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Map Sizes AoE

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0

AoE Map Sizes

Hello, and thanks for downloading my utility. I'll tell you how the idea for AoE Map Sizes started.

While I was playing AnastasiaKafka's The Nativity Set (a wonderful scenario), I wondered how the map could be made so small. I eventually figured it out. The Microscopic Map that TNS was on had been discovered by AoEH's Centurion1_Z, by extracting the map from the AoE scenario Hunting (which is abnormally small), and converting it into .scx format. And, since AoE scenarios can be opened up in the AoK editor, it was a simple matter to transfer the Microscopic Map across to AoK.

I started to wonder...if a 50x50 tile map for AoK could be acquired in this fashion, what other sizes would be possible? I spent the next hour flipping back and forth from AoK to AoE, transferring .scn files and counting the tiles on each map. AoE maps are much smaller then AoK maps, as the following stats show.

|AoE's 50x50 vs AoK' suppose there really is no AoK equivalent for the Micro |Map! :)
|AoE's 72x72 vs AoK's 120x120
|AoE's 96x96 vs AoK's 144x144
|AoE's 120x120 vs AoK's 168x168
|AoE's 147x147 vs AoK's 200x200
|AoE's 210x210 vs AoK's 220x220 (starting to even out a bit)
|AoE:RoR's 250x250 vs AoK's 240x240 (Odd...Gigantic map is larger then the AoK |counterpart)
|[w]*This map is for AoK, and has a different name to its AoE counterpart.[/w]

It is also important to note that the Gigantic Map is only avaliable for the RoR expansion pack.

So, in a nutshell, it is possible not only to get maps smaller then those found in AoK, but also one that is ten tiles larger. I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to playtest them all, so use them at your own risk!

P.S. Note that this map was discovered by CenturionZ_1, and passed on to AnastasiaKafka by Ingo van Thiel. Please credit all of the above people if you plan to make use of these unique beta maps.

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Magnum Zero
A great over-all utility to get the mapsize just right for your scenario or campaign! Lord Fadawah uses Centurion's technique for helping you get the smaller/larger maps of Age of Empires one into AOK!
Rating: 5.0
Rating: 4.5
This is a great utility, but,
I am sorry to give this utility "2.5" rating, but becuase of a few fatal bugs, I feel that I must. It is a very good idea, but these bugs prevent the scenario designer from doing anything signifigant with the special fetures. Very sorry to the creators for pulling this out of the top-rated list.

AOE Map Sizes' intention is to provide templates for scenario designers. The templates are blank maps in unusual sizes, the sizes of maps in the orignal Age of Empires. The idea of such a utility is great : we can finally create the gigantic 250x250 maps, or the very tiny 50x50 microscopic maps RoR had to offer. However, this utility comes with a load of bugs, and untested maps. The 250x250 map in particular, cannot be opened at all. The game freezes and closes.(Then that annoying "error report" thing comes up) Another bug I have found is that at random times during gameplay, player 1 suddenly wins. I am looking into this bug, and it doesn't seem to be trigger malfunction, this unpreventable bug is probably buried into the map itself. I disapointed some on Zone when I played a game using the microscopic 50x50 map when I suddenly won. They accused me of planting a false trigger.

Yet another bug I have found is that it is impossible to change player 4's diplomacy settings, the game freezes up and closes yet again.

Lord_Fadawah, please fix these bugs. When you do, this utility will be among the best.

EDIT: Well, guess I was 70% wrong. Sorry. I really looked at only the 250x250 and the 50x50 map, and I did not realize that the others had absolutely no bugs at all. I gave it a 4.5 edited rating. I will edit it to a 5.0 once bugs are fixed, this is an excellent utility. Once again, the bugs I discussed were only for the 50x50 map, and the 250x250 map still cannot be opened... I think the 50x50 map's errors come from the fact that it was a blanked out version of AnastasiaKafka's The Nativity Set, it still had the exact scenario instructions.

Well, Lord_Fadawah, you've created a great utility ;)

On a side note, this is my first review, and I tried to follow the guidelines as closely as possible.

[Edited on 07/18/05 @ 02:59 PM]

good guy where do i put this?
Dantares IV Great!
MASTER FID A good utility but not much useful for me. I only used 50x50 map and I enjoyed it. Thank you.



[Edited on 04/06/07 @ 06:26 PM]

Official Reviewer
The Large map in AoK is 220x220, not 240x240.
I edited the description.

If you use Preformatted Text, you should define the line width or use line breaks. The user can read the read me to get the full text.

[Edited on 06/15/09 @ 11:05 PM]

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