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Ocean Blue - I - The Beginning

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2
Four years, it comes. Beginning in August, 2004, even earlier than another work of mine, Robin Hood, which got a 4.4 here, this work was finally completed in September, 2007. And now, at last, it is here, translated.


Arrows rained, swords broken, steeds crying and blood running into rivers, there is a fierce fight between a powerful empire and three small kingdoms. Who will be the winners? And why do they taste the tears?

Now, it is time to begin the first page of Plato¡¯s scroll, which tells a tale of a great age and great heroes...


Version:2.0 (English 1.1)

- Three years' hard work, containing 1200 triggers.
- The game is totally different between any two Difficulty Levels. Three levels, three games.
- Various tasks. You will hardly get bored.
- Fierce battles. Hit Points of units are heightened so that fighting can last longer.
- Survival soldiers of almost every task will go into latter battles.
- You are able to skip past some cut-scenes. It's a favor for the players who replay.
- Targets are marked on the Mini-map.
- Specialized AI files.
- Picked and splendid music.
- Experienced map designing. BTW, some of the pictures which won prizes in the 2007 Annual Screenshots Competition were from this campaign. :)
- ...


Only Age of Empires II: the Conquerors 1.0 and 1.0c version prove available. Please do NOT use any custom Mod to play this game, or you might not be able to pass a certain point.

Tanneur99, in his review on Robin Hood, another work of mine, he gave me a lot of constructive suggestions. Especially those about difficulty level really helped me a lot. And that's why you will find out obvious differences everywhere in the game between any two difficulty levels.
Anastasia, she helps me solve a castle eyesight problem.
San Mao, he found a sound for me.
Minifox, he recommended a piece of AOE 3 music to me.
Haowan, Sisijiyi, Jiangnanhuanzu and others who gave me useful suggestions for the update of this game.
My team, Hawk Studio, without their support, this work will never be completed.
At last, thanks to all the players of my game. Your support and expectation give me motivity.

Chinese Version 2.0: Jiangnanhuanzu
English Version 1.0:Hawk_Xiaozhi, Hawk_Tout

Though most translating is done by myself, some of my friends did help me a lot. And they are:
Julius999, as a native speaker, he helped me improve the translation of Hints, Scenario Instructions, the aftermath section, Objectives and so on, so that the update of English version 1.1 is now done.
Hawk_FengXiaoyao, whom I consulted day and night, and who went over lots of translation.
Scenario_t_c, my teammate, who helped me with some most difficult sentences for me.
Jiuwangsun, our vice-leader, who gave me wonderful suggestions about translating the name of this game.
qs, our team leader, who also gave me a lot of help, especially when I translated the Prologue.
Hawk_Nick, who helped me go over the translation of Victory information.
Bunny, my classmate, who helped me translate the scenario instructions and inspired me translating.
Danyang Li, my schoolmate, who helped me with the Victory information.
Betty, my aunt, to whom I turned a lot.

Many many thanks to them!

Though I do have tried my best to do the translation, you know I¡¯m not a native speaker nor a student of English, so there tends to be confusing sentences or translating errors. Tell me if you find some anyway.;J

I really treasure views from you players. Comments and reviews are welcome - Feel free to tell me what you think!
And if you have any problem or suggestion about this game or the translation, just let me know. Thanks!:)

Besides this website, you may also contact me through E-mail:
And if you can understand Chinese, welcome to our website:

And at last¡­


Hawk_Daght from Hawk Studio

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Kormin Wow... thats all i can say. this is a amazing campaign, even if theres only two scenarios. I really like the video quality to it. good story, rather fun to watch. i can't wait for the rest of it.
R Troitski I'm speechless... there isn't a word to describe something like this, it's just impressive! Keep up the good work.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
'Ocean Blue 1' is a mixed style campaign in which you play on the side of three kingdoms who must work together to defeat a powerful enemy. In this campaign you control different factions in a strategic manner to defeat the enemy.

Playability: 5+

A great campaign, one of very few in which I felt that I was using military strategies that were tactically sound, eg. not engaging in battle when unnecessary, crossing over from the riverside camp, attacking from various different fronts etc. The battles were great and just enough difficult to be challenging and not frustrating. Unlike many other campaigns I always knew where my heroes were and what they were doing. All the battles felt that they were accomplishing a mission goal, rather than just killing enemies for the sake of it.
The cutscenes were good too and there was a good soundtrack always playing in the background. I didn't encounter any bugs whatsoever. A definite 5 here, it was really enjoyable.

Balance: 5

I played this game on 'moderate' difficulty level and it was just hard enough to be challenging yet not frustrating. For each battle I had to reload a few times to conserve soldiers, for example in the seige of Atle I was finally left with only the general, 2 teutonic knights and a scorpion ( and it was funny to see this group attacking in the end and King Lynchard calling it an attack by the Atlians ). Units had increased HP and attack but only a little, so that battles lasted longer and heroes had balanced HP/attack. The relic sidequest was rather hard though, I couldn't do it without marco-polo. In every battle you had to think about counter units and strategies and not simply rush into the battle.

Creativity: 5

The campaign was quite creative, there were many new tricks like the attackable rock and capturing the castle when it was damaged enough. But what I found the most original was the military strategy of both sides- the Olican 'capture the warships and beseige Atle by land and sea' to defeat the kingdoms one by one in their lighting attack taking advantage of the mountains between the 2 kingdoms- genious! And the 3 kings plans- bringing reinforcements by sea and then staying behind to guard the camp from scouts- equally genious! The style of this campaign is quite unique and the selection of background music is great. Full marks here too.

Map Design: 5

A great map, with strategic mountain ranges, cliffs, bridges, etc. which all had an important effect on the gameplay. The terrain blending and placement of units were very well done, especially with the units patrolling in formation many times. There was good eye candy and no overuse of it. Much better than a random map and certainly merits a 5. However there could have been a few more fields and villagers to talk to, you did not get to speak to almost any civilians.

Story/Instructions: 4

The instructions were all very clear and detailed and there was a hints and history section too. The story was very good - a familiar tale of kings uniting to defeat the outsider - but it wasn't that moving ( we didn't get to know any of the characters ) and had too many loose ends that were not explained. For example the Socrates and Plato thing- where did it fit in? The sacred relic quest thing- what was the point of that, it wasn't mentioned later and just seemed like a pointless mission for a player to do something. Maybe it could have had a magical power ? Then the Olican swords which were supposed to be very strong or something.. but we never saw that either after the cutscene. Assassination of the King- after the battle ?? Would it not make more sense to assassinate him during the battle, or have him die fighting? Maybe these could be answered in a sequel campaign but the story on its own doesn't stand all that well, so I am giving it a 4.

Additional Comments:

A great campaign, don't miss this. I highly recommend downloading.
File Author
Thanks for the comments and the review! Happy you like this game. :D


I have got 8100+ downloads in Hawk website since Sep. 2007 by now of the Chinese version and about 180 pieces of comments including some more than a thousand words each and a official review rating 5 in Hawk website, but I haven't find any of these mentioning the using of strategy. It's a pleasure to know that you paid attention to these ideas and a new part of this campaign is appreciated. Yes, it's a new view on it.

About the relic quest task, maybe because it's more or less a new style. It needs some unique skills to accomplish. It can be really easy if you find the right way. :)

As to the talkable villigers, I think it got the reason itself. You know, of course most parts of the map is at war so except Lantis, nowhere ought to exist such civilians. And in the Kingdom of Lantis, most people will say something if you go past them, though your knights and heros will not talk. It's reasonable too I think, since the time is limitted, as Posyton says after boating across the river where the bridge is broken, they have to reinforce the Atlians ASAP, rather than idle away and chat with a pretty girl or something. :p

To be continued - that's all I can say about the story. Chapter 1 is only a little part of the whole story. You will get the answers if I have the chance and enough motivation to translate the rest of the series after it's finished. Nevertheless, now I cannot even say when I will finish it. :p

And about the characters, maybe they are not that impressive because of both the unfinished story and my terrible translation. I don't know, but as a matter of fact, there was a player of the Chinese version wrote a comment over 3 thousand words focused on the characters. Sorry if the translation had a bad effect on your enjoyment.

The rating is cool, though it's a small pity to narrowly miss a full mark. Perhaps a chapter 1 is born to get a reducing for the unfinished story? Hm, it's not too serious. Anyway, it's really my honor to get a highest rating among all the Projects you've reviewed so far, cheers! :)

And I'm really happy that I got a plus for the Playability section. It was the part that I concerned most when designing. And that's why I told merely a little of the story while you have played so much( as a matter of fact, I think others would choice a movie to tell you this "beginning", rather than a playable scenario containing over 1000 triggers). Originally, a game is for playing, isn't it? :p

At last, thanks again for your review! :)

p.s. more comments and reviews are always welcome! o(^_^)o

[Edited on 02/16/09 @ 10:48 AM]

sissi Yes, a rating of 4.8 from Sword of Storm means that your campaign is really great, you said it yourself, he never gave so high a score before !

And yes, it is really very good, (though actually it's a bit hard to figure out why Plato and Socrates have that argument about good and evil in the intro. It looks a bit out of place but certainly you'll explain in other chapters ?)
Again, ,congratulations, and Xie Xie for submitting !

[Edited on 02/18/09 @ 02:08 PM]

File Author
Thanks for your comment. Xie xie! :)

Actually, I'm really happy to get such a high rating before I leave for my university. 12 hours later I'll be on the airplane.

And yeah, not until the end, you are not supposed to know why there are Plato and Socrates talking about the gods.(Actually, it was not plato who talked about the evil and the good with Socrates...that argument is just used to make the story more reliable. Keep asking is the way Socrates teach according to the history records I found. As a matter of fact, I refered to a lot of history materials to make the story more believable though this is only a fiction.):p
sissi You are right, I said Plato only because Socrates has not written anything in his whole life, that's Plato who wrote all we know about him, and perhaps it was more his own philosophy and ways than Socrates'. Who knows, maybe Socrates was nothing more than a weird tramp after all...
I'm looking forward for the sequels !
Ronnie Junior God, that's the best campaign I have played in all my life!!!
Imperium60 WOW MAN! I give you 10 out of 1 stars!!! The campaign is incredible, the only weakness are the messages that are sometimes confusing, but with time you will make them ok. I really can't wait to play episode 2 and I hope I don't have to wait 4 years more :P. Cheers! Keep on with this series!
Ronnie Junior When the part two will come?
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