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Topic Subject: PLZ need advice, wolves stopped attacking vils?
posted 02-16-21 12:38 PM CT (US)   
Hi peeps,
I'm still making little adjustments on my game with Advanced GenieEd2, and i admit, I don't know everything this amazing program can do.

Anyway, the other day, I made some adjustments to the vils,just to make sure they were all starting with standard resource gathering work rates.

I swear I do not think I messed with the wolves at all. Now, in game, vils can go right in front of wolves, and no chasing or attacking.

If anyone has any idea why this would be so, please let me know.
At this point I'm afraid to monkey around with it too much.
Maybe it has something to do with why some Gaia units do not attack, but simply change to your side, but some might attack? Maybe I just need to find what flag it is that sets them to NOT get converted?

Thank you for any advice!

Okay, I set up a simple little scenario, my villes, and outside a little wall, the different versions of wolves, boar and deer.

nothing unusual except...
the Iron Boar attacked villie without being provoked.
Then, the Hunting Wolf actually defended my villie.
Ornlu attacked vil.
Nothing else unusual.

Okay I figgered it out. AND....
A couple weeks ago I decided, it is stupid for our villies to merely attack with butterknives. I mean, what do they do if you task them to hunt? They whip out a bow and become a decent archer, right? Well, I figured why not make it so that certain civs villies could so so, like Byz, Brits and Mongols I wanted to be able to do this. Well, apparently late one night while delirious I must have set some of the wolves and boars to carry meat (Yes, some civs in my veriosn of the game can even eat slain wolves, I mean that's food right? Why waste it!)
So, this was the problem. Just by assigning them food resource in that dropdown box, it messed up their predatory behaviour!(the dropdown box in question says "Resource Storages", and it should be 0. You *could* set it to some meat, but then the animal no longer acts properly.)

SO... problem solved. Now at least, maybe someone else will see this in the future and figure it out from what I did.

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posted 04-02-21 05:07 AM CT (US)     1 / 1  
Thanks for explaining 😃
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