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Topic Subject:How to modify the monk's healing animation?
posted 07-09-19 04:43 PM CT (US)         
Hi, I've got a question about modding the monk. I attempted to change the look of the Saracen/Turks monk into the Imam look.
In the Graphics section of Advanced Genie Editor, I made some new graphics , MONKM_AN (M for Middle Eastern) is for monk converting animation, MONKM_TN is for monk healing animation. However, I don't where to put MONKM_TN (monk healing animation) for the Saracen monk in the Units section.

Can someone tell me how to mod the monk healing animation?

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posted 07-09-19 10:44 PM CT (US)     1 / 1       
Are you using HD or UP 1.5 ? If UP, I'll quote scripter :
For monks, a method can been created in order to allow for per-civ healing graphics using the "Language File Help" (light blue) box in A.G.E. It seems that this value is unused in the current version of the game, since the extended creation text is internally calculated by using the "Language File Creation" id + 20000. This gives us 2 new 16-bit values to work with.

To setup the graphics, you must first get 2 values: the unit id to transition to for a relic event (should always be 286 monk-with-relic for 125 monk) and a healing graphics id like 8344. Convert these 2 values to 16-bit (2 byte) hex: 286 becomes 0x011E and 8344 becomes 0x2098. Combine these together to form 0x011E2098 and then set the highest bit by adding 0x80000000 to get 0x811E2098. The 0x80000000 is there to ensure that the usual language file ids aren't considered. Convert this value back to decimal form and you get -2128732008.

This is the value to set for the 125 monk unit's "Language File Help" box to ensure it switches to 286 when it picks up a relic and uses graphics id 8344 when healing. These same values can be used on your monk-with-relic unit if it's different from 286 (not recommended lol) to ensure it switches back to the correct normal monk unit. Please be sure that A.G.E. is only set to change the one civ that you're working on when modifying the "Language File Help" box to avoid changing it for all civs. Thanks to TriRem for feedback!

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