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Topic Subject: Questions about patches
posted 05-05-04 00:05 AM CT (US)   
I haven't played for a couple of years. Now I come back to the Zone and some players have version 'e'. I have version 'c'. I also see that a lot of players also still have version 'c'.

This seems strange to me. In all my gaming experience, an online community will usually always upgrade to the latest version. What is going on? I tried asking on the Zone but it's a strange community. It seems like it's mostly kiddies and idiots there. I couldn't get one straight answer. So, can anyone here answer some of my questions?:

-What exactly is in version 'e'?
-Is it an official patch?
-Where can I get version 'e'?
-Why does the community seem divided concerning versions 'c' and 'e'?
-Are versions 'c' and 'e' compatible?
-Can you have both installed and choose between either one?
-Which version do you recommend and why?

Thanks in advance for any replys.


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posted 05-05-04 01:24 PM CT (US)     1 / 9  
A quick trip to will show you that the latest patch put out by the game manufacturer for AoC is 1.0c. No later patch or version is sanctioned by Ensemble Studios.

Freelancers often times come out with "their own patch". Many people will rush out to find the new patch, paraniod of hackers and hoping for the newest "thing".

Such a thing as this happened in the AoK community. The new 2.0b patch came out and some ran out and got it. It turns out that it was not an Ensemble Studios patch, but a patch made by the same guy who came out with things like resource hacks. Would you want any files on your pc made from the likes of this?

My recomendation is to use the link above to get your updated patches and stay away from the stuff the sheep run off to download.

Official LO12DS clan website: LO12DS Clan

(this site has a link to Age of Kings Heaven and promotes the use of Age of Kings Heaven website)

posted 05-05-04 05:36 PM CT (US)     2 / 9  
Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, only a couple of my questions were answered. The more silence I receive concerning this 'e' patch, the more curious I am.

If anyone can answer my other questions, I would really appreciate it. Thanks again.


posted 05-06-04 07:02 AM CT (US)     3 / 9  
I believe the 'e' patch prevents hacks that are possible in the 'c' patch. I don't think it actually changes the game in anyway. I use c, so im not sure. But the c patch will be fine for the zone - most of the players ive seen use it.
posted 05-06-04 07:58 AM CT (US)     4 / 9  
I'll run through them step by step:

Q. What exactly is in version 'e'?
A. 1.0e provides protection from all trainers and hacks used in version 1.0c (maphacks etc.)

Q. Is it an official patch?
A. No, it's not.

Q. Where can I get version 'e'?
A. I am not at liberty to divulge that information.

Q.Why does the community seem divided concerning versions 'c' and 'e'?
A. 1.0e is an unofficial patch released by Tormentium, the same cracker who also made a lot of hacks for 1.0 and 1.0c. People don't trust him to guarantee safety and are unsure about what else he has programmed into the 1.0e patch.

Q. Are versions 'c' and 'e' compatible?
A. No they are not, but stay tuned.

Q. Can you have both installed and choose between either one?
A. Yes, 1.0e comes with a version selector utility that let's you switch between using 1.0c and 1.0e. Note that wehn you do switch back to 1.0c you are no longer 'protected' by the upgrades.

Q. Which version do you recommend and why?
A. Personally I would recommend sticking with C. Reason being that it saves you a lot of fuss switching versions. If you are really particular about avoiding cheats and don't wan tto losr your rating points you can go ahead and run 1.0e but there have been reports about cheats that work in 1.0e. Whether or not there's any truth to those, I don't know.

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posted 05-06-04 02:27 PM CT (US)     5 / 9  
I dont know if you realize it but you just broke the coc, and according to it you should get a warning or in worst case be banned.

But hopefully you will only get a warning if the mods see it.

The reason is the no-cd crack that is builded into the e patch, hence we are not allowed to talk about it according to the coc.

I would have sticked to the c patch though, most probably there is already hacks out for the e patch too. So it dont really matter to upgrade it anymore.

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posted 05-06-04 03:48 PM CT (US)     6 / 9  

I am aware of the CoC but I was however not aware of the built-in no-cd funtion of the 1.0e patch. I only tried using it once and was not able to get it to work properly with 1.0c. I apolagise for my inadvertent breach of the CoC. As for therule itself, this thread which clearly refers to the 1.0e patch had been up for over a day so I did not even consider it might fall under the no warez rule. I've edited the post to remove the violation.

Once again, I apolagise, I meant no harm.

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posted 05-06-04 09:55 PM CT (US)     7 / 9  
Sorry, but what rule are we talking about? Seems like a harmless conversation to me. And it's certainly cleared up a few of my questions...

Mmmmm... Pie.
posted 05-07-04 01:48 AM CT (US)     8 / 9  
Thank you for the answers. I hope nobody gets in trouble for all of this. Personally, I'm staying with 'c'. I'm not crazy about using unofficial patches.

I wasn't aware that you could cheat with version 1.0c. Does anyone know in particular what kind of cheats so I can watch out for them? I don't understand the satisfaction people get from cheating. It's so sad and pathetic.


posted 05-07-04 01:35 PM CT (US)     9 / 9  
Hmm... late here.

As told by other forumers, 1.0e has a no-cd crack and it's therefore against the code of conduct. Since this obviously doesn't seem to be common knowledge and because Arch edited his posts, I won't be handing out official warnings.

However, do not discuss this further.
Thread closed.

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