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Topic Subject:Prophets of Doom v.0.1 alpha
posted 11-11-17 07:26 AM CT (US)         
Hello, here a new update thread for my scenario,
in case someone is interested:


Here's the trailer, screenshots and updates are at the bottom of the post:

Thumbnail of the map

Enlarged version

PROPHETS OF DOOM is the desperate struggle of a peasant religious revolt against the besieging loyalist forces -at the time of the lutheran reformation- and its dramatic drift towards madness, sorrow and fanatism.
This is a hybrid scenario, between a faithful historical assembly -inspired by Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast, an RPG and a DTS.
Its didactic style makes the player get acquainted with the map as well with the socio-economic setting of the time, which is linked with the game events.
Throughout a massive usage of cutscenes the story is unraveled as a scenographic narrative, slowly increasing its pace until the player controls large armies, effectively transforming the gameplay in DTS.
PROPHETS OF DOOM is conceived for Age of Chivalry Hegemony v2.02 & UP 1.5
MAP: 100%
STORY: 85%
AI: 80%

*city own economic system
*city own defense system
*city own life groove
*narrated introductory+progressive cutscenes
*city visit "tour"
*mercenary system & rebellion conditions (Master Of Coin)
*random bombing system
*3 difficulty levels
*adaptive combat/retreat/advance system
*random (attack #1) system
*convent mission (attack #2)
*faith bonus system
*advanced Taunt system
*villages' missions (attack #3)
*progressive siege
*fixed all the corrupted tiles which prevented the loading of saved games!
*civil war (attack #4)
*urban warfare system
*famine engine (Master Of Wheat)
*faith engine
*progressive devastation of the city

*hero's inventory
*hero's spells (Master Of Theology)
*final mission WIP
*AI related to the final mission
*PDF player's "manual" <--- (...working on all these...)

W.I.P UPDATES (newer to older):
(some screenshots have been later updated)


Back after so long! Didn't stop to work on the scenario, tho...
Where were we at? Ah yes, that cutscene! Here, a little appetizer:

<< I've got the popcorn going! >>

In the meantime, I've been setting up and debugging several triggers that regulate the environmental behaviour (such as some smoke, fires, craters, corpses etc) and citizens' morale.
The most important achievement was the famine engine, which kicks in once the food stockpiles are depleted, and it's integrated with faith score.

Then, the part of the rebellion -or civil war- was made, where urban fighting officially enters the game. Here you have to kill the leader of the rebellion to gain again control over the whole of the city, or else...

Parallelly I'm also working on the documentation, here is a sneak peak of the introductory screen, and the player's manual (Manual of the Heretic!): I'm gathering the necessary audio material for the cutscenes of the final assault to the city.
Then, it will be time to program the cutscene itself and, most importantly, the attack engine for computer foes.
Not to talk about the AI script! Oioioi... long way to go, but I see the end of the project finally!

And of course updating AoCH to 2.03...

(So, yea, now that I'm back try to support me a bit on the forums, just the final pushes!)

*Achievement list updated;
*Whishlist updated;
*Completion % updated.

...and here it is:
( the way Happy New Year!)

*Villages' mission is designed and tested;
*Progressive Siege completed. Now the enemy gradually encircles the city, placing buildings and positioning troops.
*Progressing with food engine, but still far from completion.
*Unlock farmers and palisade wall + script limiter
*A new cutscene with big blasts and projectile virtuoso sits in the oven
*More extra events, like river blockade, reinforcements etc;
*Mood sounds: Optimistic, Grumpy, Hungry (from Caesar 3!!)
*Achievement list updated;
*Whishlist updated;
*Completion % updated.

...Soon I hope to post a screenshot of the cutscene: the rain of fire which incinerates assaulting catholic troops with the power of Anabaptism.

(report script)
It is still a loooong way to go.
I just finished playtesting everything it was made until now. There is just 1 gameplay oddity, and 1 suspect crash situation linked with that oddity to be corrected.
Sometimes little glitches come up, but they are unlikely to happen.

A huge eyecandy trigger set is in construction...probably the hugest ever made in AoE...currently it is around a thousand triggers and two thousands effects which will become almost four thousand in the end. And it is just a stupid eyecandy.

This will still take a while...then I will be ready to move on a new phase of the game. In this new phase, I will implement the famine system, which is very difficult because it will be linked with the faith system (which determines the bonus system).
Once these things will be programmed, the story can go on: basically the city will be completely sieged, the player will lose external supply lines and will start to starve.
But then....
See you to the next update!

WEEKEND UPDATE 29oct17 [ H U G E ]
GREAT NEWS!The scenario is tested and stable for its first 3 stages. Extensively debugged and refined with behavioural eye-candies.It is completely playable until the WIP point.

-Updated to UP1.5 and new AoC release.
-Terrain blending yet to be updated :\
-The weather system has been implemented and randomized.
-The external gates are now brown as the walls, such as the community advised.
-Many endless bugfixes.
-Tested at all 3 difficulty levels.
-Stage 3 (convent mission) is completed and debugged.
-Transition phase between stages 3 and 4 (poligamy, faith system) completed.
-Faith engine still to be perfected.
-Started planning of next developments in the scenario.

It is time for a catch-up session, after so many updates!
Screenshots, here we go:

A pleasant night fight between anabaptist militias and catholic troops. UP 1.5.

Rain random system. Sometimes can rain for quite a lot! Blame weather forecasts... UP 1.5.

Convent south of Munster, where to "save" some nouns... for later amusement...

Wandering around with your single starting character! Don't lose it, because... it is YOU.

"The Faith System has a front-end interface, taunt-recallable. The back-end of tens of triggers scans for complex dynamic updates!

Despite this useless image is the only thing i am posting, don't worry a huuuuge amount of work has been done.
-Now the random attacks work flawlessly and crash % is reduced to non-annoying levels.
-PHASE 3 of the game is opened: after foiling the attack #1, complete de convent mission.
-After completing convent mission, the Faith System Mechanics & Display is introduced.
-Preparing to start the middlegame (core of the game)

WEEKEND UPDATE 19nov16 (small...)
Here are screenshots of Jan Van Leiden spreading his faith all over the place. It is part of supportive combat engine by computer player.

Faith powers

"At the sight of their leader riding at the frontline and rallying them, the Anabaptists felt thrilled, as a feeling of invulnerability possessed their fanatic minds".

The main square before, and after updates

The harbour (old)

Everyday life (old)

Besieged before, and after updates

Battle out of the walls UPDATED

Bombing on the outer walls (old)

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The Great Artiste
Serial No. 44-27353
(id: Great_Artiste)
posted 11-11-17 09:41 AM CT (US)     1 / 7       
This looks:

a) Amazing

b) Hell of a work

Thumbs up!

Co-creator and leader of Monsoon Studios

You are kneeling with your tongue out? What exactly do you think is going to happen here? - Matt

A drush is not a knockout punch; it is the first punch in a combo - Barbarossa
AoE2 Edhun
posted 11-13-17 09:35 AM CT (US)     2 / 7       
What an insane project. I hope you manage to finish it at some point!
Dark Samurai
posted 11-13-17 07:16 PM CT (US)     3 / 7       
Please let this become 100%, it looks...pretty unique and awesome.
posted 11-14-17 02:40 PM CT (US)     4 / 7       
What an insane project. I hope you manage to finish it at some point!
"Insane" is the right word, indeed ... 0_0
posted 02-17-18 03:55 AM CT (US)     5 / 7       
thanks! it is still going on.

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(id: Mashek)
posted 02-19-18 01:24 AM CT (US)     6 / 7       
I really like those screenshots. There's a lot going on and in general promises a lot of fun.
posted 02-19-18 01:39 AM CT (US)     7 / 7       
My jaw dropped beyond recovery. Faith system looks incredibly interesting!

Check me out on Steam: GL252 I'm very slowly building a scenario and eyecandy map portfolio.

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