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Topic Subject:Project: Divine Intervention v2.0
posted 03-05-19 10:05 PM CT (US)         

The first cutscene is live on the Blacksmith!

Download now!


"Two boys, born exactly two years apart. Each born under a red moon."

Chaumont, France. 1410 AD.

What can you say about a man with no past? Reynald de Selsey had no family to speak of, and no real place to call home. The arrival of this Englishman in France had barely been noticed; the civil war between the Armagnacs and the Burgundians didn't allow such luxuries. But events at Chaumont would soon bring his name to the lips of the whole country.

It was this very ruthless focus on winning that would propel Reynald to a position of power within the Armagnac kingdom. However, his past would be harder to escape than he thought...

Prophecy, destiny, fate. All words used by men to describe what they cannot possibly hope to comprehend...

...Divine Intervention.


Some ideas, I guess you just can't let go. When I wanted to come back to scenario design, I really felt that I didn't do a great job telling the story that I wanted the first time. So I decided to reboot my original "Divine Intervention" campaign. This is a complete re-imagining of that story. The maps are all new (and actually look good this time...), and the story has been greatly fleshed out. If you remember the original (10+ years later), you'll find a whole lot of surprises in this one.


This is an "old school" type campaign, which means multiple smaller maps instead of the "one giant map" style. The gameplay will have fixed force, B&D, puzzle, and stealth elements, depending on the scenario.

- Three cutscenes, six playable scenarios
- Custom music and sounds throughout
- Mystery and twists to the story
- Variable difficulty levels
- Multiple choices that influence the story and events throughout the campaign! Remember to save often and in different slots-- you'll want to replay many of these scenarios several times to get the "full" experience!


Training camp
French village
Knights riding
Choose your path...
Écorcheur hideout
Armagnac city


This is going to take a while, but I love the story and I really want to see it out in the world. I am releasing the first cutscene in the Blacksmith today.

Cutscene 1: 100%
Scenario 1: 99%
Scenario 2: 99%
Scenario 3: 10%
Cutscene 2: 0%
Scenario 4: 0%
Scenario 5: 0%
Scenario 6: 0%
Cutscene 3: 0%


All comments, ideas, suggestions are welcome!

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(id: Dark_Reign)
posted 03-09-19 05:58 PM CT (US)     1 / 4       
I'm glad you're picking this back up! The screenshots look great. The city could use a little more detail like you have in the first few. I hope you get all 6 scenarios done.

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posted 03-28-19 11:13 AM CT (US)     2 / 4       
I can help playtest your campaign!

posted 08-30-19 04:00 PM CT (US)     3 / 4       
posted 09-04-19 08:13 PM CT (US)     4 / 4       
Beta test:

Chapter 2 ~ Prodigal Son:

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