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Immobile/Aggressive AI

Author File Description
Lord Basse
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
 This AI is suitable for designers
 that want to have a computer
 player that can switch from
 being completely immobile to an aggressive opponent, and then
 back to immobile. The AI is very simple and easy to use; all you
 have to do to make it work is to use a simple trigger where
 another computer player tributes 10 food or gold to the AI
 and then the rest will work by itself.

Starting State: Immobile
AI receives 10 food from another computer: the AI goes aggressive
AI receives 10 gold from another computer: the AI goes back to the immobile state

Unfortuntale the effect can only be carried out once by the computer player using the AI, but it should still be useful for a load of situations. For example; you want a starting cut-scene, then a bloody battle, and then an ending cut-scene or text with the units standing still in the background. Then this AI is perfect for the job; you can use one single enemy and don't have to change ownership of ever single unit, an effect that at times can cause the game to crash. If you have multiple computer players with the AI, however, the effect can be used several times.

Zanzard Lothar & ENOTH: creators of the "ADVANCED Immobile Units" and "Aggressive AI" respectively, upon which I have based this AI.
The nice chaps at who taught me some of the basics about AI scripting.
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Guthan Hey,

this might be very usefull indeed. But we can fix this to by using more players.

For example, 5 players :

Player 1 = you
Player 2 = Village = Immobile Units AI
Player 3 = Village = (Defenders/Attackers) Agressive AI
Player 4 = Soldiers = (for cutscene) Immobile Units AI
Player 5 = Soldiers = (for battle) Agressive AI

I think that's what everyone did until this file showed up. This is usefull for the thing you said, but if you want to do it more then once, would this be more helpfull? Or if you take like 2-3 players with this AI, and then tribute the required goods for it to change, you can use half the ammount of players and change it like

- 2 players with this AI = 4 timeS?
- 3 players with this AI = 6 times?
- 7 players with this AI = 14 times?

I'd like to know if we would be able to do what I said above here ;)
Nice work anyway!

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
That would work indeed, the AI can change from immobile, to aggressive, to immobile; all this, once per computer player using the AI. So, technically, the AI can be changed 14 times in total during a game. If anyone actually needs so many AI changes, well, that's up to him/her :P
Official Reviewer
Rating: 4.5
This AI by Lord Basse is a mix of Zanzard Lothar's imobbile units AI and ENOTH's Aggressive AI. The AI can change from being completly Immobile to completly Aggressive just by tributing 10 gold to the AI. This is good i8f you want to make a scenario change from a cutscene to a big aggressive battle.

However, the AI can only be used once. This is why I have chosen a 4.5 not a 5.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thank you very much for the review Possidon, t'was unexpected but a very pleasant surprise! :)
Bahamut_E99 Could this solve the "use once" problem.

After changing the AI to aggresive by tributing "food?"(i forgot which res is used) would it not work if after activating the Aggresive AI that the computer player using the Aggresive AI tributes the "food?" to another player? and so on and so on with both immobile and aggresive?
korem II Hey lord Basse, I have downloaded your AI file and it's great, but I want to ask you if I can use this in a campaign I'm working on. I want to upload it on this site. I'll credit you ofcourse!
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
You certainly may, that's what it's made for. :)
korem II I have just tried it but the AI enemy didn't become aggressive. The villagers weren't doing anything and the enemy soldiers were only patrolling after the tribute trigger was activated. Before the trigger the enemy soldiers weren't doning anything so I think the AI file works for a part. But what did I do wrong?
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
The villagers don't do anything, only the soldiers become aggressive. If there are any enemy units within their LOS they will attack them, and scout around to find other enemies to butcher.
korem II OK, now I understand. I'll use it in great battles.
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