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Topic Subject:Icons,OMTBO and other Alpha stuff
posted 05-01-19 01:47 PM CT (US)         
Some silly questions regarding the Alpha Version

In the AOE1 and the Alpha Version,the Icons used to be bigger than today,can AOE2 use bigger icons without problems?

Also,the OMTBO had it's functionality removed quite early in the Alpha development process,is their off-trade function still in the game hidden somewhere in the .dat file like the capture function or the Charging mode once where?

AS for formations,In the slps containing it,there are other formation Icons such as vertical line formation,wedge formation,etc...The expansions also introduced Attack-Move function while Danielpereira from PCM introduced a button for scouts that allows them to scout randomly an area.Where are those formations and scout data stored?Can we modify this data so we can introduce vertical line,wedge formation,etc?

Also,Is it possible to modify Gaia behavior?Maybe some GAIA AI?I mean,could we make wolves hunt deer/sheep,or make some deer/boar spawner that creates animals once in a while?

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