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Topic Subject:always attacking AI in Definitive Edition
posted 12-28-19 06:09 AM CT (US)         
using AOE2: DE

I am trying to make a scenario, where 2 enemied AIs regularly send their armies toward each others base. That means their armies will meet half way there and fight until one pushes all the way to enemy base.

Simplest solution would be to just use Attack move or Patrol them to location of enemy base, but units tend to stop after bigger encounters on the way there, like they forget what they were supposed to do. I also tried to regularly trigger attack move, but that makes battles look weird when suddenly all units move by inch, infantry changes target and archers suddenly target one closest enemy. I was using Immobile AI while trying to accomplish this.

Then i tried to do it with custom AI. I made simple defrule with attack-now when defending-soldier-count is greater than 0. AI attacked when i gave it a vision of enemy TC, but it ignored any enemies encountered on the way there until it was attacked by them first. I used sn-enable-patrol-attack 1 but nothing changed. Also if it happened that units started to fight on the way there, same thing happend as when using Attack move trigger effect, some of them stopped.

Is this problem with units stopping when using Attack move caused by way the game is programmed, or is AI doing it? Are there changes to AI scripting in DE? When i made AI defeated in the beggining, units behaved in the same way.
Do you have any solutions to this?
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