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Topic Subject:Are These Mods Possible?
posted 06-26-19 12:55 PM CT (US)         
My questions have been answered elsewhere but I don't know how to delete this topic.

Does anybody know if there is any way to do the following?:

1. Make it so villagers deposit wood into the lumber camp so that the wood doesn't go to the player's global resources, but is actually held in the lumber camp, and if it's destroyed the wood is lost. Also make it so that wood can be removed from that lumber camp by villagers and transferred to another lumber camp or a TC.

2. Allow functionality for using garrisoned units for production. For instance, garrison a villager, and when you hit the "train spearman" button, it removes a garrisoned villager but costs no food.

I've struggled with Advanced Genie Editor to let me do these things for hours with no success. Is it impossible, or simply not possible with Advanced Genie Editor, or possible but I just don't know how?

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posted 06-28-19 08:22 AM CT (US)     1 / 2       
Hmm, I think those two ideas are not achievable.
posted 06-29-19 05:23 AM CT (US)     2 / 2       
Maybe the looting function can help you up to a point.,43951,,all
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