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Scenario Design and Discussion
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Topic Subject: Get Ready for the New AoK!
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posted 07-06-03 10:43 AM CT (US)   
I know that all hardcore AoK fans (especially the level builders) remain involved in the game because of their passionate love of all things medieval. Well get ready for a huge step up in the quality of the medieval adventures you can create and the immersive beauty of the artwork that will be available to you!


Now that it's officially out of the bag that the English Civilization will start out in the year 1000, and that one of the three single player campaigns will be Richard the Lionheart --- it's not hard to figure out that a heavy emphasis in E: DMW will be on Medieval Europe. And I can tell you that the outstanding artwork lavished on the units and buildings, the gorgeous terrain textures, and the range of unique units will make this part of the game as authentic-looking and as rich and immersive as AoK ever was.

Add into it the awesome editor our guys have prepared for you and AoK designers are going to have a medieval feast of new scenario designing options available to them.

We're talking true 3D with models as richly detailed as AoK's ever were. (No more blocky EE units from us ever again!). And the stuff you can do in this editor!!! All graphical effects from the game will be made available --- smoke, fire, glowing units, special markers, all sound effects, all explosions, tons of ambients.

And you're going to fall over when you see how easy it is to create fully-realized, gorgeous cinematics, interior and exterior. Yes, you can create full interior scenes, inside the castles, with dismounted units interacting in medieval rooms that are fully dressed out with interior furnishings!

It is everything AoK ever was (and God bless ES for giving us AoK, which has kept us medievalists so happy for so long) --- but a quantum leap forward in the toys and embellishments we can play with.

Yup, it's gonna be a brave new medieval world!

posted 07-06-03 10:47 AM CT (US)     1 / 260  
Wow... Go inside building... No blocky unit... This sounds like an awesome game! But better than AoK? We will just have to wait and see...

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posted 07-06-03 10:51 AM CT (US)     2 / 260  
Thank you for letting us know ;-).

I am looking forward to it!

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posted 07-06-03 10:54 AM CT (US)     3 / 260  
Sounds good If you can manage to come up with as many varied units for the middle ages as AoK has, I think I'll move permanently, since experience taught me to like EE's editor. Pity the game was much less detailed, and had much less replayability. AoK still is the medieval game. I wonder if Empires can come close...

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posted 07-06-03 11:03 AM CT (US)     4 / 260  
Sounds cool, good luck!

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posted 07-06-03 11:05 AM CT (US)     5 / 260  
Weeeee, Waaaaay, cooooool. Go Go Go Go Go Go GOOOOOOOOO !!
posted 07-06-03 11:10 AM CT (US)     6 / 260  
Wow, sounds great.

I hope it will run on my current computer...

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posted 07-06-03 12:03 PM CT (US)     7 / 260  
That should prove interesting, especially the editor.
posted 07-06-03 12:11 PM CT (US)     8 / 260  

Since the middles ages is just one of five ages, there won't be QUITE as many units as AoK. However, there are numerous Gunpowder Age units and Asian units that can be mixed in to liven the variety. (And there ARE a ton of medieval units, make no mistake about that!)

And, you know, I've always agreed on that assessment of AoK: it is THE medieval game. More replayable than Total War. More depth and better-looking units than EE. More flexible than Stronghold. Even after I worked on EE, I returned to AoK for a more in-depth medieval experience.

But if you liked the EE editor, you'll be in heaven when you see how our guys have improved on it. It's more powerful than the EE editor, and more intuitive. In other words, it'll be easier to master for newcomers --- not as simple as the AoK editor, but closer to the intuitive structure that makes the AoK editor such a winner. (And keep in mind the only reason it isn't as simple as the AoK editor is because it can do sooo much more!)

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posted 07-06-03 12:23 PM CT (US)     9 / 260!

Rise of Nations is the only time-spanning game for me.

I dont prefer playing another snooze-fest like Empire Earth.

Good Luck with the game....but don't overuse the genre...

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posted 07-06-03 01:07 PM CT (US)     10 / 260  
Yeah,a member from our team caught a few glimpses of the game at E3.The guy was simply awe-struck,all he kept talking about was empires.

I'm pretty sure it'll be something to wait for.But I would'nt exactly call it the new Aok.Aok never gets old as it gets refreshed all the time.

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posted 07-06-03 01:29 PM CT (US)     11 / 260  
Sounds good, but I'm sure we'd all just like another expansion for AOK. not that that's going to happen...
posted 07-06-03 01:47 PM CT (US)     12 / 260  
Hmm..interesting. Not sure if I'm interested or not really, though the editor sounds powerful...

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posted 07-06-03 04:04 PM CT (US)     13 / 260  


Add into it the awesome editor our guys have prepared for you and AoK designers are going to have a medieval feast of new scenario designing options available to them.

Which is of course what made AoM's editor suck. It's just too complicated to use to make a worthwhile piece of work.

Until I see a lot more and hear some feedback on the game, I wouldn't be too enthusiastic...

posted 07-06-03 05:02 PM CT (US)     14 / 260  
This seems...interesting, but the majority of battles will wound up ending past Medieval.

It would be a plus for scenario design, though.

posted 07-06-03 05:08 PM CT (US)     15 / 260  
Hi Gordon!

Fantastic news, and I'm looking forward to this game.

posted 07-06-03 05:09 PM CT (US)     16 / 260  
AI ? I cannot live without AI.
Plz let me edit the AI.
And please it should be powerfull and simple.
I not wanna spend a lifetime learning it. I wanna spend a lifetime improving my AI.

And i cannot live with less than 200 UNits. If there ye more ye better.
Gameplay ? It will be hard to improve the Gameplay of AOK...

Medieval Rulez. AOK for sure.......
(Okay, WWII is also not so bad...)

posted 07-06-03 05:40 PM CT (US)     17 / 260  
RoN might be the best time-spanning game, I dunno. I bought it but I haven't had time to play it!! Or E: DMW might be. I'm not in a position to compare them. What I'm suggesting is that just looking at the medieval period by itself, you're going to have much more fun designing medieval scenarios in E: DMW than AoK. Not because AoK is bad, it isn't. It's a masterpiece, a classic. But Empires' medieval period goes the next step with lots of fresh new things to do and gorgeous 3D models. It basically IS the AOK II you've been waiting for.

The Cobra_81:
I was so turned off by AoM's deviation from real history I never bought it. So I'm afraid I can't compare our editor with theirs. But we've been designing complicated editors longer than ES and to me the question isn't whether the editor is complicated, the question is whether it has an intuitive interface (and so can be mastered quickly). I think we've taken a huge step in that direction.

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posted 07-06-03 05:52 PM CT (US)     18 / 260  
Sounds like it could be good. I'll keep an eye out for it.

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posted 07-06-03 06:07 PM CT (US)     19 / 260  
I guess this is another sign that I need to get a new computer

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posted 07-06-03 06:09 PM CT (US)     20 / 260  

this would be sooooooo off topic if you wern't a VIP

WOW, 3D? the only 3D editor I tried was Aom. And I hated the triggers. Are the triggers going to be bug-free and useful?

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posted 07-06-03 06:50 PM CT (US)     21 / 260  
The editor we will ship with the game is the same one we're using to build the SP Campaigns. Right now I'd say it's about 95% bug-free. Undoubtedly a couple of bugs will show up, but I don't know of any, and I'm having noooo trouble building the most complex levels I can think as it is.
posted 07-06-03 06:51 PM CT (US)     22 / 260  
I'm really looking forward to it. From what I've seen, it's going to be great.

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posted 07-06-03 06:53 PM CT (US)     23 / 260  
Hey Aro! How are you?

I'm still working on that interview, btw!!! You know something... it's really long! I'm about 2/3rds of the way through it.

posted 07-06-03 07:35 PM CT (US)     24 / 260  
Heya Gordon. I'm fine.

Thanks for the update. Take your time on it. You're probably a busy guy.

Angel Aro
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posted 07-06-03 09:55 PM CT (US)     25 / 260  
a question...
may AOEIII run in the same kind of PC that run AOK, i mean any system requeriments that AOK haven't?
posted 07-06-03 10:59 PM CT (US)     26 / 260  
This is the first time a VIP has posted here since i came on board, and Gordon, in my opinion is on fire about this release.
From his few posts i feel he is excited on our behalf,, and await in anticipation for the new member of our family.
posted 07-06-03 11:03 PM CT (US)     27 / 260  
Hmmm, sounds very interesting!

posted 07-06-03 11:31 PM CT (US)     28 / 260  
Sounds great!

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posted 07-06-03 11:41 PM CT (US)     29 / 260  
Any screenshots of the game?

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posted 07-06-03 11:50 PM CT (US)     30 / 260  


Any sreenshots of the game?

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posted 07-07-03 07:04 AM CT (US)     31 / 260  
Hi Gordon,

this game and its graphics look very promising indeed, and the units look very good on close-up. I like the shadows and the building textures, which give it a very you-are-here feeling. I hope the units will also make more neutral sounds than the EE ones when you click on them and make them move, and just at half the volume compared with the battle sounds such as explosions, sword clangs, background music etc. - I really liked EE, and the campaigns were great as I expected; but repeated phrases such as "kingdoms will fall! The world is not enough!" were a bit of a fun-stopper for me because units would yell this in all possible situations where it didn't fit. If this part could be evened out, this could also contribute greatly to the overall gaming experience of Empires. Either way, I'll be sure to check it out!


posted 07-07-03 10:39 AM CT (US)     32 / 260  
I'll buy your game if it get good critics.

EE got good critic, but was totally without a spirit!

and please make this game better optimated - EE lagged on my 450 mhz 128 mb RAM which is not acceptable for a blocky game like that!

But, I'll have a 3 ghz:er when your game is coming, I suppose it will remove all lagg!

But I hope you keep the (few) good things with EE in your game such like that the animals becoming more etc etc.

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posted 07-07-03 12:33 PM CT (US)     33 / 260  
What are the triggers?
posted 07-07-03 03:04 PM CT (US)     34 / 260  
I'm holding you to your words Gordon, "The editor we will ship with the game is the same one we're using to build the SP Campaigns"... I'm optimistic since AoM was also supposed to and didn't missing key things.

I'm not very much of a pro- 3D Medieval games man at the moment but hopefully E : DotMW will convert me . My main point is please don't do what essentially ES did with the AoM editor, adding many greater improvements but forgeting vital basics. Sorry for that, but those are my main concerns. From the graphics it does look very good, looking forward to it.


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posted 07-07-03 03:20 PM CT (US)     35 / 260  
Hmmmmmm.... Intriguing.... Answer me this interrogation..

1. How different is the gameplay from AoK?
AoM was almost a whole different concept of stripping off civilizations into different sects of major deities and minor deities and god powers. The diversity amongst races was astounding. The question resides for [u]Empires: Dawn of the Modern World...[/w]

(Another that goes along with that lines) What are the resources that you collect in order to advance in the game?
There was stone, gold, wood, and food in AoK. In AoM, the resource, "stone", was replaced with favor.

2. When is it expected to release in the U.S.?

Quoted from SSSI_Gordon Farrell:


3. "Modern World"? I see that the Modern Age or in EMPIRE terms, "Imperial Age" is included here.
It makes me wonder though (it sounds a bit hasty rushing from the Gunpowder Age to the, technically speaking, Modern Age), what advancements or how do you advance in that age? I'd like a hint.
I am guessing electricity, railroad, electrification.

4. Will there be 3D-reincarnated AOE beta units in it? What about AOK and AOM beta units?

5. How will playtesting go for this game and when is it?


I just saw the trailer and I saw that Stainless Steel Studios (I think) is the developer of this, whereas Activision is the publisher. Are you sure this what you would call "AOE III" or "AOK II"????

BTW, I must comment, flinging the of the cow at the end is ingenious (but a little ugly), not to mention, a cool tactic! That was a medieval tactic which implemented dead/dying livestock corpses to make sieged defenders plagued with pestilence. First time I seen that potrayed from historical evidence to digital game data! However, would a sick or dead cow, send a healthy "moo"?

P.S. (No. 2)

I see this is the "progeny" of Empire Earth... never mind about AoK then...

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