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Topic Subject:Worst Imperial Age civs
posted 04-02-19 04:31 PM CT (US)         
What civilizations face the biggest challenges in the Imperial age? As in, win by the castle age or earlier or you are probably doomed.

I imagine this differs greatly depending on the map too (water vs. arabia).
posted 04-02-19 05:19 PM CT (US)     1 / 1       
Water and land are very different. Water is easier to tackle:

Aztecs. Missing galleon, missing cannon galleon, missing demolition ships. Fast fires are all they've got, and that doesn't cut it late imperial.

Civilizations that miss bracer (Celts, Franks, Teutons, Persians, Malians, Slavs,) will have a disadvantage in massive galleon wars that rule the imperial.

Now onto land. I will assume good amounts of gold, as trash wars are a completely different story.

Vikings, while super in water, are lacking in land. No super unique unit, no super ranged unit, no super siege, no strong cavalry.

Aztecs also struggle through imperial age. They get siege onager, and good monks if your micro is awesome, but they lack the oomph needed to power through imperial.

Huns get cavalry and cavalry archers, and that's about it. Good units, but one dimensional to a fault. Most civilizations will destroy them in late imperial age.

While those are about the weakest civilizations for prolonged imperial fighting, there are a few honorable mentions:

Incas. These guys can counter just about anything, with 10 pierce armor eagles, 80 HP kamayuks, and super anti-infantry slingers. Their weakness is that they don't have anything to really POWER through stuff. They don't do too well against heavy siege or massed gunpowder. They are great at countering, but they aren't great and being unstoppable.

Mayans. These guys depend. On open maps, they are super, with almost unrivaled ability to raid with elite plumed archers, and 100 HP eagles as well. On closed maps, they really lack the ability to push a gap, lacking siege engineers or anything with over 100 HP.

Britons. They get great foot archers, good trebuchets, and decent other siege. Otherwise, not much. Their strongest unit for pushing is the cavalier, without bloodlines. They have trouble powering through an area without support.

Most other civilizations have some combination of:

Strong other siege (Mongols, Celts, Slavs)
Paladins + other options (Magyars)
A very strong imperial unique unit (Chinese, Burmese)
Goth infantry (Yes, they get gunpowder, but their infantry is their true strength.)

Lacking all of these elements leaves a civilization at a disadvantage in the late imperial age.

Mayans, I must reiterate, are actually quite strong IF they have room to maneuver. However, in full-on imperial brawls, their eagles and plumes are lacking.
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