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Atlantis - The Lost Realm

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix

By Jatayu aka Sword of Storm

Atlantis, the lost realm is my last and probably best project. It is an attempt to make a good underwater scenario, and I put a lot of effort into making the map and storyline. My original intention was basically to make something Aok was never meant to be, and I'm not sure how successful it is. Also I wanted to put a certain amount of non linearity in the game, along the lines of Sabato Returns.

Genre: Fantasy
Style: Mix of RPG,RPS,FF,puzzle and cutscenes (no B&D)


In the 1580s, King Philip of Spain starts building a great armada to invade Britain. Reynold, the famous sea captain is summoned by Queen Elizabeth of England to sabotage the flagship of Spain by using a submarine that can travel underwater. On the way, they discover the lost realm of Atlantis, which has sunk to the bottom of the ocean. They try interacting with the Atlantean people, but when Reynold falls in love with a princess and a corrupt Atlantean plots to get rid of them, Reynold discovers he may have got more than he bargained for...

  • Completely underwater scenario with lots of creative things.
  • A certain amount of non-linearity where the player can make his choices.
  • Ambient music and sounds.
  • 6 cutscenes totalling not more than half an hour.
  • Around 2 hours of gameplay (and much more if you try out every choice)
  • Side quests involving a cave, shipwreck and a volcano.
  • Torpedoes!
  • New Stealth system.
  • A small puzzle.
  • Finally, an interesting story with lots of twists and turns.

Difficulty level

The campaign is difficulty level dynamic. Standard is recommended for those who are new to Aok, while moderate is a little harder. Hard difficulty is recommended for those who are well experienced in Aok, and is the best difficulty to play on. Some things are activated only on hard level.

At multiple places in the scenario, the player will have to make choices. Some ways are easier than others, however every way is winnable (even on hard).


Put the sound files (mp3) into sound/scenario folder and the cpx file into the campaign folder. Sorry about the large file size, but the sounds make a big difference.

Recommended settings: Fast speed, sound turned off. You can speed up or slow down Age of Kings by pressing the "+" and "-" button though. The game is meant to be played on fast, to reduce moving around time. However you can change it to normal during cutscenes , if you find the dialogue going too quickly, or during battles to micromanage.

Crash note: Some people have noted that the scenario crashes immediately. I would suggest replacing the data file with Renaissance, then trying, then quit and load it with normal data file, that somehow works. Please do not play it with Renaissance, several things will not work/look weird

There is also a better hints and walkthrough Word file, because I couldn't put in so much text in the hints.

Thanks to all who helped me with the scenario! Credits etc. are in the victory message. Comments and reviews will be most welcome.
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Turty Finally! The moment is here. It's up for download!!! Am downloading now! :)
tyler_t_rocks Whell i wasnt able to defeate the flag ship but from what i played this was the best Atlantis campaign i ever played.
Jas the Mace1 Great idea for a game! I was playing on hard and enjoying it but I couldn't get into the city. Mere moments before I got to the airlock the ram was destroyed by someone?? So I was unable to click it.

Edit: I didn't make it to the ship, I was just exploring.

[Edited on 08/17/07 @ 08:14 PM]

Alex Coles Great! Some day I might get a review up ..
Official Reviewer
File Author
Jas, that bug seems really weird, did anyone else get it? When did you try to get into the city - at first or after destroying the flagship? After destroying the flagship, you have to go to the southern one.
tyler, follow the hints :)
tyrantwolf this giving error, of pra not to play
morgoth bauglir I'll be sure to play, good to hear it doesn't need reneissance.
Dantares IV Well, I prepared to destroy the Spanish Flagship with torpedos, but just as I was about to select the ship, about three of them broke formation and attacked me. I killed them, then launched the torpedo. It just appeared out of nowhere right in front of all the ships. Needless to say, they blew it up before I could even select it. :{
Jas the Mace1 OK, I loaded at an earlier save and the ram wasn't destroyed, so I was able to continue. My other save it is destroyed. Great bottom of the sea game! I'll comment more when I finish it.
Official Reviewer
File Author
>this giving error, of pra not to play
I'm afraid I didn't understand that. See the crash note..

Dantares, you need to finish off as much as you can with the torpedoes BEFORE coming to the surface to use your cannon. Maybe I'll disable the torpedoes once you come to the surface to avoid confusion.
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