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Forum Guidelines (Link)
Please make it a point to understand and familiarize yourself with this information before involvement in the forums below.
General Discussions
[ ]
News Discussion
Read and discuss the latest Age of Empires II and Age of Kings Heaven news!
710 topics
3929 posts
[ ]
General and Strategy Discussion
Meet other Age of Empires II players, share strategies & war stories, and discuss the game.
20005 topics
256462 posts
Recorded Games (Link)
Download games played by members of our community and submit your own.
The Craft Guild (Scenario Design, Modding, Scripting & Articles)
[ ]
Scenario Design and Discussion
Creating your own scenarios or campaigns? Thinking of taking them to the next level? All questions related to scenario design are welcome here!
24784 topics
326827 posts
[ ]
Mod Design and Discussion
Interested in making changes to the game and creating new graphics or units? Here is your home to discuss your modding ideas and share your progress!
8341 topics
111062 posts
[ ]
AI & RM Scripting
Discuss and ask questions about Artificial Intelligence and Random Map scripting!
862 topics
13018 posts
[ ]
The University
Read or submit articles to our University, where you can learn about various aspects of the game.
199 topics
1957 posts
The Blacksmith (Link)
Download files created by members of our community and submit your own.
The Barter Post (Community)
[ ]
Town's Crier
This forum is used for discussing things not related to Age of Empires II, but inside the Age of Empires II community.
5396 topics
479728 posts
[ ]
Website Feedback
Post any questions, feedback, and bugs to the Age of Kings Heaven staff.
814 topics
5381 posts
The Fiddler (Links)
Outside Discussions (Link)
The place to meet up with others from all over HG. If you have a burning issue you need to discuss, a forum game you want to play or if you just want to catch up with your friends, come inside.
The Library (Link)
This forum is a place for intellectual discussions. Discuss politics, history, arts, existence, whatever. We won't judge on what is stupid or not, but please put thought into your posts.
The Cartographer (Archives)
[ ]
AoKH Open Archives
Forum where the participants of the AoKH Open Competition could schedule their matches.
74 topics
541 posts
[ ]
The Training Camp Archives
Formerly players here could be trained by other players.
386 topics
3167 posts
[ ]
Strategies Forum Archive II
The second Strategy forum archive. Archives are read-only.
9545 topics
120511 posts
[ ]
Age of Empires III Discussion
Age of Kings Heaven's archived AoE III forum, where people discussed possible features, etc a sequel to AoK could have. The official AoE III forum is now at Age of Empires III Heaven.
1187 topics
17282 posts
[ ]
AoKH Ladder Archive
Age of Kings Heaven Ladder forum archive.
51 topics
2440 posts
[ ]
Strategy Archives
The Strategy forum archives. Posts inside the main Strategy forum that were older than 3 months would be archived here. Archives are read-only.
12738 topics
116524 posts
[ ]
Expansion Pack Discussion Archives
Discussions and suggestions about the Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion pack.
5131 topics
55716 posts
[ ]
TC Patch Beta Discussion
Discussion about the TC Patch beta.
575 topics
5400 posts
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