again, exactly fitted to the theme because the ammount and position of the water bodies was very eradic (like a flood!) The Hell fire was exactly that, a brown burnt map that was composed of many gaia trees; the two that are dead in gaia other units. It is very hellish looking.

Visual appeal: This is a four because the maps had a few visual flaws. The hellfire map was a little monotonous in oly using the two trees and pine patches. It would have appealed to me the full 5 if more normal trees were in there, to break the monotony. The others were all great to look at, especially the wash out one. But sometimes the rms made some funny water bodies that just didn't look natural. Yet it is a new idea not like any ES ones, and I'd reccomend it. Both white ones get two thumbs up. The canadian one is beautiful, I don't know what it is.

Playability: This is where we ran into some problems. First off, I played the canadian rainforrest with a friend and their complaints were always: "the woods are like a mile from my base!" Definetly a trek to build a lumbe camp. Unless this is supposed to be so, lower the distance from the TC. The white ones play just like their ES counterparts, (arabia and bf/ hiland) and are fun to play, especially the White death which has resources to make a fast paced and exciting game. The odballs are the wash out and hellfire. It is hard to create a strategy for this map. Navy is limited yet effective, a kind of a wild card... that really enraged my friend. Hehe. Haha. This is a like/ hate thing here. Good players that know what they can do are gonna have fun... Other than that, it is hard to rate such different scenarios. But I think that my unbiased and frank review will suffice. If these were submitted separately, they might get idividual scores that weren't held back by the others...


And, I almost forgot. This is a pic of the minimaps for each of them.

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Visual Appeal4.0
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