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Topic Subject: The New Blood AI Tournament AI Tournament
posted 01-19-22 11:23 AM CT (US)   
Hello All,

Mr.Elephant here, coming from your sister site aiscripters. Around 4 EST today, TOAO Philosopher and myself will be hosting an AI tournament on the AI Scripters channel for DE. We hope to see you there.

As AOK Heaven used to be the main center for script uploads, it seemed appropriate this site be aware of the tournament. Again, all are welcome to join the stream!

For those who do not know- at AI Scripters, we develop AIs that play the game, and force them to compete against one another to see which AI plays the best.

Here is a link to the twitch:

Moderators- if this thread is not under the proper section, please move.

Current Participants:

1. Promi (Naga) Malay preferred, but can play anything.
2. Philosopher (Calynndohtor) Burmese Only!
3. interlepus (Bambi) Replacement of !₭łɆ, suggested by Rorrik and Leif
4. Fireball (Shadow) Vikings only!
5. TheMaximalBeing (Immortal)
6. Electricity (Last Rites)
7. Leif (The General)
8. Mr.Elephant (Ahulane) Mayans Only!
9. Bergui (Knightmaster) Franks Only!
10. Honor and Cakes (Bandlecity Garrison) Inca Only!
11. Arandi (Serpent) Vietnamese only!
12. Kimberly Azula and CheeseOnToast (The Morrígan) Celts Only!
13. TheNightPanda (Rehoboam) Prefers Franks!
14. DE AI
15. offwo (Ulysses) -changed from liereyy upon Offwo's request
16. MattyBeRad (AlphaScriptv1) Huns Only!
17. King (Vetrix) Prefers Cumans in tournament, but can play any Civ
18. Marathon (Thermopylai)
19. jdstankosky (Tlamacazqui) Aztec Only!
20. Esty (Odette)
21. Rorrik (Silver Tongue) Any Civ!
22. Damian das Gnu (Damian_die_kunstliche_Intelligenzbestie) Spanish Only!
23. Nightstalker (Nightstalker) Byzantine Only!
24. screamingkoos (FORTHWIND)
25. Argón (Marco Amontonado) Any HD Civ!
26. DirkTryneli (UCS)
27. vlad950313 (Savage_Dukes)
28. CyanCiros (Cyan) Huns only!
29. Eidolon (enmipho) Viking, Huns, Teuton and Frankish!
30. Rubberman (Oddjob) - Replaced Animal, as AI crashes DE around 33% of games.
31. kingdomzz (Gamesgod)
32. cakemaphoneige (Wartron) Goth only!

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