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Topic Subject: Combining data sets?
posted 03-01-20 01:40 PM CT (US)   
Hello everyone, I have read on steam that one may be able to combine two or more data sets into one for Age of empires. The comments of this topic on steam and my talks afterwards with those involved point to a way to make this happen through advanced genie editor. One of the two on steam discussing the topic and the individual who ansered the post says that one must open genie in two or more windows/instances and copy and paste all of the data information together. He also recommended asking about making this happen through this site as well as voobly since he isn't as practiced in this type of modding, but assures it can be done by those who truly know.
Now my main problem is that while i have played age of empires for many years i have only recently found out and gotten involved in modding and datasets so honestly I know nothing and do not even understand how to read much of the genie software nor use it properly yet. Currently I play age 2 hd (2013) with all the dlcs, I have 4 data set mods which are: 1) "Independent architecture 5.8" 2) "House tax mod" 3) "IA and units for 5.8" 4) "Trade workshop made useful for IA"... It would be incredible to merge two or more of these data set mods into one! If anyone can please fill me in with any information or help at all I would be eternally grateful! Thank you so much for your time and consideration in advance! Happy conquests.
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Wrong section, buddy. A mod should move this to Modding Discussion.

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