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ACSC09 - Bitter Cold

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c

Dear Readers,

Chicago Science is proud to reveal this exclusive footage of one of the first and primary beta tests of their new and exciting technology known as "Genetic Analysis Phylogeny Program" of GAPP for short. Chicago Science has graciously given me the opportunity to present this never-before-seen footage on their behalf. I think it has something to do with them not having access to the Blacksmith here at AoKH. Whatever the reason, be sure you do not miss exciting new technology in action. I had the chance to view it early and it's quite entertaining. Have fun.


Your Age of Empires game may crash as a result of the ending to this cinematic scenario.
This is, in fact part of the intended game play and is not to be feared.

Tsunami Studios
Age of Kings Heaven


Screen Size: 1024x768
Game Speed: Normal
Graphics: High
Sound Volume: Highest
Music Volume: Off
Speaker/Headphones: Loud

NOTE1: If even one of these settings is not set correctly, your viewing experience will drastically decrease.
NOTE2: Make sure there are no other programs running during the scenario. This will cause the music to go out of sync.
NOTE3: Do not use Marco Polo. This can also dramatically decrease your viewing experience.
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John_G I like the music and the way you arranged the dialogues. Cool scenario effects. I wonder how you managed to create water waves on a black screen, and the house and villager alone in the darkness without a line of sight view. AOK Trigger Studio effect?
Well done.
Official Reviewer
I liked it but not the Genetic analysis part. A joke only goes so far. Crashing the scenario to end the game was totally unnecessary and could well end up messing up someone's computer.

There is a real lack of any story and I can only think that this scenario was made to demonstrate some ( admittedly interesting and well done ) tricks. When you have no story or playability to back it up, these are pointless.
Official Reviewer
The GAPP part is a joke? I thought that was part of the cutscene, as in it scanned something and is now showing you this cutscene.
Everything was fine except for the story, it seemed a tad short for me.
File Author
After extensive experience with this subject I can confidently tell you that crashing AoK can't hurt your computer. I'd also like to thank you for spoiling an important part of the story. I would have rather that come up in the discussion thread. =(

Obviously the playability isn't there, since it's a "cutscene," but the story is there. And being that this is a "prologue" to the heart of the actual story, of course you're not going to get a whole lot. The point was to make you feel how the protagonist feels, alone, worried and above all else, curious. Although, since GAPP is actually part of the game, you could consider the fact that I gave you a lot of back story; two in fact.

And as for GAPP, I don't see how you thought that was a joke. It was merely part of the presentation; a very important aspect of design that I think AoK design is currently lacking. It was never meant to be funny.

Sorry to disappoint. =/
legoguitars The introductory part was pretty sweet!
John_G Yea, I liked it :) Well done Newidea
Official Reviewer
The tricks are very good, but the cutscene itself seemed rather insubstantial. It only lasted a few minutes, and nearly all of that was presentational introductory stuff. I'm slightly surprised you chose to enter it into a contest in this form.

Still, as a simple prologue it's promising, and I'm sure the full thing will be excellent, if finished.
Official Reviewer
My overall impression is as I suspect, like everyone else, undermined by the rather short timing of this cut-scene. However, the end sequence was funny - and along with a few other tricks, very well thought of. An interesting little teaser, I hope for the full release some day in the near future.

[Edited on 06/07/09 @ 07:18 PM]

Official Reviewer
Astounding, this was a positive surprise, interesting to watch the tricks but not entertaining or fun to watch. The story about the Genetic Analysis Phylogeny Program was very good, the other left to desire. Text informs that someone fell inside a tavern, finally we see some design, and he walks off. Granted the 'design' on black was great, highly creative, a good prologue but at the scenario's development stage rather suitable as a utility to see what is possible and new. I am impatiently looking forward to play the full version of your scenario.
sissi Well, personally, I've found it really creative and interesting. Crashing end included.
The DNA analysis part is really clever, you could have even extended the joke further, i.e. by asking the player to put his finger on the minimap in order to have a sample of DNA, (total immersion, you see ?).
Otherwise, despite the other comments, I've found it a real story, (though unfinished but that gives us something to think of and to wonder at...) with a poetical ambivalent atmosphere, and this is not shallow at all imho.
For sure, there's not much of traditional design and it's hard to call it a cinematic, but a prologue rather. Now since the rules allowed teasers, there's no reason to complain.
The effects also are very good, you do not overuse them and I'd call it 'subtle' rather than 'show off'.
All I can say is that I'm looking forward for the full version, thanks for that submission, and don't let us down, please !
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