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Topic Subject: ISO: AoK Open Beta Contest Info
posted 02-24-20 07:41 PM CT (US)   
Hello everyone! I am very excited to make an account on this site and had one way back in the day. AoE was a huge part of my early teenage years and I registered this account in order to try and gain some info on the original AoK beta.

Furthermore, I have an official CD that I got from a friend titled Open Beta 2. It was some sort of contest he entered in order to be a part of the beta program. I am super interested to see if anyone has any information about this particular CD and the contest itself, or any other history behind it.

I did send an email to my buddy but have yet to get a response. lol

I appreciate any/all help in advance!

posted 02-27-20 11:08 AM CT (US)     1 / 2  
Welcome back to the forum EduCatOR!

I unfortunately don't have any knowledge about the original AoK beta, but there are some people still around that might know some stuff.

Hope you find what you are looking for

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posted 04-26-20 06:25 PM CT (US)     2 / 2  
I think i read somewhere your story about that contest... but can't remember much! But i'm sure it was related to some beta testing phase of the game. EDIT: found some very old news here in the site, regarding the beta phase:

Did I read BETA? - June 11, 1999,7669
Sometime around late June, Age of Empires II will officially hit Beta 2 status. What this entails for the average Age II fan is that the game itself is one step closer to release. But, that's not all. Beta 2 also marks the first beta that will be distributed to notable gaming press. This means that a new crop of highly in-depth Age II previews will be hitting the Web and the magazine rack very soon.

Age of Kings Beta - July 17, 1999,986

2 more days to wait - July 20, 1999,16124
"THIS coming Thursday, July 22nd, 28 gaming websites from around the world will participate in the Age of Empires II: Age of Kings beta sign up contest. On that day, sign up forms will appear at an undisclosed time on all participating websites allowing you to enter to win your chance to beta test AoK. Approximatively 10 Agers will win from each participating site. Winners will receive the following: A beta CD of the game, the manual and other help information.".

Beta sign up results - July 29, 1999,9858

I'm REALLY interested in your CD, can you upload a photo of it? Is it official?

Please tell us more!

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