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Welcome to the University Forum!


Now that the site revamp is over with and the University has been re-established in earnest, allow me to welcome you to your side of the University. That's right, your side: the times of having to e-mail the University Administrator your article and receiving only minor feedback (if at all) is now officially over. In place of a cold inbox, you will have a warm forum; and probably some hot critics.

The purpose of this forum is three-fold:

1. You now have a place where you can put any new article you'd like to submit to the University up for display, so that others as well as yours truly can scrutinize it and offer criticism and suggestions if need be.
2. You can use this forum to scrutinize the proposed articles of others and comment on any of the existing ones.
3. Whenever it is decided that an article is cleared for admittance, I can easily copy the article and add it to the University. In keeping with this tune, it is also made easier for me to add any updates you want to see added to your article.

The ideal system is obviously one where you can add articles to the University yourself; and who knows, maybe it will happen one day. For now, however, this will have to do. I think we can all agree that this setup beats the living daylight out of what the AoKH had to offer before, though - so no complaining, eh?

Rules of Engagement

As you can see at the top of the screen, I moderate this forum. If you've never heard of me before, or have never seen me operate in any official capacity, chances are we're going to butt heads sooner or later. Nobody likes to see a moderator go medieval on offenders; least of all if that moderator is me. To clear up any confusion beforehand, and to give me a place to point at and say: "Lo! I have come down from the mountain with answers!", I've created a list of rules for this forum. Read them, familiarize yourself with them, and never say I didn't warn you.

1. As per usual, the Forum Code of Conduct is in full effect. Just in case.
2. You are required to stay on-topic at all times. That doesn't mean I'll lynch you for an off-topic post or two, but you better believe that topics that don't suit the points I mentioned under Introduction will be shot on sight.
3. Whenever you're about to post a new topic to comment on an existing article, freeze in your tracks and use the search function. There's a good chance that there's already a topic that covers your interest; if there is, use that instead of posting a new topic. I don't mind necroposting; I do mind having to delete the umpteenth topic attempting to discuss the first mission of the Saladin campaign.
The only valid excuse you can offer for violating this rule is that the topic you had wanted to post in has expired; it happens, and there's not a whole lot you can do about that. If this is the case, then go ahead and post a new one.
4. I can't stress this enough: constructive critcism only. Tearing other people a new asshole might be your idea of a fun pastime, but it doesn't fly here. Make sure your comments and criticism build up to something the article writer can work with!
5. If you can't take criticism, you have no right to give it. Simple as that. If I see you going bananas over valid complaints just because they're complaints and not compliments, I'm going to have a word with you; cue Beethoven's Symphony No. 7.
6. If you're interested in posting a new article for us forum-goers to judge, read the Rules of Admission first. If you don't, you might find that your article will not be accepted.
7. Last, but certainly not least: even if you never read this topic, you are nonetheless required to understand the rules contained herein and live by them. No more of this "nobody reads sticky topics" nonsense; the AoKH team and yours truly didn't spend a couple of hours writing and fine-tuning this stuff just so everyone can go about their merry way ignoring it. If I bust you for violating any of these rules, and you attempt to defend yourself with something like "wut rulz? i dint c no rulz!", you will receive a return ticket to Week Ban County. Fair warning.


You can contact Felix36 at felix36 [at] heavengames [dot] com; alternatively, you can post your questions and suggestions in this topic. That about covers it; keep to the rules, and we'll get along just fine. Happy posting, and don't forget to write!

Luke Gevaerts
Former AoKH University Administrator

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