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Topic Subject: The Ultimate AOK Guide
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posted 04-06-02 01:57 AM CT (US)   
The Ultimate AOK Guide
Last Updated September 2nd, 2003
Originally posted by dragons89, updated by Tonto_Simfish

Tip: To use this guide well, do not plan to scroll through the entire thing to look for something. Only focus on what you need. You can search this page for a word you want(for example, 'flush') by pressing ctrl+f. On the window that appears, type in the word(type in 'flush'). This will then search the entire page for that word.

You should also note that you will need to log onto a forum account to view many of these posts, which are in the archived strategy forums. If you haven't already registered for an account, then please register: It's easy and free: and HeavenGames, the host of this website, will NOT spam you.

Newbie Guides

IF YOU'RE NEW TO THE FORUM: Read this and Ask Questions Here!-This is a pretty good post, but it hasn't been updated recently. It originally was two posts, which have been merged, to form a guide for newbies.

Patriarch Real's Thoughtful Guide to AOK- It's certainly a long guide, and was designed for the original Age of Kings, but it's still certainly worth a read! It's a collection of common questions, and good answers to them.

Newbie Guide to AOK-A very good guide for newbies by Lord_Captn_Kidd. Has build orders for a lot of strategies, recorded games, and more!

gOf's Beginner Guide
-Become an intermediate with this guide! I think it's a pretty good guide.

OEK's Fast Castle Guide-One Eyed King's fast castle guide. I used this myslef, and I admit it's pretty good.

Micromanagement and Hotkeys- The Road to Enlightenment-A nice guide on micromanaging. I think it will benefit inters as well as newbies, so I put an additional link to it in the tips and helpful information part.

On The Road to Expert-Darq_darkjihad explains many stuff new people should know.

Recommended Civs for a New Player-Doug Thompson's guide to what civilizations new players should choose.

How to find the counter to something-Alloran's guide on finding the right counter to units. No, it's not one of those "pikes counter cavalry" posts. It tells you what units to build depending on your situation.

Guide to Early Town Layout-Do's and don'ts to building your town in the early ages. I remember I used this myself in my newbie times.

Getting Through the Dark Ages-A relatively short guide for new players in the dark age by Angel Draco.

Feudal to Castle Advancement-What should new players do in the feudal age and castle age? Find out here with Jam4theSon

Tips from Gamers:Slugar-Slugar's tips for newer players to AOK. Very nice

Tips from Gamers: Chichiri-More very helpful tips.

How Many TC's Should you get in Castle-Chess's nice guide on how many TCs you should get in castle age.



One of the most popular strategies on the zone, this strategy involves attacking in Feudal Age with archers, skirmishers, spearmen, and villagers.

Main Objective:Killing enemy villagers to slow down their economy.

Building Archery Ranges, Barracks, Stables, or whatever building you need near the enemy.
Attacking their wood source(reason: this stops the enemy from getting buildings up, and usually has a lot of villagers, and has a distance away from the TC)

A Fast Feudal Rush
-The original Flush by gutter_rat. Build order for chinese.
The Mayan Flush-Flushing with mayans. Basic pronciples, but suited for the Mayan civilization.
Mongol Power Flush-A flush for Mongols, and allowing you with enough resources to build and produce archers non-stop at 3 archery ranges.
Tips for Flushing-Many tips about flushing from a lot of people.
The Mayan Flush!-swp's mayan flush guide. Basically the same as the one in MFO, but edited a bit, so a complete build-order.
Feudal Rushing Q&A-The name says it all...a flush FAQ!
My Guide to Archer Flushing-A flush guide by chichiri. I never tried a 16 vill flush, but I suppose it might work.
The Flush - Revisited - By Stevay/swp. An overview of many of the principles of the FLUSH; it covers a basic build order that can be used by many civilizations, and is certainly a must-read thread for people new to the flush.
Skirm Flush-A skirmisher flush, not the usual archer flush, for the Chinese.

Goth M@A Rush-A man at arms rush for the Goths. Check the replies for some good stuff
The Gothic Man at Arms rush-A great guide to m@a rushing. Also for the Goths.
M@A Rush-Some great replies about m@a rushing. Check it out. Go on...I dare you to


Also known as a GUSH, this strategy involves attacking in feudal age on water maps with galleys, and destroying enemy docks, fishing ships, and other galleys. This will allow you to take control of the seas.

Crappy Grushing-Do not look at the title and say 'oh, this must be a real bad way to grush'. This is one of the best guide on grushing I've seen. Must look for grush tips, build orders, and more.
Galley Rushing-This is absloutely one of the best grushing guides out there. If I had a rating system from 1-5, this would get a 5.
Take to the Water! The Gush.... Feudal Galley Rush on how to get there early and hard-This is the original grush article. Very nice, and long. This is another must-look guide.
Anyone here wanna learn how to GUSH ?-This scenario teaches you how to gush! A very good scenario.


Basically walling up the enemy resources while your militias keep them busy. It's very hard in my opinion, but the price it pays if it succeeds is a lot. The enemy will have to go farming early, and create more villagers becuase some died.

Dark Age Rush-Many people give their opinions on the drush here.
I lost to a dark age militia attack-An example of a drush's effects.
My aztec drush-Great Aztec drushing. Although I never tried drushing, the replies there seem to be positive enough.
DRUSH-Excellent drush guide, if not the best. It's got recorded games, and in depth guide, and more. This is a must check out.


KLEW stands for Kidd's Lightning Eagle Warrior. It's by Mike Kidd, aka Lord_Captn_Kidd, and it's it's basically arriving in castle before 14:00 with Mayans and building EW and terrorizing the enemy while you boom at home base.

Counter for the KLEW.-M@A counter the KLEW. Just a short thing that talks how M@A have +4 attack vs. EW
KLEW-The official KLEW site. It's where Kidd first announced the KLEW. Build orders, recorded games, tips, hints, etc.
Mayan Power Klew-ThE_WaRLorD_89's guide to another version of the KLEW. A little later than the original, but stronger.
The Aztec KLEW-KLEW is for Mayans, right? This one is for Aztecs. Check it out!
Flush vs. Klew-Flush or do the KLEW? Flushes had more votes


Description: CRUSH stands for castle rush. " Castle Age Rush. Castle before the opponent and attacking immediately. Usually, military buildings are constructed in a forward base from which to launch continuous attacks."-Quote from aokH abbreviation FAQ.

Mass Knight Rush-revisited-Chichiri's guide to building 20 knights in just 20 minutes. This was done with the Huns. Includes a build order and recorded game.

The Douche and Douchling

Description: Douche is an old strategy which means deleting your starting build a new one near the enemy!

THE DOUCHE - The Dark Age Rush-A guide to the douche. Only explains the basic points, though.
The Douche Database-Trouble_4_u's guide to the douche...long!
The Douchling-A combination of the douche and a sling.
Saracen Market Douche-The name says it all...a douche for the Saracens!
The Stone Douche-You douche then mine stone. Check if you're wanting to learn how to do the douche.


Going for a fast castle and then "attacking" with monks.

Flammifer's Japanese Monk Rush-A very nice post that includes a build order and recorded games.

Other Strategies

Mass Eagle-Rush-A eagle warrior rush with the Aztecs. 25 eagle warriors with forging and scale mail armor in 20 minutes. Includes uild order and a recorded game.

100 Champs in 40 Minutes-A long and in-depth, not to mention excellent guide to making 40 champions in 40 minutes. Unfortunately, pre-patch

Late Castle Attack Help-Excellent replies on late castle attacking.

Tips and Helpful information

The Unholy Five-A great post by ES_Sandyman himself. He talks about the 5 strongest units in AOK:TC. The Aztec EW, the mayan EW, the cataphratcs, the mamaelukes and samurais are these units.

Your first stop: Links to the best strategy related resources-Another collection of strategy posts like this one. Excellent, and it's from Paoe.
Tips from experts on how to improve your game-Some very nice tips from experts on improving your game. Also, the replies are great as well.

Recommended strategy articles-TheShadowDawn's links, very much like mine...I won't say which is better(unlike he did), but leave it up to you to judge.

Recommended Strategy Posts-A post collection by wageoghe at MFO. Very nicely written.

Little Known Strategies of the Greats-Winston's tips and strategies. Read's nowhere else! After all, it's 'little known'

Sending villagers back to work easier-This isn't something new, but most people do not care to do this. It saves some time

A collection of Strategies-Micr0boy's strategy collection. Very good, and long.

Post Collections Summary-This is very much like the one you're reading, but a short version.

Resource Management-Recource managing, like the name suggests.

Topic: Micromanagement and Hotkeys- The Road to Enlightenment-A nice guide on micromanaging. I think it will benefit newbies as well as inters, so I put an additional link to it in the newbie guides part.

Saracen Market Tricks-Ways to turn the Saracens into a decent economy civ.

Swp's Guide to House Starts - by Swp. A comprehensive guide on how you should build your first houses, which can be the difference between getting a good start or getting a bad start.


How to counter the champ flood (careful : very long and annoying stuff inside)-Great tests inside about how arbalests fare against champs. Some very surprising results.


Tests Summary-By Gaparr64, possibly the tester, it's a long list of his test work!

The first issue of Some Things to Think About-Sir Marf's really excellent tests.

The Philosophy of Testing-The Philosophy of Testing! An article about testing, again done by gaparr!

Unit Tables-Information on each unit.

Civ Table-A table that lets you see weather this civ gets that technology or not.

Attack Bonuses-A table that shows attack bonuses.

Elevation Effects-You know archers have an advantage on a higher elevation...but how much? Find out here, in this test.

Gathering fast do villagers gather them? Measured in villager seconds(VS)

The Real Cost of Resources-Find out which resource is worth more than others.

Benefit of Multiple Builders-The name says it all; Buildings go up faster when multiple villagers work. But by how much?

How Garrisoning Really Works-Kidd's Garrisoning Guide. How much attack each unit adds, and etc.

How Monks Really work-Monk information. If you're a civ that relys on monks(Aztecs) and/or a person that uses monks a lot, be sure to check it out!

Rates of Fire-Rate of Fire(ROF). Samurais attack how much? Chu Ko Nus? Find it all out here! Detailed analysis.

Post Imperial Unit Testing-Some post-imperial tests. Pretty good, but I prefer Gaparr's.

Trade Carts-Excellent tests about the time and gold a trade cart brings.done by chess. Very long.

Entertainment Strategy Programming Newsletter

ESPN: Issue I-ESPN, or Entertainment Strategy Programming Newsletter, is a newsletter, mostly debates, started by thawky. This one has a Mayan guide and an Aztec KLEW guide.

ESPN: Issue II-Just a few links to good stuff.

ESPN: Issue III-Again, a few links. Winston's little known strategies of the greats #38, Champion thread, etc.

ESPN: Issue IV-3 more goodies.

An ESPN Debate-------Eagle Warrior Rush vs. Light Cavalry Rush-A debate weather a EW rush or LC rush is better. Closed. but starts in the next one.
An ESPN Debate-------EW Rush vs. LC Rush-Continuation from the above topic.
The ESPN Summary: LC and EW Rushes-The conclusion from above topics.

An ESPN Debate-------Mayans vs. Goths-Name says it all...another ESPN debate!

An ESPN Debate-------Mangudai vs. Plumed Archer-Mangudai or Plumed archer? Which is better? Another ESPN debate.

-An ESPN Debate: The FLUSH-Latest ESPN debate...on the popular flush strategy!

Other Debates:

Mangudai versus Conquistadors - I know this was a ripoff from thawky's ESPN debates, but nevertheless, it still contained some great debating between the mangudai and conquistador sides. The vast amount of replies also caused a rising of ESPN debate threads.

Civilization Post Collections - For a summary on post collections for most of the civilizations, visit the Post Collections Summary thread.


The Aztecs - a look at the meso-civ-A great guide by chichiri. You must read this. Yet, he thinks so much differently now, he doesn't think trushing is lame anymore.
Aztec Post Collection-Avon's post collection on Aztecs...I made my own below so I can keep updating.
Huitzilopochtli: The Aztec Thread-An Aztec post collection by Doug Thompson. I included some of the links from his posts to here.
The Jaguar Warrior-An excellent guide/tests/stats on the jaguar warrior by chichiri. In conclusion, jags do well vs all infantry, still beats archers because of speed and attack. But they lose to ca, cavalry and gunpowders.
The Aztecs(By Cherub Socrateius)-This would've been a very very excellent guide, but it has one weakness. It's pre-patched, and since the Aztecs get an excellent bonus in the patch(free loom), this guide lacks an important Aztec bonus. Yet, it is still a great guide.
RagnarokCoatl's Guide on The Aztecs-A nice Aztec guide, but not excellent.
Civilisations of the Ages: The Aztecs-Very nicely written. It has the bonuses and through the ages, and also a good unit combo.
Civilization examination #1:The aztecs-Uhhh...pretty short, weird capitilizations...but an ok guide.
Joebovey's Guide to the Aztecs-A specific strategy to the Aztecs rather than a guide...but nice anyway.
Civilization Attributes: The Aztecs-Another good Aztec guide. Pretty long
The impact of the Aztec carry bonus on farming


British Post Collection-Avon's British post collection. Like the Aztecs' I have made my own down here so I could keep updating.
Civilisations of the ages: the Britons-An excellent guide on the Britons. A must read.
The Britons-Another excellent guide on the Britons. Made by chichiri.
Fast-Castle for Britons-A fast castle build order for the Britons. Pre-patch, but that doesn't really matter.
Civilization Attributes #2: The Britons-Smokin's British guide. Very nice
Briton strategies guide-Okay, ckeck it out if you want to...not a must.


The Byzantines-Pretty nice guide, but I wonder why it only got 1 reply.
The Legionary's Guide to the Byzantines-Very in-depth...It is just...superb. 1 small's too good and long!
GameSpot-The Byzantines-Gamespot's Byzantine guide. Has history, strategies and stuff
Civilization Attributes #3: The Byzantines-Another of SmokiN's guide. Another of his good work.
Now its my turn #6; Brad's almost comlete civ guide; Byzantine-Good, but unfortunately, not for the expansion.


Your thoughts: The Celts-Check it's replies. Some of them are really worth looking at.
Civilization Attributes #4: The Celts-Good guide on the of the few.
Civilisations of the ages: The Celts-Ok, it's a civilisations of the ages, so it must be good, and it is.
SERUSH-Siege Engine Rush. Not only for the Celts, but I'm sure you'll agree that siege engines are the Celts' really strong point.
Celtic Siege Rush-This one is for Celts, unlike the one above. Recorded games in reply, and it's nice. I haven't tried it as I'm not a fan of celts.
The Woad Raider-The best(and only guide I've seen so far) guide on the woad raider. Has excelltn strengths and weaknesses.


In-depth Analysis of the Chinese Civilization-I shortened the name. Anyway, one of the best Chinese guide out there, but unfortunately, pre-patched.
The Chinese-The other best Chinese guide.
Chinese: A difficult but powerful civ...-Nice replys for chinese players.
Your Thoughts: The Chinese-A good overview of the chinese. It points out the chinese strengths, and the replys are good too.
Now it's my turn #8; Brad's almost complete civ guide; Chinese-A guide on the Chinese. Note-For original AOK, but it still has good info for chinese.
Revised Missing Civ Techs Guide: Chinese-The chinese...what techs do they miss and do the chinese have a serious disadvantage?
The civs strenghts and weaknesses: Chinese-In my opinion, this talks too much about the chinese strengths, but a nice post anyhow.
The Flush The flush. It's a build order for chinese, but it can be used with all civilizations. Note-For original AOK, but still can be used for X-Pack.
Chinese Knight Rush-Also a build order for chinese, but works for all civs.
The Chinese Pincushion-An archer rush.


Civilisations of the ages: the Franks-Another of ShadowDawn/Dragon Reborn's civilzation guides. There aren't many guides on Franks, and this is one of the best.
Civilization Guide: The Franks-Shorter than most guides, but it does tell the main stuff
Your thoughts: The Franks-This is not a guide, but a very good post anyway on the Franks. Very nice. Strengths and weaknesses covered.
How to play the Franks Effectively-Lots of good information and strategies. Another great guide.
Frankish triad-This guide talks about the Frankish combos you can use.
Franks: The Forgotten Civ?-A nice summary of the Franks. If you just want a brief but well organised guide, this is for you.


The Hordes are Coming! A Guide to the Goths-"This is an excellent Goth guide. Any player should read it." As micr0boy says
The Grand GUIDE to the Great GOTHS-Excellent guide to the Goths. Read this if you're a Goth fan.
The Goths-Note: For Original AOK Only Note-For original AOK, but a nice guide, for those who don't have the x-pack.


Civilisations of the ages: the Huns-Yup, another civilizations of the comment.
Tarkans or the Huns heavy cavalry line? Part 1 of tests inside-Many people think tarkans are unuseful...they may be a little worse than knights at melee battle, but they cost less, and can tear down buildings faster. See inside for the tests.
Tarkans or the Huns heavy cavalry line? Part 2 of tests inside-This test is done against FU cavaliers and paladins. Looks like a hun FU tarkan can almost beat a FU cavalier.


Civilisations of the ages: the Japanese-Great post on using the Japanese. Like all other civilisations of the ages posts, it covers the Japanese bonus, combined arms, beneficial alliances, and many more.


The Koreans-The best Korean guide, since it's! Yes, shameless self promotion, but still it is a good guide, in my opinion
Civilisations of the ages: the Koreans-Excellent guide. Shadow did an excellent job, and he's one of the few people who don't take turtle ships as just junk
Korean Post Collection - This post collection is yet another one of avon_08's post collections. It contains links to many great posts if you want to learn more about the Koreans as they are in the game.
The Korean Feudal Market-Dooug Thompson's math calculations on how to use the Korean market and when to stop using it. To tell you the truth, I don't get any of doug's math posts...maybe it's because I'm only 12 years old. Bleh


Civilisations of the ages: the Mayans-Another terrific(Boy, I'm running out of different compliments to make) guide by Shadow. Like the others, he covers very aspect on the Mayans.


Civilisations of the ages: the Mongols-Ahh...Mongols, perhaps the fastest civiliz(s)ation. TheShadowDawn has made another guide, covering this speedy civ.
Mongolian 13 Minute Castle Guide - This is a guide to cover a good Mongol start-up on Yucatan, which will eventually end up in a fast castle. Sadly, it is pre-patch, but it can still be useful.


Civilisations of the ages: the Persians


Civilisations of the ages: The Saracens


Civilisations of the ages: The Spanish


Civilisations of the ages: The Teutons


The Turks-I am not quite sure, but I think this may be a pre-x pack guide. But, unless I'm forgetting something, the Turks weren't changed too much over the x pack and patches. A good guide, neverthless.
Civilisations of the ages: The Turks
The Bombard Tower Rush-This is a bombard tower "rushing" guide. It tells how to go to imperial in sub-24 minutes and have the resources to immediately attack. This is a water map strategy.


Civilisations of the ages: the Vikings
Vikings - The Voted Best Civilization - While this post is old and was made before the 1.0c patch was released, the Vikings have not been significantly changed by the patch additions, and this thread contains an interesting conversation on the Vikings. It waas produced by the renowned strategy forum moderator Winston.

Simfish will try to finish this later...

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--My The Ultimate AOK Guide--
--My The Ultimate AOM Guide

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posted 04-06-02 01:58 AM CT (US)     1 / 137  
The old one expired

I'll start updating again asap.

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posted 04-06-02 02:07 AM CT (US)     2 / 137  
Looks Good!

This is IT, That is ALL!
AOKH Ladder Standings
AOKH Training Camp
Zone Name: DarkSide_of_Day
posted 04-06-02 10:13 AM CT (US)     3 / 137  
nice to see this back
posted 04-06-02 01:20 PM CT (US)     4 / 137  
If someone stickied this it could be a great resource index.

BTW I think that Saracen Market Tricks is a dead link. At any rate, I couldn't use it.

As a public service I present Doug Thompson's civ thread collections:
Saracen/Turk Mongols Japanese Persians
posted 04-06-02 01:33 PM CT (US)     5 / 137  
Yeah...Saracen Market Tricks is dead. That whole site is dead. I keep forgetting to fix that...I'll do it sometime today or tommorow

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posted 04-06-02 02:46 PM CT (US)     6 / 137  
I remember this thread from my AoK days. Great post.
posted 04-06-02 06:35 PM CT (US)     7 / 137  
I have your first AOK guide in my favourites, I wonder if it's still working

ZN: LKS_Pacasac
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posted 04-07-02 05:22 AM CT (US)     8 / 137  
Looks nice, I only wished the links to MFO would work
posted 04-07-02 03:12 PM CT (US)     9 / 137  
Fixed some of the links.

(All dead links until Tips and Helpful Information have been removed)

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posted 04-12-02 06:02 AM CT (US)     10 / 137  
Hehe...very small update...see if u can spot it

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--My The Ultimate AOK Guide--
--My The Ultimate AOM Guide
posted 04-13-02 06:10 AM CT (US)     11 / 137  
This guide is amazing, thanks dragons89. Any chance of finishing the civs?

! seilims eht rof elims
posted 04-14-02 01:43 AM CT (US)     12 / 137  
Yup...sooner or later

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--My The Ultimate AOM Guide
posted 04-14-02 04:11 AM CT (US)     13 / 137  

! seilims eht rof elims
posted 04-14-02 10:22 AM CT (US)     14 / 137  
And it's still not as good as the reccomended strategy articles.

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posted 04-14-02 10:10 PM CT (US)     15 / 137  
TSD still can't get over that this post is better than his
posted 04-15-02 11:59 AM CT (US)     16 / 137  
Lol, shadow...

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posted 04-17-02 10:40 PM CT (US)     17 / 137  

May I make an HTML page out of this for my Clanless site, as I did for TheShadowDawn's similar list of links? (See here.) These indexes are wonderful but at this URL they generate SO MANY advertisement windows. And that moving one with the watch tests my patience.

Now a Maggid, not a Novelist.
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posted 04-18-02 10:35 AM CT (US)     18 / 137  
Hehe...sure novelist. In fact, I'd be grateful if u did

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posted 04-19-02 11:13 AM CT (US)     19 / 137  
All done. The result is here.

I made a few small changes:

- made some minor grammatical fixes
- marked broken links, but not "empty" MFO pages
- replaced the smiley faces I don't have with periods to end the sentences
- replaced the broken "civ table" link with "Choice of Kings" site
- replaced "Civilisations of the Ages: the Britons" broken MFO link with working AOKH link
- replaces your Winston index with a search clause, for a more complete index

Please let me know what you think! You are welcome, naturally, to use the HTML code as you wish. I've kept it simple.

Now a Maggid, not a Novelist.
Still a long-winded friend of Clanless newbies.
posted 04-19-02 12:25 PM CT (US)     20 / 137  


TSD still can't get over that this post is better than his

He also can't get over assuming and inaccurate statements.

*Dumps Von's twitching body in an alley*

If you're like me, then it's possible you're a clone generated from my stolen DNA. I suggest you turn yourself in for destruction immediately.

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posted 04-21-02 01:25 PM CT (US)     21 / 137  
Wow...I'm surprised someone actually still links to my old Flushing stuff...

Age of Kings Heaven, Myll Clan

* Learn the Flush -- So you know how to play the game.
* Play Online -- So you can actually play the game.
posted 04-25-02 01:42 PM CT (US)     22 / 137  
Ahhh thanks novelist

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posted 04-28-02 05:25 AM CT (US)     23 / 137  
Added some new stuff.

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posted 05-12-02 03:02 AM CT (US)     24 / 137  
Quite a big update.

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--My The Ultimate AOM Guide
posted 05-17-02 12:10 PM CT (US)     25 / 137  
Top. Another small update. Added some aztec stuff from doug thompson's aztec huitzalotica or something.

Give me money, and I might feel generous enough to say something kind.
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