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Topic Subject: Age of Empires 2 Trailers
posted 03-16-20 10:24 AM CT (US)   
Hi AoE fans,

I'm looking for the official Promo Trailers of Age of Kings and The Conquerors from early 2000s. They're available to watch on Youtube, but the quality is really low there, since they're re-encoded and re-compressed by Youtube.

So I search their original versions in "avi/asf/wmv" etc format (around 40-50mb). I managed to find AoE1 and tRoR avi Trailers in old Windows CDs, but was not lucky enough for AoE2 and TC, although I searched everywhere on internet.

For those who want to see how these early trailers look, here are the Youtube links for,
Age of Kings Trailer
The Conquerors Trailer
The Conquerors Trailer (Alternate)

I hope there are some nice AoE collectors here, who have them in their collection and will be happy to share. Thanks in advance!

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posted 04-26-20 06:06 PM CT (US)     1 / 1  
Hi there!! I have a: "Age of Empires II The Age of Kings Press Kit" which includes one of the trailers you are looking for, and much more media, releated to the release of AOEII back in '99

I'ts like 330MB of goodies and i downloaded it some years ago. If you can't find it i can upload it for you

EDIT: check here:

EDIT 2: Conquerors trailer can be download here:

EDIT 3: AoK Pandoras Box:

EDIT 4: AoK trailer can be found in the Press Kit above

I'm always in the look for stuff of those years too! Glad to know i'm not the only one hehe

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