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Mod Design and Discussion
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Topic Subject: Tales of Middle Earth - Version 0.8.13 Released!
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posted 08-18-12 03:58 AM CT (US)   

Complete Visual Recreation of Middle Earth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Unique Gameplay to recreate the War of the Ring

Fully Functional and Engaging Mulltiplayer Experience . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Enhanced Scenario Editor for Designers

Choose from one of 18 unique factions.
- Guide the wise and fair elves - Lindon, Rivendell, Mirkwood, Eregion, and Lothlorien.
- Fall under the sway of the Shadow with Angmar, Mordor, Isengard, Dol Guldur, or Minas Morgul.
- Place your hope in the Men of the West with Arnor, Gondor, and fabled Numenor of old.
- Ride with the Native Men of Rohan, Rhovanion, Harad, Umbar, or Rhun.

Battle on new random maps based on real Middle Earth locations.

Research countless new technologies and decide the path of your race with faction choices.

Enjoy the rich world of Middle Earth as presented by one of the largest modifications ever produced for Age of Empires II.

Create that LOTR campaign you always had in mind or play online against a friend!

Current Version: (Version 0.8.13) :: Release Date: 9/15/18

Current Development Notes:
Change Log - Find out what's changed in the latest version.

The current version of Tales of Middle Earth is fully playable. Later versions will improve balance, eliminate bugs, and possibly implement some final features. If you would like to report a bug or suggest changes, please leave a comment below or add a bug report to the github page.

NOTE: As Tales of Middle Earth is currently in a pre-release version, we ask that you bear with any discovered bugs or imbalanced stats for units or technologies. Please report any issues, and we will work hard on solutions.

The road goes ever on and on...

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posted 09-19-19 02:31 AM CT (US)     3921 / 3940  
Still no Dwarf civilization?

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posted 09-20-19 12:02 PM CT (US)     3922 / 3940  
On dragons:
Probably we can add graphics for a wingless fire drake and maybe a grounded ancalagon. I have graphics for multiple dragons so it would be relatively simple to add before 1.0

On Dwarves:
Undoubtedly, the most unpopular decision we ever made in the many years of creating this mod was to make dwarves an alliance choice instead of giving them their own civs. Our reasoning was sound (hard to depict underground cities above ground; dwarves lack cavalry, farming, and a variety of other basic civ components; Aok only supports one graphic for villagers across all civs, so no dwarven villagers are possible), but I get why people didn't approve.

I have some of the graphics for dwarven civs, and much of the concepts for a 2 civ "Sons of Durin" expansion are written down. Maybe after v1.0 gets released we will look at finally giving dwarf fans some love.

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posted 10-02-19 04:17 PM CT (US)     3923 / 3940  
How could I add music to the game background?

I thought about using UserPatch, but I don't know how to set it properly to work within the mod.

(Collector's edition CD version).
posted 10-05-19 02:58 PM CT (US)     3924 / 3940  

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posted 11-20-19 08:19 PM CT (US)     3925 / 3940  
I. Am. In. Love

This is fantastic!
posted 11-21-19 03:32 AM CT (US)     3926 / 3940  
Bugpost round 2!


- Town hall is not placeable in editor for some weird reason

- Picket Gate icon is pure blackness

- Field Engineering description no longer matches the functionality of Trebs (I liked the old one better: that you had to build, and had to demolish when done).

- Horns (+1 attack, all units), Vambraces (+1 melee armor, all units), Bucklers (+1 pierce armor, all units) don't apply to Treebeard. Probably other heroes too.

- Advance to the Great Years text says "Before you can advance, you must have a Castle and any one Third Age building: Lore Vault, House of Healing or an additional Town Hall." Building a second Town Hall does not actually count, although the other two do.

- Burg Stonework (+%HP to buildings) and Dwarven Stonework (+more %HP to buildings) does not affect Picket Walls

- Flets:
--- do not ungarrison at low HP like all other buildings do
--- do not let the unit out when the building is destroyed like all other buildings do, and instead kill the unit

- Villagers cannot garrison inside Siege Towers

- Researching Dwarven Stonework AFTER Hornbows and Black Arrows (NOT Darts) resets the effect of those upgrades on SOLELY the Castle. Researching Dwarven Stonework, then those techs, results in everything behaving normally.

- Siege warship (Adunaic Warship) has 5 range which isn't enough to hit anything
- no other ones! that's a lot better than last time I posted something this long :P

- Not all civs have access to siege ships. I always found this weird when playing AOE2. There, everybody gets siege weapons, the Trebuchet, and in TOME everybody gets at least some form of ram, but no siege ship.

- Black Arrows a) makes no sense who gets it from a lore perspective and b) makes no sense who gets it from a gameplay perspective. Consider changing the name, and making a new tech, Black Arrows, a unique tech available to some civs (maybe as a result of Dwarven Alliance).
--- Mordor gets it despite having no need for it
--- Lothlorien, a Tower and Archer civ, doesn't get it
--- Rhovanion, the literal holder of Black Arrows, even with Dwarven Alliance doesn't get it

- Lothlorien is called a "Tower" civ yet has basically no buffs for them (+1 atk +1 range as a unique tech, but they don't get Black Arrows anyway), AND they don't even get Keep. Either they need bonuses

- There is no Free Tribute upgrade

- Multiple large units (Giant Spider, every Troll type) have issues getting into fights due to their massive collision box. They could really do with 1 range or a much smaller collision box (Spiders especially).

- While Trolls have an armor upgrade (cool!) they should also get a Great Years attack upgrade. Otherwise Mountain Trolls end up dealing a puny 5 damage thanks to the stack of armor upgrades nearly all civs can get, and Snow Trolls also deal nothing (though their job is to tank). Trolls overall, except Cave thanks to its AOE, need a buff.

- Angmar Stone-Troll respawn delay is five minutes - this is quite a considerable period of time. Drop it to 3min?

- Gondor is a "Defensive Realm" yet does not get Burg Stonework for +survivability of buildings

- Mattocks tech shows the icon of a pickaxe yet text says "Perfect crafting the axe"
- Mordor's green Siege Workshop and green walls feel REALLY strange given all their architecture is otherwise grey. They look super good for Dol Guldur though.
- Mordor and other Orcish factions getting "Healers" from a "House of Healing" feels really weird. A rename would do just fine, "Medicinal Orc" or something.
- Multiple factions get Flaming Poison arrows which is weird.
- Great Spider text says "Great Spiders can spray poison into the enemy's eyes from a distance," but have 0 range. Having 1 range would actually be super cool.
- For Eregion, their "option choice" gold chain doesn't graphically "link" - Noldor Heritage and Sindar Nobility. The Sindar Nobility upgrade should have the chain the other way up.
- Bucklers description makes no grammatical sense "soliders with a basic Helms forged...."

This section is my views on balance which I know not others will hold
- Archer damage and range should be separate upgrades like they are in AOE1. Getting a bonus to range (which is absurdly good) AND damage in a single tech is a bit much.

- Non-unique towers are very underwhelming, as the stone cost is tremendous. Consider:
--- Firing multiple arrows
--- Cost change to cost more wood and less stone (150w 50s?)

- Siege towers with 5+3 range that throw arrows at walls feels REALLY stupid. Can't they just have 0 range and basically be a more expensive battering ram?

- Catapults and Ballistas are totally unable to do absolutely anything to buildings: their damage is very low and their range is lower still. I know that that's because they're using AOE2 values (more or less?), but I never liked them in AOE2 anyway precisely because of that: they performed okay against infantry, couldn't kill archers due to being sniped, perform REALLY poorly against cavalry, and didn't do anything of note.
- There's also no Bombard Cannon equivalent, a mobile anti-building unit. I could picture the Catapult fulfilling this role.

See also the discussion on the game's balance previously. The points I found important were:
- overpowered archers thanks to masstacks of upgrades (+3 range/attack from Blacksmith line, +1 atk from Horns, +1 atk from Poison Arrows, +1 atk from Flaming Arrows),

- very bad infantry due to everything under the sun having an anti-infantry bonus. Just remove them all, then we can add the ones that are needed back later

- generally overpowered unique units (Lothlorien UU costing just 20w more than an archer but with vastly improved stats is ridiculous, Uruk Hai Chieftan absolutely wipes any infantry thanks to massive speed)

- Trolls are also very terrible:
--- low damage output
--- massive collision box means:
------- the meelee pathfinnding breaks a bit (just give them 1 range! they've got a massive sword, they can reach!)
------- few of them can be attacking a building or unit at any given time (you could fit 20+ Champions around a Castle easily to all hit it, good luck doing that with Trolls)
------- low survivability especially from ranged attacks

- catapults and ballistas right now are totally useless, mostly because archers a) are better, b) are cheaper, and c) can shoot them at long range and punch through their pierce armor. Ideas include:
--- Techs to buff their pierce armor
--- Just increasing their pierce armor overall
--- Increasing range overall

Things are progressing fantastically!


Wow Halfrom, those look really great! I love the detail you put into the first, and the second's really good. The third isn't so great: why is there Nice Green Grass right by the front gate of Minas Tirith? There also feels like there should be more general defenses, it feels really empty. But I do like what you did with the walls!

P.P.S. Plug for my random map scripts of Mordor, The Old Forest, and The Misty Mountains I made previously. (Lots of pictures of them here) Still compatible, still AI-playable, and they should totally be included in the download ;p
posted 11-26-19 04:36 PM CT (US)     3927 / 3940  

Wow Halfrom, those look really great! I love the detail you put into the first, and the second's really good. The third isn't so great: why is there Nice Green Grass right by the front gate of Minas Tirith? There also feels like there should be more general defenses, it feels really empty. But I do like what you did with the walls!

Your maps look very nice.

I will improve the third scene later, didn't paid attention to Minas Tirith floor. XD

For now there is more this one:

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posted 11-27-19 03:24 AM CT (US)     3928 / 3940  
posted 11-30-19 08:07 PM CT (US)     3929 / 3940  
Another nice image Halron! I like the few skeletons scattered about and the disorderly arrangement of the goblins. I feel it could maybe use some more eye candy in the corners (broken pillars, if those exist?) although you are constrained a little by props.

Played another match and noticed a couple more very minor bugs:

- Goblin carcass is a wolf
- Villagers cannot be told to attack goblins, but they will automatically
- Destroyed enemy Dark Age TCs, when in shadow, remain despite the building being destroyed
- Nazgul leaves no corpse, not even a cloak
- Wild Wargs leave no corpse
- Winged Nazgul can no longer fly over trees or walls
- Ballista projectiles from Ballista Tower don't make a "hit ground" sound, which is weird (catapult towers and other siege weaponry looking things do)
- Smaug's attack is absolute garbage....
- Amon Lanc mountain is selectable ingame. It probably shouldn't be, like rocks and mountains aren't selectable.

- Great Spiders should really benefit from cavalry armor upgrades, as well as possible dmg upgrade
--- OR Separate armor upgrade line (Inf / Archers / Cav / Beasts?)
- Dwarven Castle (scenario building) has awful stats & no attack. Units also cannot garrison in it, despite it supposedly being able to garrison units...
posted 12-11-19 02:15 PM CT (US)     3930 / 3940  
Yes, there's a lot of things that need ironing out; I could write a rather long and hopefully pointless list as they are probably aware of these things more than anyone.

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posted 01-25-20 04:57 PM CT (US)     3931 / 3940  
Does anyone know where to go in the TOME game files to find created scenarios? I'm thinking they should show up in the Age of Empires>Games>TOME>Scenario folder. I have created a number of scenarios but I'm not seeing them there. I'd also like to upload these to share with the community.
posted 01-26-20 01:47 PM CT (US)     3932 / 3940  
In here I think: C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Games\ToME\Scenario
posted 01-31-20 07:51 PM CT (US)     3933 / 3940  
Bofur, much appreciated! Found them.
posted 02-01-20 12:51 PM CT (US)     3934 / 3940  
Is there a way that i can play this on HD version? Looks awesome!
posted 02-20-20 05:51 PM CT (US)     3935 / 3940  
Guys, check out the blacksmith. I have posted some scenarios I've created with the TOME mod there. Please check it out and leave feedback. I would post screenshots but I don't know how to insert into the text box.
posted 02-21-20 08:37 AM CT (US)     3936 / 3940  
I'll take a look this weekend.

For screenshots, you have to post them to imgur or another image hosting site, then copy the image url and put bb code tags on it like this:

[i m g]your url here[/ i m g]

Just remove the spaces so it's actually img and /img.

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posted 03-07-20 02:11 AM CT (US)     3937 / 3940  
It appears attack classes are a bit messed up, for example rams with 160 piercing armor take full damage from archers.
posted 08-30-20 12:04 PM CT (US)     3938 / 3940  
Hey guys !

Any update on this ?
posted 11-02-20 06:48 AM CT (US)     3939 / 3940  
I guess not
posted 11-03-20 04:40 AM CT (US)     3940 / 3940  
you might want to join the discord.
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