posted 07-22-20 06:03 AM CT (US)   
The Continuous Screenshot Competition is a highlight of the Scenario Design forum here at AOKH. A simple contest that has been running non-stop since 2006, it aims to showcase some of the most creative and aesthetic map design screenshots that one can create in the scenario editor.

Over the last few years the contest has seen a decline in the number of entries and votes, partially due to a drop in inspiration and falling membership rates here at AOKH, and partly due to neglect from previous contest hosts. Now that has all changed.

Just over a month ago I personally took of the mantle (actually I reclaimed it) to continue the good work of my previous CSC hosts to make this competition great again. Since then, we’ve seen an amazing increase in the participation and number of screenshots entered into the competition. So, every month or two, I plan to showcase the winning screenshots from each round and offering a few comments on each.

Since our ‘reboot’ we’ve had three amazing rounds. The first of these was Traders, chosen by Nowhere. The winner of this round was Charging_Knight with an impressive screenshot of a bustling Arabic city and busy marketplace. Claiming an impressive 10 votes, this impressive screenshot showcases some unique assesses of the Definitive Edition as well as a creative look at a busy market square.

Our second winner was Talon Karrde with the interesting theme of Mamluks vs Mongols. Another screenshot made with the Definitive Edition, this screenshot shows a Mongol emissary giving a warning to the Sultan of the Mamluks. It’s was a close round with Talon winning through a tie-breaker against Julius999’s more aesthetic approach to the theme.

Finally, our third winner of the month is none other than our reigning champion Julius999. The theme for this round was Forbidden Ground and Julius provides one of the most unique and creative screenshots that the competition has seen in a long time. Utilizing off-grid placement and the terrain later tool of the Definitive Edition, Julius created a formidable Fire Demon emerging from a temple. Down below of is the cult which summoned this beast on this forbidden ground.

We’ve had three amazing rounds at the Continuous Screenshot Competition this month and can’t wait to see what people come up with over the next few weeks, so why don’t you come and join in the fun. The competition is currently accepting for the new theme: What Happens in the Mountains. All you have to do is design a screenshot and post it in the competition thread before the deadline tonight!