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Age of Kings Heaven » Forums » AI & RM Scripting » set_avoid_player_start_areas with number_of_tiles vs land_percent
Topic Subject:set_avoid_player_start_areas with number_of_tiles vs land_percent
local boi
(id: dragon14)
posted 06-21-19 05:47 PM CT (US)         

base_size 10 on players

number_of_clumps 99

with number_of_tiles 999:

with land_percent 99:

with land_percent 1 - 20 it also looks like number_of_tiles 999

Low base_size + high land_percent + set_avoid_player_start_areas = bugged gen that only takes one corner of square player lands

So if you create square player lands with base_size 10-12 and no land_percent/number of tiles zero

and create_terrain with land_percent 99 and avoid players

it can bug out and only round off one corner of the land


I have a map where it's really obvious where other players are based on the connections, since players spawn inside a pond and then I connect that pond to land with shallows, the shallows always point toward other players..

I can possibly guide the connection toward preexisting shallows in one corner of a square player land ... terrain A, using the bugged corner. Make all the other corners terrain B, with a high terrain cost. This is not guaranteed to work, but if it confuses players 90% of the time, it's good enough. The vast majority will never know this is a thing.

Thought: Can you do an make each corner of player lands a different terrain? That might be fun.

katsup or mustard

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