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The results of the 2020 AoKH Defend the Spot Competition are in! In a gripping standoff, Filthydelphia ably edged Bassi and Thanathor for first place with a score of 79/100 points to Bassi's 67/100 points and Thanathor's 64/100 points. This year's contest provided us with an excellent set of entries to enjoy.

Head over to the contest thread to congratulate the winners, and be sure to check out all of the entries:

- The Last Romans by Filthydelphia - Witness the ultimate battle between East and West as you defend the last bastion of the Roman Empire against impossible odds!

- The Battle of Sighnaq by Bassi - In the Tamerlane campaign, you helped Tokhtamysh Khan take control of the White Horde and defeat his rival, Urus Khan. Now, experience Urus' side of the story!

- A Most Unusual Package by Thanathor - Fight through hordes of enemies as you try to escort a very special package through hostile territory in this defend the spot scenario.

- Doorstep to Valhalla by Alkhalim - Defend the Norse settlement against nightly attacks from the Skraelingjar and raid their villages during the day. Utilize a completely custom Viking tech tree and the benefits of worshiping the various Norse deities.

- The Fountain of Youth by MrMew - claim the sought-after water and defend yourself from temple guardians!

- Perdiccas by BOT_Alan - defeat rival factions in a civil war over the Macedonian Empire.

- Defend the Fortress by Blume - With each minute that passes, you will have to defend against an ever-increasing horde. The map also holds a litany of quests and puzzles to be to discovered and solved...if you can survive long enough to solve them.

- Gensokyo - Seasons of Calamity by duyhung2h - Solve the mystery of a curse and engage in an epic conflict between factions.

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