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Topic Subject:Help with AI
posted 12-14-19 11:51 AM CT (US)         
I wanted to add a new unit restricted to three civs, similar to the Eagle Warrior in the meso civs (a scout and support unit). Looking through the gamedata_x1, I saw that the combat arms set in petersen constants (60027) are used in civ loads (60011), suplements (60007), upgrades (60003), and groups (60021). But I have some doubts:

1) How does AI recognize, for example, that the (defconst EAGLEMAN 6) constant refers to Eagles?

I found no indication to Eagle units in the constants. (Like: defconst combat-arm EAGLEMAN unit 751)

2) Is it possible to insert new ones? If so, how?

I copied the Eagle constant and all of its rules from the files cited above, adjusted it to the name of my new unit, and inserted it into the first new civ. But the new civ does not create the line for my new unit according to (set-goal combat-arm NEWUNITMAN) in file 60011.

The only way I could get it to train the new unit is by writing (defrule (can-train my-new-unit => train my-new-unit) in the upgrades file. But it's not the way I want it.

If anyone can help or tell me where the mistake is, I appreciate it.
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