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Topic Subject:Project Thread: Fabula Fatali
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Andanu Trisatya
posted 01-31-10 06:38 PM CT (US)         

Original Image by Aliciane Art (

~ Hymn of Rebirth ~
"I summon thee, o great twenty three,
arise and awake, for land is at stake,
in the name of light and honour, lend me thy favour."


So... my dear grandchildren, you wish to hear an enthralling chronicle that revolves around a world engulfed in turmoil?

Pay good attention to this story then, my merry grand sons and daughters. Find yourselves the most comfortable grass you can sit on, because this tale you will hear is not going to be as short as those told by your mother as she tuck you in bed at night.

The frail realm of Soma, a haven of ephemeral peace and everlasting grief, upon which weary souls hang on helplessly to the recurring wheel of fate, which they nonchalantly refer to as 'life', 'bliss', 'sorrow', and 'death'. A realm beautiful beyond words, she was born and nourished with fertility and prosperity, with which mankind endured a state of tranquility within every straw and brick of their humble abodes, standing feebly on vast lands that stretch from the holy, pastoral backwater of Nirva, to the technological vanguard, cramped metropolis of Escarioth. Her body is comprised of three matters -- 'Spheres'. Biosphere, the sphere that forms nature and any tangible substance in this world you can name of; Esphere, the sphere that provides light and serenity; and Disphere, the sphere that signifies blight and curse.

Distant aeons ago, this glorified land of ours was plagued by an ancient war that lasted for years... "The Black Rain". A worldwide conquest forged between then three great kingdoms -- to the northwest, Altaginea, disciples of Midil the God of Light; to the south, Infernia, disciples of Levanth, the God of Darkness; and on the northeast, Zenobia, disciples of Silmeria, the God of Nature. Even though this so-alleged holy war was ostensibly declared on The Three Gods' behalf, the Gods themselves were infuriated by the foolish offensive acts their followers perpetrated, as endless carnage continuously devastate the sacred soil of Soma. Hence, they resolved to bestow atrocious punishment upon the pathetic beings, by striking down the land with an inevitable predestination -- Peccadillus -- bestial manifestation of the sin of man, the bringer of justice and judgment to the world, bearing the commandment to cleanse every inch of soil from the futility of war.

Unfortunately, it soon became evident that even Gods carry the burden of being vulnerable to erroneous decisions. The gargantuan beast eventually became out of control, causing death tolls to innocent lives on Soma. Consequently, the Gods had to use their powers to immobilize Peccadillus, restraining it from causing worse destruction on the world. Once the war had finally ceased and mankind had learned their lesson, the Gods gave them a second chance of redemption. Thus, seeds they planted as their incarnation, the "Thirty Three", or simply "The Golden Trees", as the lurkers of Soma chose to entitle them. Their leaves are sacred, their roots and trunks divine. As they toil to confine the Celestial of Damnation in the oblivion where he was imprisoned, their golden leaves wither away with each misdemeanor and act of transgression committed by Humans. The holy Hymn of Rebirth is the only means of prolonging their existence. A Hymn so chaste, that it could only be processed in the presence of purified hearts and virtuous thoughts.

For ages, the Enchantresses of Nirva have underwent the passage of the Pilgrimage, endeavoring for days, months, and years all for but one cause: deliver the Hymn for the Twenty Three to hear, as they summon themselves into grounds distant in place and time, converting malicious beings into the religious kin while being protected under the sturdy shade of their trusted guardians, called 'Paladins'. The Great Enchantress, Zivana was the one to heed this prophecy revealed by the Gods. She was the first to perform the Pilgrimage and put Peccadillus to a deep slumber in oblivion. When she returned home to Nirva from her escapade, she commanded for the Temple of Light to be built in the village, which until today served as an instrument to inherit the path of the Enchantress.

In the course of that era, the land had been calm... until one day, a catastrophic occurrence transpired. A chain that ties two flames of fate, in a bond of full of hope and despair: Ava Adorilis, the daughter of a passed away Enchantress, and Noir et Blanc, the enigmatic warrior cloaked in darkness. Their roles, along with those of their loyal companions, will solely be the ones to determine, whether the future of Soma is bright or bleak...



Ava & Noir, the two main protagonists of the story.

Ava Adorilis
Age: 17
Origin: Nirva
A young priestess who lives in the village of Nirva. She is an orphan. Her mother, Aira, died during her pilgrimage soon after she delivered the Hymn of Rebirth to the last golden tree, after suffering from a mysterious, long-lasting illness. Thus, she inherits the bloodline of the Enchantress, which obliges her to conduct a holy pilgrimage -- visiting outlying Golden Trees scattered over twenty three places around Soma. Her kindness is pure, as evidently shown by her rather amiable manner towards Noir, compared to her other Paladins. She cares about her Paladins deeply and treats them like her own family.

Noir Et Blanc
Age: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
A mysterious figure wearing a crimson bandana that suddenly appeared on the hills of Perciviel. The party came across him along the way, when he helped them fight against a horde of Jotuns. In spite of others' reluctance, Ava decided to enlist him as her Paladin after witnessing his swordsmanship and combat ability. He harbors a cold demeanor and tends to speak in a harsh and unfriendly tune to his companions. Barely any background of himself is revealed to his acquaintances, including Ava. He seems to be burdened by a dreadful past, but never wishes to unveil the darkness that surrounds it.

Edelwyn Zellbach
Age: 19
Origin: Nirva
Daughter of Gadon. A young woman of admirable courage and proficient skill with a dagger. Being Ava's closest friend since childhood, Edel rose up to take his late father's place as a Paladin and a caretaker to Ava. She is very protective of her mistress and is never seen far from her at all times, even where no danger is imminent. She acts indifferent towards Noir ever since she first met him, owing to her suspicion towards a sense of hostility around his presence. She's always keeping a vigilant watch over Noir, fearing that he might someday pose a threat to the Enchantress during the Pilgrimage.

Calgus Genebiel
Age: 25
Origin: El'na Elnea
A skilled warrior in the arts of archery, Calgus is son of the chief of El'na Elnea. He voluntarily decided to accompany Ava on her journey after his beloved fiancée, Rayna, was intoxicated and mortally wounded with Dispheres when Jotuns suddenly attacked their village. He often finds himself in a quarrel with Noir, most of the time because of his resentment towards Noir's abrasive personality and tendency to let out harsh words to criticize the party's incapability. Even so, he truly acknowledges Noir's ability of handling Jotuns and Bestials, and furtively revels the chance of having him as company.

Feng Yuan Tao
Age: 70
Origin: Zhaoliang
A sage who hails from Zhaoliang. He served as Aira's guardian on the course of her pilgrimage 17 years ago, when she was still alive. Being the eldest, Tao acts as the thinker of the group, capable of maintaining composure even in the most precarious situations. He used to be a mentor of Mantra in Zhaoliang Academy, and is well-endorsed with the ability of healing. Even so, he was unable to cure Aira of his mysterious illness. For this, he condemned himself thoroughly for his mistress' death, and exiled himself from his hometown Zhaoliang, living as a recluse deep inside the nearby caverns, eternally mourning over the tragedy.

Age: 5
Origin: Ichidou
A female crossbreed of hound and fox trained by the chief of Ichidou, Akira Sanada, which is able to understand diverse human language. Yuri is a loyal and tame animal, although she possess the ability to turn into a fearsome fighting beast capable of inflicting dire physical and mental damage to her enemies whenever deemed necessary, such as when her master is in peril. She was found by Hiro when she was still a baby, amidst being attacked by Bestials who killed her parents.

Zalc "Blade" Horst
Age: 28
Origin: Lagon
The second-in-command of the Blue Nautilus. In person, Blade is a womanizer who is highly popular with numerous female in the group, mostly due to his charming personality and good looks. When it comes to combat though, his slender figure is not to be taken lightly. Among all the pirates he is the most exciting swashbuckler with commendable sword-fighting skill. His weapon of choice are dual silver short swords named after his late parents, Rubeus and Alba.

Rasyid Al-Hakim
Age: 40
Origin: Al-Ashgar
A warrior monk who teaches martial arts to the monks of Manadil Monastery. He has been estranged from his wife and son for six years ever since he joined the Monastery, since the way of the monks prohibit a warrior from having a family.

Gadon Zellbach
Age: 44
Origin: Nirva
Formerly a Paladin of Aira, he was trusted to provide Ava with the warmth of family and home, as she was left behind in Nirva when her parents embarked on a journey to conduct the Pilgrimage. He was a close acquaintance of Valmir. Originally, he was going to be Ava's Paladin for her pilgrimage before a tragedy involving Jotuns struck the village of Nirva, in which he fell victim to a Jotun's ferocious attack, infecting his blood with incurable Disphere toxin, leading to his inevitable death.

Aira Adorilis
Age: Deceased
Origin: Nirva
The Enchantress who conducted the last pilgrimage. She carried on with her journey despite her continuing illness, until her body could not suppress it anymore and she eventually died. Her death took place in front of the Golden Tree of Escarioth, after she delivered the Hymn, leaving Ava a motherless child. She was highly respected and loved by her Paladin. Her voice and presence brought smile of joy to the people around him, in every place she visited. Her purity of heart, kindness and physical beauty is bequeathed to her daughter.

Valmir Siegwalt
Age: Deceased
Origin: Nirva
The husband of Aira and Ava's father. One day, he washed up on Nirva shores with no recollection of himself. He then lived with Aira's family and eventually married Aira. He took an oath to be her Paladin when she was chosen to be the 5th Enchantress and accompanied her through the Pilgrimage. After Aira passed away in Escarioth, he approached his companions and asked Gadon to take care of his daughter in Nirva, forcefully urging them to journey back home and leave him with her beloved wife, to fulfill her last request.

Davub Genebiel
Age: 52
Origin: El'na Elnea
Aira's former Paladin who was appointed as the chief of El'na Elnea.

Miraila Zellbach
Age: 41
Origin: Nirva
Ava's foster mother and wife to Gadon the warrior.

Siesta Ebericht
Age: 34
Origin: Duldenberg
The young, cultured Mayor of Duldenberg.

Myrkos "Sword" Godholme
Age: 48
Origin: Lagon
Leader of the Blue Nautilus.

Virgo Cladrone
Age: 53
Origin: Riverdrei
Descendant of the Cladrone family of strategists who owns the Zhaoliang university of warfare. Being the last of the bloodline, she moved to live a secluded life in a luxurious mansion in a small isle to the southwest of Harbeld Island, which was originally an abandoned coastal fortress built during the ancient wars by Zenobian Army.

Ignyl Rosmalt
Age: 21
Origin: Riverdrei
Virgo's personal assistant who is never seen far away from his mistress.

Zakaria Al-Fakir
Age: 60
Origin: Al-Ashgar
The Sultan of Al-Ashgar.

(more to come)
(Images are taken from Suikoden III & IV art)


-Coming Soon-

- Nirva
"The Holy Land of all the lands", Nirva is a remote settlement situated in a lush, fertile grassland in which members of the Enchantress bloodline have resided for ages. At the heart of the village stands the Temple of Faith, an old, sacred structure which serve as praying grounds as well as the place where the Trial of Ascension takes place. Nearby is the village square, where all local activities and ceremonies are conducted, including the Rites of Passage. Toraj, husband of Mesca, the High Priestess of the temple, is the elder of Nirva. Music

- El'na Elnea
A village situated in the wilderness region of Helben. Despite being an agricultural society, the locals who reside here gradually developed a passion for hunting, as their territory is breeding grounds for deers and other mammals. Thus, game became their main source of food, while their farm products are now mainly traded in Nirva and Zhaoliang markets. This hunting culture hones the art of archery, which is mastered by children and adults alike. El'na Elnea is ruled by a strict yet respected elder, Davub. Music

- Zhaoliang
A bustling academic city widely known for their motto, "Knowledge is Golden". Many students from around the world come to study numerous fields within the universities facilitated in the city, ranging from social science to biospherical science and many more. Historically, Zhaoliang was once a gold mining town until a group of four nomadic philosophers found their way there and spread their teachings to the miners and their families, and thus the first learning center, known as the Tower of Wisdom, was established. Music

- Ichidou
A village situated in the edge of Mazus plains, populated by warriors that live by the code of samurai. For many years, the inhabitants have secluded themselves from the world, refusing to be involved in war and diplomatic matters with other lands. The one and only time they will heed the call to arms is when their territorial borders are under attack by external forces beyond. Recently, Ichidou is undergoing an internal conflict caused by a rebellion led by Akuma, a samurai exiled for transgression by the leader, Kazuki, who incidentally, is his own cousin. Music

- Karmine
The port town of Karmine acts as the main connection between Northern Soma and the other two continents. Many ships are anchored here, which serve as transportation for merchants, travelers, Zhaoliang students, and pilgrims from around Soma. The locals are mainly seamen, renowned for their coarse way of speaking, as well as fondness of alcoholic beverages, hence there are many bars and rough-mouthed drunkards to be found all over the place, which eventually lead to bar brawls. Music

- Noa
A floating market village situated in shallow Hargalaten waters, Noa is actually a number of wooden boats moored to each other, forming a large, makeshift deck comprised of small ones. A number of anchors are chained to the seafloor to ensure suitable holding ground for the boats. The 'village' itself was established by a family of fishmongers making a living off resources which the Hargalaten sea is rich with -- various kinds of edible seafood such as fishes, shrimps and seaweed, as well as precious pearls used as jewelries or trading commodities. Recently, the village is reported to be suffering from frequent raid by savages roaming the open water. Music

- Lagon
Part of the Forsaken Isles of Zenobia, Lagon is an uninhabited cove rumoured to be a pirate's hideout. Music

- Dalan Regis
A bustling city dubbed "The City of a Thousand Rivers", where buildings are connected to each other with canals, and rowboats are the main transportation to be found. Music

- Fresin
A village established by refugees from the Verdossa Volcano disaster which took place hundreds of years ago.

- Sorna Del Sol
A seaside resort town, a popular place for a vacation among travellers from all around the world.

- Caern
An old fortress which was used as a pivotal stronghold during the ancient war.

- Duldenberg
A large city located in the snowy region of Ninel island. During the Ancient War of Soma, Duldenberg has been captured and recaptured between the warring forces of Altaginea, Infernia, and Zenobia. This constant shift of occupation led in an amalgamation of different culture, and thus there are various races living in the city. The current governor of the city, Siesta, is a gifted artist and musician. Once in a month he holds a ball open to local residents and foreign visitors in his own mansion, to promote and symbolize unity in their demographic diversity. Music

- Aurol
A small fishing village. Music

- Tyr
A peaceful town surrounding Lake Ramorte. Music

- Manadil
The renowned monastery in the middle of Jabal Al-sahra Desert where powerful warrior monks live. Music

- Al-Ashgar
A large city divided into two parts -- the inner parts where rich noblemen live in luxurious mansions and palaces, and the outer parts dwelt by common civilians below average economic class. Slavery have been practiced here for years. Previously known to be harsh and dehumanizing, the royals' treatment of the slaves have become more compassionate since King Zakaria's reign, who was born in poverty. Once in a year, a prestigious fighting tournament called 'Melee of Might' is held in the Arena. Music - Inner City -~- Music - Outer City

- Hemodeus
An undersea city divided into two levels, the Upper and Lower District. Utilising intricate mechanism of Mechania, the Architects of Escarioth were able to construct a spacious living quarters which are immune from deep sea pressure and provide fresh air for humans to breathe. The Upper District consists of commercial and entertainment sector, while the Lower District is home to a large, beautiful lily garden, residential sector as well as recreational spots for citizens. Standing in the center is the Great Dome, which serve both as house for Governor Gugnac Baranis and meeting site for city counselors and administrators. Music - Lower District • Music - Upper District

- Yrdsil
A village which stood in the middle of a warzone where fierce battles took place. The villagers of Yrdsil built an underground bunker which have existed for ages, providing them with a temporary safe haven.

- Zelna Nova
A religious town where one of the most famous landmark in Soma, the Cherubim Cathedral is located. The inhabitants are all devout followers of the 'Trinitas' concept, in which there is only One God represented in Three Divine Beings, and that Midil, Levanth and Silmeria are believed to be consubstantial to each other. During the Black Rain era, the town, similar with Nirva in Altaginea were the only settlements refusing to take part in the ancient war, condemning those involved.Music

- Mair Mervelus
An abandoned keep which, at the past used as a stronghold by Zenobian forces, at present turned into a fortified dungeon owned by the rich former cardinal of Zelna Nova, Delgradt Ramuir.

- Escarioth
The city which bear witness to castigation brought forth by the Gods, now forgotten by all mankind, lifelessly lying at the edge of the world. Music

- Nirva Forest
A sacred forest near Nirva that is home to the first Golden Tree of Soma. The entrance path to the forest is guarded by Temple Priests, allowing only Enchantress and her sworn Paladin to enter the forest. Wildlife is preserved here, and the heavenly power of the Golden Tree's roots keeps the other plants and trees alive -- their leaves stay green and dense as time goes by, never dropping a single dead leaf. It is told that some children tried to sneak into the forest and tread deep, but were always strangely led back to the village somehow. Music

- Helben Highlands
A wilderness serving as hunting ground for Kyril hunters. Music

- Perciviel Mountains
The mountain range which separates Helben Highlands and Mazus Plains.

- Zhaoliang Cavern
A large, labyrinthine man-made cavern located at the foot of Perciviel in the outskirts of Zhaoliang that was once a gold mine.

- Mazus Plains
A large grassland which is considered a wildlife preserve for various species of birds and mammals. The samurai of Ichidou act as guardians of the region by strictly prohibiting any human being from hunting game, letting the force of nature takes care of itself.

- Arcades Ruins
Ruins of the Altaginean city of Arcades.

- Elm Ramsa Jungle
A jungle filled with dense trees and large marsh.

- The Deathly Wetlands

- Hargalaten Sea

- Forsaken Isles of Zenobia

- Ordoval Island
Today, the island merely holds the remnants of the Zenobian city of Verdossa, which were destroyed by the ravaging hands of Pecadillus.

- Leilandr Island
A tropical island of astounding scenery. It is rumored that an ancient Zenobian imperial treasure which could make even the richest man in Soma show the widest smile he has ever shown, is supposed to be buried somewhere in the island. Music

- Ninel Island
An island located at the easternmost edge of the world, which is renowned as the coldest place to live in all of Soma.

- North Osma Forest
A snowy forest. Music
- Osmaria Stream

- South Osma Forest

- Gulfnir Cavern

- Gulfnir Ruins
Ruins of the Zenobian city of Gulfnir.

- Mount Palador
Named after Palador Gustava, the great General of Zenobian Maritime forces. Music

- The Grand Rapture
The Grand Rapture is one of the most famous landmarks in the world. A huge stone bridge, high above the highest clouds of Soma, traverses across the canyon, connecting the two Great Mountains -- Mount Palador and Mount Silbrus. The state-of-the-art platform was built using Mechania. Music

- Mount Silbrus
Named after Silbrus Balthirr, the great General of Infernian Dragoons. Music

- Jabal Al-sahra Desert

- Al-sahra Cavity

- Cristelon Sea

- The Sleeping Grounds

- Hal'Nan Prairie

- Xaxern Forest

- Loden River

- The Snake Rock

- Pesmergal Ruins
Ruins of the Infernian city of Pesmergal.

- Lumina Woods
A peaceful forest lying in the edge of Stromblad Steppe where itinerant orbs of Esphere float around the area. An invisible Esphere barrier surrounds the enchanted forest, preventing Disphere substances from flowing in, and "choosing" the human being whom is allowed a passage. Music

- Stromblad Steppe
A large steppe which separate Pesmergal and Escarioth. Music

(more information comes later)


Prelude: Chronicle (in progress - 50%)

1st Suite: Release
Chapter I ~ A New Dawn
Chapter II ~ Coerced Coexistence

2nd Suite: Escapade
Chapter III ~ Where the Dead Ships Dwell
Chapter IV ~ Black and White

Interlude: Retrospect

3rd Suite: Ordeal
Chapter V ~ Another Day in Quicksand
Chapter VI ~ Our Infinite Struggle

Final Suite: Salvation
Chapter VII ~ Pacing Death's Trail
Chapter VIII ~ March to the Shore

Postlude: Providence


Ladies and gentlemen, here it is, my first, big project, which may also be my last. I have decided to retire from designing after I contribute my skills at least by one campaign of huge proportions, as real life circumstances (work and family) began to take a higher ground against me. At first I was laid-back regarding this project, but now I'm ambitious to get it done, and close the editor for good, closing the curtains with an epic bang. Well, maybe not so epic in terms of gameplay and challenge (especially if you compare it to Tsubasa's Tale or Wrath of the Dark Lord). I'm mostly aiming to create a story that captivates your heart, supported with a believable and fantasy-realistic cast of characters, immersive story and character development, beautiful and detailed landscape design, and everything else that hopefully will keep you seated for hours in front of your monitor.

So what do you think? For those of you who're into Japanese console RPGs and have played Final Fantasy X, you might recognize a slight yet obvious resemblance to the game's plot (pilgrimages; a summoner and her guardians; saving the world from an enormous monster; etc.). That is indeed intentional, as I did draw inspiration from it as my most favorite JRPG game ever, but of course not without some adjustments and adaptations that form the basis my own story. The campaign's gonna be divided into four playable campaigns which contain 2 scenarios each, as well as three cut-scenes (a prologue, an intermission, and an epilogue). It's going to be a Role-Playing Strategy, but I may leave space for other genres like FF or puzzle to get in the mix. It will feature many NPCs and quests, although you'll most likely not going to find sub-quests or traditional RPG features like leveling up or buying equipments, because each scenario is linear and the campaign itself is meant to be story-driven (similar to Piece By Piece series), leaving minimal space for free movements. Again, the main aspect of the game is the story that's being presented, and the realistic characterization of "tiny pixilated units" you see on your screen.

One thing that could distinguish this from other campaigns in the blacksmith -- emphasis on music. For each of the campaigns (the four playable ones), I have assembled exactly 45 music tracks plus a few generic ones i.e. recurring themes. I understand that despite dial-up connection is merely a thing of the past, most people may hate downloading huge file sizes (in this case takes up to 75-76 MB), so all of them may come as an optional downloadable content, separated from the campaign file. Why so many music, you ask? Well, it has become my standard to develop a story based on a set of prearranged music tracks. First, I think of a general story, choose a handful of music tracks, and then write an end-to-end plot according to the sequence of the music. The music itself spans to many genres, ranging from Orchestral, Experimental, Rock, a few Jazz & Techno, Ambient tracks, and a lot more, all composed by Japanese composers such as Masashi Hamauzu, Yasunori Mitsuda, Mitsuto Suzuki, Hitoshi Sakimoto, and many more. They all represent the numerous Town themes, Dungeon themes, an Event / Cut-scene themes. Here are some examples of the diversity among the tracks: Sample 1 -~- Sample 2 -~- Sample 3

I know I've been starting and giving up numerous projects, but with the aforementioned situation, I'll do everything to finish producing this baby. I hope you'll understand and wish me luck, rather than speaking in a manner of pessimistic. I want this to be a grandiose work of art, therefore, I'll be giving this project the absolute best of my scenario designing capabilities.

Thank you for your attention. Questions and comments are welcome.

Brought to you by

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posted 01-31-10 07:07 PM CT (US)     1 / 59       
wow...sounds really big. Given the cutscenes I've seen from you, I'm sure I'll be enjoying this.

the three episodes you're talking about will be three different campaigns, right?
posted 01-31-10 08:27 PM CT (US)     2 / 59       
Wait, 11 scenarios?

Are they all going to be really small, or something?

EDIT: Your story seems kind of wandering, in my opinion. It seems like it kind of starts in one direction, then suddenly veers off in another direction before fully exploring the first.

As an example:

"She, who is blessed with fertility and prosperity,"

I may be misreading that, but it doesn't actually appear to fit with the line following it.

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Mithril Knight
posted 01-31-10 09:19 PM CT (US)     3 / 59       
posted 01-31-10 09:29 PM CT (US)     4 / 59       
Either the scenarios will be short or you will take (Insert # here) years making this. In the case of the latter, you will be designing for a long time to come.

I had a listen to your two music selection, very console RPG-like. I wonder what it would sound/feel like during gameplay.

Good luck to you, and I hope that a meteor will strike Earth which would allow you to retire sooner.

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posted 01-31-10 10:10 PM CT (US)     5 / 59       
Wow, this sounds epic.

I always love a good story, and I'm glad to see that's what you're focusing on.

Good luck, I'm really looking forward to this.

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posted 02-01-10 00:48 AM CT (US)     6 / 59       
I'm seeing a lot of names used from Swallowed Realm and even In Flames' album Come Clarity.

Anyway, sounds quite epic and I hope you are able to pull it off.
posted 02-01-10 04:48 AM CT (US)     7 / 59       
At least , I'm seeing a very big project that is NOTcreated by a newbie/n00b .
All big projects that are created by newbs or n00bs aren't finished . Trisatya is a ... *i can't find a magnifiant word for him* .
posted 02-01-10 09:54 AM CT (US)     8 / 59       
Awesomeness in its purest form.

Really.. Can't wait!
hunnic paladin
posted 02-01-10 11:38 AM CT (US)     9 / 59       
Totally looking forward to this. Nothing better than a scenario by the legend who is Andan.

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posted 02-01-10 01:32 PM CT (US)     10 / 59       
Damn... This sounds like a great, epic and fun campaign. I'm glad to know you'll leave AOK like this, but I'm also sad because, obviously, you'll leave. I've played FFX and I loved it, so I'm sure this will be great. Good luck, pal!

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posted 02-01-10 01:50 PM CT (US)     11 / 59       
This looks like its about to rock.
Good luck with it andan, if you want a playtester or anything... my email is in profile.

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posted 02-01-10 02:08 PM CT (US)     12 / 59       
what popey said
Me too
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posted 02-02-10 01:07 AM CT (US)     13 / 59       
this can't be your first/last project! It's forbidden! i have barely got to know you yet...

btw can someone give me a link to his "best" work, also i now this is early but i wouldnt mind be a playtester too, so theres gonna be 9 or 11 scenerios, how big are the maps gonna be? whats Providence mean?
Episode I: Release
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2nd Story ~ The Chosen Pessimist
3rd Story ~ Black and White
Michael jackson fan
The Deadly Bog
lol bog

in other words i reckon this will be really good and cant wait for it

So, again Devestator shut the f*ck up, for your own good, and for mine aswell. If you think im a noob, continue with that, but do not tell that noobstuff to the others, because there's people who do not give a flying f*ck about you, komprenas? SHUT THE F*CK UP, AND REMAIN SILENT stupid pervert. - NertyOX
posted 02-02-10 01:16 AM CT (US)     14 / 59       
Black and White
Michael jackson fan
Heck no!
posted 02-02-10 09:35 AM CT (US)     15 / 59       
Moreover, Black and White also seems to be a game.
So many different interpretations, so many obvious reasons to not strictly point it to one only thing.

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posted 02-02-10 11:11 AM CT (US)     16 / 59       
Well, seeing as the other stories are named after In Flames songs..
Lord Basse
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posted 02-02-10 11:27 AM CT (US)     17 / 59       
Sounds awesome. I love the way you come up with the story by the way, picking out the songs first and making a campaign based around them. The same idea has come to me a few times but I've never got around to realizing them. I hope you manage better than me.

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posted 02-02-10 12:47 PM CT (US)     18 / 59       
This looks very promising; good luck
Lady Mule
posted 02-02-10 11:26 PM CT (US)     19 / 59       
Good luck with this, looking forward to seeing it develop.

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posted 02-03-10 06:04 AM CT (US)     20 / 59       
Looks pretty awesome The story is written in a nice poetic form, not a masterpiece of literature but better than most of the stories I've read that accompanied a campaign

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(id: Coldviper)
posted 02-03-10 11:15 AM CT (US)     21 / 59       

Good luck . I can tell your going to pull it off otherwise you wouldn't have wasted all this time typing all that out

[This message has been edited by Coldviper (edited 02-03-2010 @ 12:49 PM).]

posted 02-03-10 11:50 AM CT (US)     22 / 59       
You ,fool ! Andanu is a legend here not like other n00bs .
posted 02-03-10 12:00 PM CT (US)     23 / 59       
You ,fool ! Andanu is a legend here not like other n00bs .
I'm pretty sure Coldviper was making a joke; so try to be a little bit less insane .
posted 02-03-10 12:02 PM CT (US)     24 / 59       
when you see the word n00b you act like a bull that sees red.
(id: Coldviper)
posted 02-03-10 12:47 PM CT (US)     25 / 59       
Courtjester has it right . lol
(id: Cilibinarii)
posted 02-03-10 01:46 PM CT (US)     26 / 59       
Panel has it better

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posted 02-03-10 01:59 PM CT (US)     27 / 59       
Not to go off topic here, but Cilibinarii, your signature quote is epic. Which tribe is Marcellinus referring to anyway?
posted 02-04-10 05:46 AM CT (US)     28 / 59       
Panel , CourtJester , I was joking too . If he wasn't joking , i wasn't joking too . Seems logical to me .
posted 02-04-10 07:24 AM CT (US)     29 / 59       
fanica: I was joking too, regardless if you were joking or not
posted 02-04-10 08:04 AM CT (US)     30 / 59       
I know you were joking panel . If Coldviper wasn't joking I could take this as an insult .

Particulary : Have you received the story on Mail ? I feel like I sent it to the wrong person .

[This message has been edited by Fanica (edited 02-04-2010 @ 08:05 AM).]

posted 02-04-10 08:10 AM CT (US)     31 / 59       
yes, I did. I'll have an exam tomorrow, and then I'll be able to do it. (sorry for the offtopic)
posted 02-04-10 08:19 AM CT (US)     32 / 59       
Exam ... reminds me that I have a test at biology ... again horrible
Let's return to the topic .
(id: Cilibinarii)
posted 02-05-10 08:27 AM CT (US)     33 / 59       
Not to go off topic here, but Cilibinarii, your signature quote is epic. Which tribe is Marcellinus referring to anyway?
Celts in general - it doesn't mention a specific tribe.

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posted 02-05-10 08:37 AM CT (US)     34 / 59       
Let's return to the topic
What do you misunderstand from this words ? talking .
(id: Mashek)
posted 02-05-10 08:06 PM CT (US)     35 / 59       
Comeon blokes, let's not turn this into a bloody MSN convo. It is counter-productive and not fair to Andan. Return to topic please.

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