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Writing for the University


If you're reading this, it probably means you're interested in contributing an article to the University. Or, maybe you're just curious to see what goes. Whatever the case, this topic will outline the rules you need to follow if you want your article admitted to the University.

We here at the Age of Kings Heaven don't do content for the sake of content. Whenever we add a piece of information to our already impressive collection, we go out of our way to make sure it lives up to our quality standard [1]. This is no different for the University; we strive to not only to build the greatest database of Age of Kings and The Conquerors knowledge on the 'web - but to do it in style as well. Because velvet plays, and you know it.

So, what's the gist of this mythical quality standard? Read 'em and weep:

Rules of Admission

Factuality. First and foremost: anything you write requires a basis in fact. Nothing is more aggravating than reading about a cool strategy or nifty design trick that, when attempted, plain doesn't work as advertised. Check and double-check what you're doing in-game (if applicable), and make sure you've got it down right before you commit it to paper.

Duplicability. Even if your cool strategy or nifty design trick works in practice, you might still hit a snag if it cannot be reproduced consistently. While this probably isn't your mistake (though if it is, read "Factuality"), it can still cause mischief for your readers. Whenever you're writing about something that can be affected by variables beyond your control or that of your readers, be up front about it and say so.

Language. Right on the heels of "Factuality" and "Duplicability" is language. English is the official language here at HeavenGames; and with English, I really mean English. It's a major pain to have to wade through an article that seems as though it was written by a drunk chimp; make sure your spelling and grammar are in top shape!
An additional note for those of us whose native tongue is not English: even though you can't help where you were born, you can help your effort. I'm Dutch, but you wouldn't be able to tell that at first glance because I spend a ridiculous amount of time making sure that my English is purfekt. Sure, I make mistakes from time to time, but none of them are so bad that they'll send my readers into a cringe. If you're not sure whether or not your article is fit for reading by native English speakers, find someone who can proofread it for you.

Tone. It should go without saying that there's not much point to swearing in articles that deal exclusively with technical or gameplay aspects of a game, or business closely related to that; you could throw in one or two shits for giggles, but don't overdo it. More important than moderating your cussing, however, is treating your readers with respect. Nobody likes to be called a dumbass if he or she just isn't (yet) skilled enough to pull off what you're saying they should, so don't be the moron who does just that.

Presentation. If you're sure that the core of your article is completely factual, and that your English is top notch, spend some time on making it look the part. Nobody wants to read six-hundred lines of text that aren't split between a couple of paragraphs at least; likewise, miles and miles of flat text are about as appealing as a law book. Work with the bolds, the italics and the underlines; the headers and sub-headers; throw in a couple of screenshots to illustrate your points for good measure.
I can do a lot for you in the presentation department, since I control the way articles are displayed in the University, but I'm not going to lend you a hand if I feel that you haven't put in any effort whatsoever. Blood, sweat and tears, you hear?


You can contact Felix36 at felix36 [at] heavengames [dot] com; alternatively, you can post your questions and suggestions in this topic. I'll get to them whenever I've got a moment to spare. That's it for the Rules of Admission; happy posting, and don't forget to write!

Luke Gevaerts
Former AoKH University Administrator

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